31 January 2007

My Grandpa

I got a call last night. It’s been an awful start for this year and it’s just the beginning. My mother is with grandpa right now (her father). It seems that he is not been in his best health lately. I don’t know yet how bad the condition is, but I pray that he will recover soon. I feel bad because last December when I was back in Sabah, my mother ask me to visit grandpa. I didn’t and I feel guilty now for letting my grandpa down.

I guess when I get old I’ll know how it feels like being alone. My grandpa is the only remaining grandparents I have. He is very old but he was still in good shape the last time I saw him (May 2006). Just can’t believe how time can take so much out of a person…

I’m not that very close to my grandpa but I remembered him well for his dreaded coconut husk bed. I remembered being offered by my grandpa to sleep on his bed. It was hard, itchy and it got bed bugs. It was so uncomfortable that I remember waking up with my mouth full of coconut husk. For an old man like my grandpa, a coconut husk bed is comfortable as sleeping on a pile of feathers.

It was somewhat funny when my grandpa first got hold of a new bed mattress. My late grandmother used to tell me that my grandpa will put some coconut husk under his pillow to make him sleep. I think it was the smell of coconut that made him sleep…I think…

I’ll try to call my mother tonight to see how my grandpa is doing. I hope he’s ok.

PS: I remember my grandpa asking me when I am getting married…


30 January 2007

Remember Oshin?

Holding onto old memories is somewhat hard for us all. We store everything inside our head but without proper mental management, it’s just like stacking your burn DVD without labeling it. It’s there but you’re just too lazy to search for it. For majority of us, it’s almost the same way that we try to remember things. Sometimes when there’s too many burn DVD without labels, we tend to chug it away. Without realizing it, we are throwing away important memories that we have. It's either memories that brings smile to you, or the ones that just make you wept away. Why can’t we remember things forever? Why can’t we recall important memories like we open folders inside our computer?

Last night while watching TV (I don’t watch TV that much) I stumble upon a Japanese drama (not Korean ok) that triggered my brain to remember something that I haven’t remember for a long time already. I remember cuddling in with my brother in front of the TV with my parents and late grandmother. I remember watching a Japanese drama that brought mix feeling together. My late grandmother didn’t like the Japanese that much (her father was taken away by them when she was young) but she never complaint about the drama at all. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it is about Oshin...the Japanese drama…

I miss times like that, my late grandmother, my parents and my siblings. Thank you for airing it back again. It’s just nice to remember things that I thought I loss.

PS: If you guys don’t remember anything about Oshin…then you all can call me uncle already…that’s uncle puxape to you…


29 January 2007

F#&k!ng Bastard!

Apparently my younger brother's computer at home (Sabah) broke down. It seems that after a few minute of using it, the computer would restart for no apparent reason. My brother did try cleaning up the inside and reformatting the hardisk again but the same problem still keep persisting.

My father decided to send the computer for repair to someone we knew (related somehow). I was against it but there was now one else who can help. Farther more, the computer was actually from the place he worked for. You might think it was the right thing to do but it wasn’t. Why you might ask? Well for once, a couple of years ago I bought a ram to upgrade my brother’s computer. It was 128mb ram with same spec as the original one inside. Add this up and the total memory of the system would be 256mb.

However something strange happen, somehow the 128mb went missing after a year (I go back once a year). I ask my father whether he now anything about it. My father told me that he once sent the computer to the same guy to be formatted for some reason that he doesn’t know. The rest he wasn’t so sure. Bloody hell…the f#&k!ng bastard might have stolen it and thought he could get away with it. He thinks that I was *jakun* enough to not know what he did. I told my father about it and he told me to forget about it because we were somehow related and it wouldn’t be good. If I didn’t respect my father I would have confronted that guy and demand for payment or I would report this to the police.

Anyway that was last time; I didn’t speak to him again after that. But today my father called me telling that the f#&k!ng bastard was asking my father for an additional 1200ringgit from the original 400ringgit he agreed on when he first quoted my father for the repair. Why would he tell his customer to pay 400ringgit to replace the motherboard first and then latter ask for an additional 1200ringgit because he said that the whole CPUwas spoiled. Why didn’t he make sure that it was only the motherboard and not the whole thing, f#&k!ng bastard! He might have fried the whole CPU with the new 400ringgit motherboard because he was too f#&k!ng stupid. I hope that he will give back the 400ringgit for ruining the whole system. If not I would hammer his head onto the toilet floor if I see him. I told my father to forget about getting the CPU repaired by that retard and ask for repayment. He didn’t do anything and he wasted my father’s time and money. He better pay up the 400ringgit…that slime ball!!!

