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Kena Tindih

I woke up around 6.45am this morning from a bad case of nightmare. I was that kind of nightmare that I have not been experiencing for a long time already. The kinds of nightmare people refer to being overlapped by spirit. It's a state when you can't breathe while sleeping because *something* is sitting on top of you and when you try to wake up, you just can't. Anyway this time it was stranger…I dreamed that I was being overlapped inside my dreamed…huh?

The nightmare was like this. I and my father was driving somewhere on the road where it was all muddy and wet. I remember the place was all orange in color because of the expose land