PS: Sorry for the harsh word that I used. I’m angry because I felt betrayed by my own relative for taking advantages at my father. It seems that the one that you thrust is the one who is taking advantage. I’ve ask ducky (not his real name) to check it for me last time and he told me that all he need was a 100ringgit to replace the motherboard. I should have let ducky repair the CPU. All this happens because my father gave the guy a chance to redeem his past mistake. I guess he never learn anything…It’s a pity that he’s my relative….damn!


28 January 2007

Sunday Wooden Pegs

I don't like Sunday that much…I like going to church but I don't like what happen after it. You know why…because tomorrow is Monday. Heck…it's no fun if you have to prepare for tomorrow. I've been doing almost the same thing since 2002 and it is just not fun anymore. I know that I just move to a new company (old news already), but the job scope somehow just fell into the same category like last time. I should have gotten marry so that I won't complain this much…yeah right. I'm not Tom Cruise you know…I look like Mr. Bean remember…

I'm really sleepy right now…I'm telling you the truth you know…I was so tired of sleeping all day long that I'm sleepy again now. Don't blame me for being lazy ok…I don't have any money to spend so I have to hibernate this couple of days until I get my salary. Feels like everything that I want to do needs money. I remember when I was young; I don't need any money to have fun. Just give me some wooden pegs and I can make a trilogy out of them. I used to shape them into an X-Wing Starfighter like they have in Star Wars. I used to play them all day long that my late grandmother though that I was kind of insane…you know what I mean…already an ape at a young age…that's me.

PS: Hope you guys had a great Sunday (^-^) Never mind about me…just being a little bit crazy now. Good night everyone…don't let the bed bugs bite you…


27 January 2007

Team Malaysia Lost But They Won Our Hearts.

Oh well…our journey ends today. We were fighting alright and again we took the lead from Singapore first. But it wasn't our day; lady luck went drinking all night yesterday and forgot to shine on our team tonight. Well I'm showing her the *finger* right now, hate it when she does that. Why can't she give us a break…we are not asking for the World Cup.

The game was fairly balanced (almost) between the teams. Singapore was as expected, were fairly depended on their supporter to play us down. But overall we did a good job ignoring them. The first goal made them realize that we were not there to entertain them but to win.

To be honest to you all, football in our region have this different style of playing football. It's not the same as the way they play it on EPL, but it is football. But I praise Malaysia for not opting to follow Singapore's way. Anyway, the so call adopted players wasn't showing any tricks and glamour in their game anyway. They were playing like us…yup…the only advantages that they have been that they were visible during play. If they were that good, they should have beaten us earlier last time.

A single goal on penalty destined us to another long wait. Maybe next time lady luck won't mess up again…I hope…

*Malaysia lost to Singapore 4 against 5 on penalty shootouts.*

PS: I went to the nearest mamak stall and I notice that they were tune to our match on Astro …tells you how much we still support our own team…


26 January 2007

Memory Lapse

I woke up this morning thinking it was still Thursday. I didn’t realize it until I ask my girlfriend what day it was. It didn’t bother me much…actually I was a little bit happy knowing that tomorrow will be the weekends. But then again, I’ve been having this memory lapse for a couple of time already. I just can’t recount one day of my weekdays. Maybe it’s the hectic work or maybe it’s just the boring life I’ve been leading…sleep…work…eat.

There are just too little significant things in my daily routine that could differentiate my days. I remember Monday well because I play futsall after work…as for the rest, it’s just the same. By the time I realize everything, it would be Friday already. I think one of the reasons that I’m having this memory lapse is because that I don’t watch TV that much anymore.

I use to be glued to the news at 8pm and I always have a favorite sitcom show after that…but now, I don’t enjoy TV as much as it use to be…maybe there is too much Korean drama and reality show playing all the time. It’s just the same all the time…like for an example…Korean drama will always have 4 main characters;

1. The hero
2. The heroin
3. The bad guy who likes the heroin
4. The girl who thinks the hero likes her.

It’s always the same I tell you…they only play around with the

PS: No wonder I’m losing my mind…the Korean dramas are killing my insanity…don’t hate me ok…it’s just that there are too many of them on TV…


Don To Earth

Oh…I almost forgot to tell you all today…I found out about Don’s blog yesterday while browsing PPS…He is 93 now and what really touches me when I read his blog is that every word he put inside his post are sincere and you just know how wise he is in his words.

This man has been through it all and he just wants someone to listen and understand his predicament. All and all it’s just interesting to read what goes inside the mind of a person who had live for almost a century now…he’s older then my grandparents and his words are just amazing…

PS: I wish I have a grandpa like him…anyway don’t worry about it grandpa, I remember you too…


25 January 2007

Selling Myself on eBay

It’s the 25th already *sigh*. I just can’t believe it…last night when I came back from work I notice that I’m still using the old 2006 table calendar in my bedroom. No wonder I didn’t throw it away, it had a small section on it showing this year calendar. I’ll try to get myself a free calendar first before I throw it away…It’s the only way to stay cheap…plus the Nasi Lemak

Depressed…I think so…I don’t want to think about it to much…you know what I mean…if you don’t, get yourself a copy of The Star. Oops sorry…go online if you can’t buy one (like me). Even artist with their glamour and stuff get depressed sometimes. Unfortunately it ended not so well for U-Nee. In another unrelated story…our PM wants to run in the next general election and continue leading the country.

To sum up everything, maybe I should consider going back to my hometown…maybe I’ll just leave all this behind and go home…the padi field there have been barren for 6 years already. The last time I harvest on it was in the year 2000. It’s a pity that younger generation like me opted to leave behind our ancestors tradition and work in the office. Well don't blame me, that’s progress to you…

I’m just tired…bored…stupid? Maybe I should try and sell myself on eBay like this guy. I don’t really have that kind of qualification to start with but I think I could earn more if I sell myself by kilo…yup that would be a lot of moolah for me…wanna buy an ape from eBay?

PS: The picture above might look cool but me ape don’t smoke…It’s only an artist impression of how depressed I am…spare me ok...


24 January 2007

We Will Defeat Singapore

It wasn’t pretty but we did manage to get a draw with Singapore last night. It felt ecstatic isn’t it when Mohd Hardi Jaafar scored for Malaysia (57) against Singapore despite the fact that it was a boring game. But then again it was prophecies that Singapore, with their import footies would make and easy meat out of us. I’m glad that Malaysia didn’t win last night… but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want them to win the tournament. To understand why I don’t want them to win last night, we have to look back into history.

Do you remember when Malaysia was in the semifinals against Indonesia for the 2004 Tiger Cup? Remember that we defeated Indonesia (1-2) on their own turf. Remember that the Indonesian hammered us (1-4) on the return leg on our own soil. I would never forget the time when we were leading (1-0) in the first half. I told myself that Malaysia would go to the final for sure…and then…4 late goals from the Indonesian sank my pride along with all the Malaysian die hard fans that night. Even the VIP was disgusted with the result…over confident and overrated…

So after 2 years we are at the same place again. This time, I hope…with the draw against Singapore, our players would stay sharp and focused...even more. It wouldn’t be possible if we were the first to take the all new cup back home…Isn’t it…

PS: We fans never forgot about our national team…no matter what, we still support them…It’s their job to pay back our trust…don’t fail us like last time…we won’t forget…


23 January 2007

Spending RM50 In 8 Days

I'm down to my last 50ringgit now. I don't have any credit in my handphone and the car needs filling tomorrow. I just don't know how I am going to last for 8 days with 50ringgit.

Usually I have enough money to last me the whole month. I even manage to save a few from what I make. However this month I had to give out some to my parents and siblings. Normally I will give my parents 400ringgit for their daily usage. But for this month, I gave to them 1200ringgit to pay for my younger sibling's schooling needs. I can't argue about it since my father is retired. If I don't give, who will?

Early this morning I did a count on how I am going to stay afloat for the remainder of the month.

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
Nasi Lemak (80sen) x 3 = 2.40ringgit
So for 8days food, the amount would be
2.40ringgit x 8days = 19.20ringgit

A 15ringgit of petrol usually would last me about 4days on the road. So for 8days it would cost me = 30.00ringgit

19.20 + 30.00 = 49.20ringgit#

So if I would to follow this plan strictly and don't call my girlfriend for 8days, I would be able to eat and go to work….yesss! I even can save 80sen this month…sound pathetic isn't it…but hey…its Bolehland isn't it.

Anyway that was this morning plan… just now someone past me a form asking for donation. Somehow yesterday two of my workmate lost their grandmothers…seriously! 2 grandmothers in one day…

PS: I guess now I have to come up with a new budget… *tears coming from my eye*


22 January 2007

A Smack On The Head

It was and it should be forgotten. Just when the boy wonder manages to score, the defense (sleeping again) let him down again. Surely it wasn’t our night at all… Damnit!

I was too sleepy last night to find out the final score. When Rooney scored, I said to myself that United are going to win this game tonight. Sure enough I went blank after that (tidur mati). It was the alarm of my handphone that woke me up this morning. Confident that United won, I didn’t bother to check the Internet at home.

On my way to work, the radio didn’t say anything about last night match at all. Maybe it was just me flipping the channel looking for a groovy tune. I did notice that one of my workmate (Liverpool die hard) gave me the “smile” but I didn’t careless because Liverpool did beat Chelsea last Saturday.

Everything was bright and cheerful on a Monday when suddenly I saw this Arsenal 2 Manure 1 at PPS. Yes…Monday blues is back…

PS: I think United’s defenders need some smacking on the head…


21 January 2007

Sloppy Sunday

As usual I went to church today. There's nothing much to do actually at home, so I went to QueensBay Mall with my girlfriend after church. We wanted to browse around but in the end, went to see Happy Feet instead (free pass).

I wasn't expecting much in the beginning but by the time it reaches the middle, I was extremely entertained. I guess that's why it was so hard to get nice seating for this movie, and we were among the earliest people in line before the counter open…

There was some alarming news on TV just now. Apparently there was a tsunami alarm being aired for those who are living at the east cost of Sabah. The cause of the tsunami warning was an earthquake deep within the see about 900km of Tawau. What is worst is that there were actually 5 of them. It's bad enough that the flood in Johor have not fully subsided yet now there are possibilities of another tsunami. Let's all pray that nothing would harmful would happen to those expected. Things are not the same as it used to be…living in fear I mean…

PS: MU vs Arsenal...


20 January 2007

GSC QueensBay

I went to GSC QueensBay Mall this morning; manage to grab myself 2 pair of movie tickets from them. It was a long queue nevertheless me and my other half manage to get movie tickets for Casino Royal (at 11.30am) and Eragon (at 8.40pm) in just less than 1 hour in line.

I was actually thinking of getting myself the maximum total of free movie tickets (4 free tickets) but that wouldn’t be unfair for those who came (I saw 1 pregnant lady in line alone). It wasn’t a practical idea also wasting my holiday inside a cinema…I’m lying…

Anyway here is a question to you all out there. From all the movie that they were giving free passes, which one did you think got all taken first….Happy Feet!? Kids nowadays, they force their grandmother to queue up for them…If I became a father, I would ask them to go queue themselves…yeah right.

I have o go now…Eragon remember! I have around 20 minutes to get my sorry ass there or my girlfriend would kill me. Oh…I forgot….I should have gone to fetch her at 8…If I survive and you see a silly looking ape around GSC QueensBay this evening…just say hello to him ok…see you

PS: Will be missing 2 great match today…but what the heck!


19 January 2007

I HateTelemarketers

Don’t you just hate it when Telemarketer calls you during important meetings? They even dare to ask you whether you are free or not and then proceed even though you said that you are not free. They would usually say that they just need a few minute of my time to tell you about their super duper special offer. Yeah…right!
What I don’t like about this Telemarketers is that they are more irritating then Ah Longs. They won’t let you go easy and by the time you say don’t want, they will you their manja-manja voice (female) or suddenly talk rudely (male like it was my fault that they are not going to be able to feed their children this month.

Anyway here is some tip to irritate your Telemarketer when you had enough of bitching around:

1.When they ask "How are you today?" Tell them! "I'm so glad you asked because no one these days seems to care, and I have all these problems; my arthritis is acting up, my eyelashes are sore, my ape just died..."

2.If they say they're Minah Popet from XYZ Company, ask them to spell their name. Then ask them to spell the company name. Then ask them where it is located. Continue asking them personal questions or questions about their company for as long as necessary.

3.Cry out in surprise, "Ah Lau! Is that you? Oh my God! Ah Lau, how have you been?" Hopefully, this will give Ah Lau a few brief moments of pause as he tries to figure out where the hell he could know you from.

4.If an insurance agent calls trying to get you to sign up for the Family
and Friends plan, reply, in as SINISTER a voice as you can, "I don't have any friends... would you be my friend?"

5.If they want to loan you money, tell them you just filed for bankruptcy and you could sure use some money.

6.Tell the telemarketer you are busy at the moment and ask them if they will give you their HOME phone number so you can call them back. When the telemarketer explains that they cannot give out their HOME number, you say "I guess you don't want anyone bothering you at home, right?" The telemarketer will agree and you say, "Now you know how I feel!"

7.Tell them to talk V-E-R-Y V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y, because you want to write down EVERY WORD.

PS: If they are still bothering you…just hang up…easy


GSC QueensBay Mall

Apparently tomorrow is a holiday…yup! I’m gonna be going around QueensBay Mall to get myself a free movie ticket from GSC. I’m expecting a big crowd to turn up for the free tickets that I’m planning to go there very early tomorrow…heck! I’m thinking of camping outside tonight…Nah just kidding around.

For your information, you can download the online coupon at www.gsc.com.my . Each movie coupon will entitle you to 2 tickets and the maximum tickets that one person can claim is 4. There are 8 movies that going to be shown. I’m hoping that I can get see Aragon and Casino Royal with my girlfriend tomorrow. If lucky, maybe I can include Happy Feet and Cicak-Man in my schedules.

PS: Liverpool Vs Chelsea…Who do you think would win?


18 January 2007

Direct Flights

Remember the time when I post something about LCCT? Most of us from Borneo who live in Penang have to have a transit flight in LCCT before continuing our journey to Borneo. I really don't like to stay for a night at *Hotel* LCCT but because it's the best bargain one can find from Airasia, I sometimes have to sleep on the floor.
I guess someone heard me and now…direct flight from Penang to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, thank you. I know it's a small thing but for me it's a time saver and next time I go back, I won't be sleeping on the floor or trying to break my back trying to sleep on those awful bench. Thank you again Airasia.

Now I can reach home in less then 3 hour (2:55 hour to be accurate). It's much faster and cheaper. Now I have the choice to visit my parents more then once a year.

PS: Sabahan visit Penang ok and Penangites, go visit Sabah and climb Mount Kinabalu…


17 January 2007

A Game Of "Biji"

Do you remember those games that you use to play during primary schools? I mean the ones you play during break times. Have you ever seen kids playing marble (guli) lately? I haven't seen that for ages. I remember asking my little cousin about his free time. Barely 5 years, he told me he watch WWE and play with Playstations. I ask him again whether he knows what a guli was…blank flat face. Anyway that's my cousin…just growing up I guess.

Actually I'm posting this post because I need some help to remember something (kind of old already). I need to remember the name of a game I use to play during those golden years. It involves the use of rubber tree seeds (biji getah).

So how do we play this game? It's easy actually; first you have to look for the meanest and hardest biji getah you can find. Second find an opponent that thinks his biji getah is meaner and harder then yours. Finally take turn to clobber both biji getah by overlapping the sucker each other. The first biji getah to break lose. I remember cheating my friend by using a seed fill with soldering iron…it was invincible alright…I forgotten already where I place that legendary piece of seed…

Help me find the name of the game ok…thanks…

PS: If you never play this before…then you are qualified to call me Uncle puxape…


My Little Sister

Never give up, even if you have to crawl to live on…If you are sincere in what you do, great things would come to you…Treat people with respect and they will treat you the same…And lastly don't treat life as a road, treat it as how the tree grows…with branches and leaves.

These are the words that my parents keep stressing out to me and my siblings. I still remember them clearly and I always keep it in my heart…It's good to know that it helps during hard days.

My younger sister called me just now…She just finished her studies three month ago and now looking for a job in KL. My parents have been calling her everyday asking her to come home if she still can't find herself a job lately. Her degree in *Teknologi Makmal Perubatan* isn't helping her at all and she's been feeling depress because of her inability to land herself a decent job.

End of this month, that's the time that my parent gave her. With that, she calls me for advice. I know just how she feels. I was in the same situation when I finished my studies. I remembered having borrowed RM50 from my lecturer because I was hungry and jobless. I remembered how hard it is when you have to crawl in life.

I told my sister that if she still can't find a job by end of this month to go back. I'm not saying that she should give up…I wanted her to find comfort and courage first from my parents before she continue er plans to find a job. She should take a rest first because I know how it felt having uncertainties…especially for the past three month.

For the time being, I told her to pray for guidance. I know it's only 15 days till the end of this month but I'm sure if we are sincere with our prayers, things would happen. I told her to be strong and not think about it too much. I wish I can be there for her now…

It's hard to be the eldest…your siblings tend to look up on you. I just wish that I can be strong all the time for them. When you get old…your brothers and sisters are the only ones that remind you of who you are and where you come from…

PS: I wish I can go back in time…


16 January 2007

A Little Miracle

Tonight our football team would confront Thailand in a bid to book itself for the semi-finals of the Asean Football Federation Championship. Base on our records, Thailand have the advantage to advance forward. They are the host anyway…

So do we have a chance at this? Base on the statistics, there is little hope. Will this dictate our result…the statistic I mean? Or... is there a hunger deep within the team to honor what the country has given them…a hope…

PS: Pray hard so Myanmar would draw with the Philippines…


Thailand (1) Malaysia (0)...
It's all over but the again...
Myanmar (0) Philippine (0)...


15 January 2007

Late Monday Blues Buster

Ok enough about iPhone, it’s not going to be here until next year anyway. By that time I guest a lot of *no name* brand from China will come out with clones or somewhat imitation of the iPhone. Anyway its Monday alright…Monday Blues anyone? Here is a remedy for it…something from ebaumsworld.com


PS:Don't try this at home ok...


14 January 2007

Kena Tindih

I woke up around 6.45am this morning from a bad case of nightmare. I was that kind of nightmare that I have not been experiencing for a long time already. The kinds of nightmare people refer to being overlapped by spirit. It's a state when you can't breathe while sleeping because *something* is sitting on top of you and when you try to wake up, you just can't. Anyway this time it was stranger…I dreamed that I was being overlapped inside my dreamed…huh?

The nightmare was like this. I and my father was driving somewhere on the road where it was all muddy and wet. I remember the place was all orange in color because of the expose land surrounding it. It's like those constructions site where the land was just cleared, land and mud all over.

In my dream, I somehow fell asleep inside the car that my father was driving. I was lying on my father's thigh in my dream when I felt that I was being overlapped (ditindih). I tried to wake up but I can't! At the same time, I was suffocating. I remember that my father lost control of the car because off my body was pressuring his thigh and legs in my dreamed. The last thing that I remember in my dream was that I heard my father said that my body suddenly felt heavy like somebody was on top of me…I woke up after that…

That's all that I remembered of my nightmare. The feeling of being overlapped inside my dream was so real that I remembered that my body was experiencing the same thing in real life. It's hard to explain actually…I'm kind of blur-blur right now. Can a person dream of him being overlapped and at the same time unconsciously experience it in real life? Confusing!?

PS: MU won last night…


13 January 2007

Jose Larrson

I'm hoping that this weekend I'll have the chance to see Henrik Larrson play. It's been a while since I took my time to go to the nearest mamak stall for dinner/supper and watch a game of football. I think the last time I did that was last year…last month to be precise.

Chelsea is having some bad luck, this year. No more money for Jose Mourinho to spend on new player this time around. It is expected when you already have been given ample of time (almost 3 seasons) and money (1% is enough for me to last forever). It's just sad to see a man that was brimming with confidence gets the cold turkey of luck. Nevertheless its pure drama this season unlike last year when the winner was clearly distinguished.

I'm sleepy now…it's 3.59am in the morning now…one more PPP post and I while hit the sack soon…Have a nice weekend, you guys…

PS: MU will win it…I'm sure…


12 January 2007

The *Bean* Factor In Me (puxape)

Ever wondered why I don't show any pictures of myself in this blog? Well there's a couple of reason I don't, but the main reason is that I look 51% like Mr. Bean…yup you heard me…I do…/(^_^)\

Anyway if you don't believe me, you can try it for yourself and find out your celebrity look-alikes at www.myheritage.com . Let me know when you do ok…I'll have a snoop at your blog to find out if any of you have the *Bean* factor in you. Cheers!

Just to let you'll know…*this is not a sponsored post*. I actually wish it could be one \(^.^)/

PS:Thanks to havuk for the link...


11 January 2007

Hi Ma, I Receive My New iPhone Today.

Today I became the proud owner of a *new* iPhone...(^.^)

PS:Just joking you all (^_^)...Anyway can anyone *donate* an iPhone for this poor ape \(^.^)/...*wink* *wink*


10 January 2007

Aping iPhone

I have been waiting this for a long time already. This is my *excuse* to get myself a new *handphone*. I’ve dreamed about owning an Apple iPod before but I was held back by its lack of functionality. Who wants to spend more then 1K for a simple mp3/mp4 player when the market is flooded by more exuberant players? Now if the price is right (I hope so), I can join the Apple family soon…

Rumors about its existence have been circulating in the Internet for a year now. Now that the iPhone have made its grand entrance to the handphone (smartphone is more appropriate) segment, Nokia and the other gang should be trembling already. Will Apple succeed? We just have to wait. For more information, you can go to www.apple.com

PS: I wish the retailer here in Malaysia wouldn’t increase the price just like what they did for the iPod…don’t be greedy lah…can anyone guess how much the price is?


09 January 2007

Makcik Rempit

This post is dedicated to the *makcik* who block me at the entrance of my girlfriend apartment and almost cause a big traffic jam. I really don’t know what she was thinking of, maybe she was inspired by her rempit son that she try to follow her son antics. I don’t even think she have a license from the way she drove her motorcycle.

I’m not saying motorcyclists are bad because I used to ‘tumpang’ my friend before. It’s just that this makcik really got into my nerve. Even my girlfriend said that the makcik was stupid.

We were stuck there for almost 20 seconds and she didn’t even want to move or look at me. It was like I was the one who was stupid and blocking her way…I was like holding the traffic because of the makcik being inconsiderate. She wasn’t wearing any helmet either. Sah lesen terbang…

Anyway she wasn’t going to give way for me to pass. Luckily the other side of the entrance was clear and I took the chance to go in. While I was turning in, the makcik suddenly gave me an angry look. Maybe she thought that she was right and was admiring how smart she was…Next time when a bus comes, then she’ll know how f**k**g smart she is…bitch!

PS: Never been so angry like this ever…


08 January 2007

Yesterday Summary

Again, thanks to my wisdom tooth I woke up very early. It was dark and gloomy and for a while I was thinking of going to bed again...

Last night I manage to revive my pc once again. This time it was one of the ram that was bothering my system stability. Guess everything is falling apart one by one. Can’t blame the poor ram, it was of course an sdram (a dinosaur in age). I almost forgot to tell you all…the living room pc also died a couple of days before. If you see me blogging strangely…that’s me using my handphone.

Have you heard the news yet? Henrik Larsson scored on his debut for United …and they are still in the FA Cup run…it’s a pity that he will be at Old Trafford for only 10 weeks. I hope that he will score a lot of goals for MU.

The monsoon rains have been creating some bad news for use Malaysian. Hopefully it will end soon because there is already a lot of bad news this New Year. Is there any good news anyway?


Image Spam

The other day I open my e-mail account to see my e-mails. I know, I've been busied last month but I wasn't expecting so many e-mails inside my inbox. To add to my frustration, I lot of the unknown e-mail are imaged spam. Last time I manage to control the amount of non image spam e-mail by using the built-in spam blocker provided by my e-mail account. However that was last time.

The introductions of image spam have again added the quantity of useless data inside my inbox. Further more the size of such spam are humongous. Imagine if you are using you're the old hotmail account…headache…

There is actually a way to stop image spam. If you are interested, you can search it on the Internet. Good luck!


07 January 2007

Morning Wisdom

Hi there, good morning (^.^) It's 4:46am in the morning...nice! My
lovely wisdom tooth woke me up just now from my well deserved sleep.
Just to let you'll know...it's hurting like hell. The antibiotics and
painkiller isn't working at all. Maybe a glass of screwdriver would
help. Anyway I was just thinking, why do we have to call it wisdom
tooth? Why not call it stupid tooth? For all I know it's a worthless
piece of s***. Stupidly growing when I don't need it at all...some
more it's growing the wrong way. Plain stupid I tell you. Now I just
need something to knock myself to sleep...good morning (^_^)

06 January 2007

Maid Alert

Yesterday my girlfriend forward me this strange e-mail. Kind of scary if you really think about it. Now the government don't just screen illegal worker...but also illegal ghost...yikes!

Guys n Girls,

This happens to me just a few weeks ago (Nov 2006). I had taken a maid from one tekong in sg buloh few months back. She was screened. Her name was uyun. She is from madura. Age late 30. I was very satisfied with her services. Everytime I come home, the house is spick and span. Floors mopped, windows wiped, dishes cleaned, laundry folded. No complaints. But I noticed that she never had any sprinkle of water over her, she was never wet or look tired after a day of hard work. And we live in a huge penthouse.

One night we were having a family dinner. The phone rang and she picked up. But the moment she said hello the line went dead. This happens a few times. So i suggested that next time it rings, i will pick it up. So the phone rang It was a guy on the other line. He said that if the maid is next to me just answered everyting as "yes". So I did. The guy pictured the maid to us and identified our house correctly. He told me that my family and I is in great DANGER and asked me to take the family out immediately and meet him somehwere.

I put down the phone and told the maid that my mother-in-law has fallen ill and that we have to go back to Kelantan right that minute. She insisted to come along but I instructed her to stay. We dumped our children and my parents at the mall. My husband and I went to see the guy that night. The guy said that the maid used to work for her. I asked him how he got our number. He said that the maid has been calling their teenage son everyday as she had fallen in love with him.

But that is just part of the problem. Later they discovered that the finger tips of their 5 year old son were damaged. They got smaller and thinner. The doctor said that something or someone has been sucking blood out of the fingers. So they immediately sacked the maid. I didn't believe the guy, but later told my father who is paralysed and lived with us on the ground floor. He said that he noticed something was wrong with the maid. Everytime he wakes up to go to the toilet at 2 or 3 in the morning, the maid was not in her room and the door was wide open. She could not have been outside the house as she doesn't have the key to the front door.

I sensed something wrong. I told my husband to send her back. When we got home, we told her that we have to be in Kelantan for a few months and that she has to go back to the tekong. She refused to go and refused to pack. But I insisted to send her that very same night and said that I will send her things later. By then my husband managed to get help from a pak haji neighbour to follow us to the tekong. She was very angry of course but did not say a word. We went back to pack her things.

I found a menu in her bag that says she has to eat 10 eggs on monday night, some blood on tuesday night, chicken blood on wednesday and so forth. My husband and I together with the pak haji went back to send her stuff the next night. As soon as the tekong opens the door, pak haji felt that someone has lifted him up and threw him over to the wall. I saw with my own eyes. He literally flew from one end to the other end of the room. He got up and we quickly ran to our car. By then the tekong had came out and shouted something to us. Since we had already left he called us on the phone. He was shouting at us "Apa benda kamu hantar ini?? Benda berhantu?? Dia sudah marah sekarang sedang terbang keliling rumah!!!". My husband just shut the phone off and we went home.

Guys, please be careful. I live in Ampang and the tekong house is in Sg Buloh This incident happened just a few weeks ago. This "maid" or whatever creature she may be is still flying around somewhere. This is not a ghost story. I don't get a single cent out of this. Please be careful.

Ampang, Selangor.

PS: Remember to check your children's finger...


05 January 2007

Bloody Tooth Part 2

Last night was the worst night ever for me. Never in my mind would I suffer this much for a silly tooth. I went to the dentist that treated me again yesterday. Yes silly of me for being naïve to go to the same person that brought me this pain at the first place. Anyway he gave me a painkiller (Panadol) and some antibiotic for the pain…he should have given them to me that first time I came (bastard).

He told me if the pain doesn't go away after I finish the whole medicine, he gave me, he would have to remove the damage tooth…F**k y**! His argument was that the hole that he himself drills was too big and it was the cause of all the pain. In the first place the hole wasn't that big; the one he drill was…Now I'm in danger of loosing my tooth…OMFG!

I'm not going to lose my tooth no matter what. I'm going to another dentist to get a third person advice. I would pay anything to save my tooth…

PS: And I forgot to say, my PC is still dead…


Headlights + Rainy Season

The old Kelisa headlight is getting weaker. I took the liberty to check the battery and it was ok. Maybe it’s the bulb that’s giving me the problem. Anyway I’m not that to satisfy with the original bulb that came along with the Kelisa. The rainy season is coming in a few days…Maybe it’s the right time to get prepared…I should get a new headlights soon…

PS: Got any suggestions?


04 January 2007

Bloody Tooth

My newly cemented tooth is still hurting. Eating and sleeping (my favorite hobby) just amplified the whole thing into a level were my feeling and mind cannot tolerate at all. I’m grumpy all the time. At this rate, I will be insane in a couple of days. Bloody dentist…I told him that my tooth filling fell off and it hurts very much. Maybe he didn’t care what I said…all he wanted was the RM40 to clear the day of…It hurts so much…dam…

I think I would go and see the dentist again this weekend and give him a piece of my mind. I hope the pain I’m feeling now would be transfer to him so he wouldn’t f#@k his patient again. Thank you very much doc… you bastard…

PS: I’m in a very bad mood today…


03 January 2007

Hello Penang

My flight reached Penang at around 8am this morning. My back still hurt like hell from last night stay at "Hotel LCCT." Someone should replace those ugly benches to a more comfortable one. I know it's a budget airline, but can't it be a little bit more comfortable?

I thought about taking a short nap after reaching home. I felt very sleepy and tired, plus my tooth is hurting now (remember the hole). I know, I should have gone to the dentist to get it patch sooner but just thinking about the drills made me chicken out.

I woke up at 3 in the afternoon. My tooth still hurts but I'm feeling much better and fresh. I decided that whatever happens I will go to the dentist today. Went to Sunshine to pay last year bills and after that straight away made my way to the dentist. It was a RM40 patching job and it took the doc about 10 minute to drill a bigger hole and dump in the filling inside the dam hole. My first impression was that the hurting will go away...But it didn't. It's still hurting now and I don't know whether the doc did anything wrong...Hopefully not...

PS: My own died on me again...I'm using the living room PC to blog now...


02 January 2007


I'm going back to Penang this evening. It's going to be a long journey back. Transit at "Hotel LCCT" will mean that I have to break my back to sleep. Anyway have you heard about Kota Kinabalu LCC terminal? It's completed already and it only took them about 7 months to finish. It was supposed to be a 36 month project but somehow, someone did the right thing and got it completed for 2007. From the looks of it, the quality of the finishing is top class. Further more they provided a "comfortable bench" for us user. If only "they" could be this efficient on other important things...Good job anyway for the new terminal...


01 January 2007

New Year with ducky

Its January 1st 2007. Happy New Year everyone! So what did I do today?

1) Went to visit ducky and the gang

2) Ate the best “Sasau” ever in Lido

3) Watch a very sensitive video at ducky's place (no porn is involved)

4) Had dinner with the gang at a local restaurant

5) Went back home and did mobile blogging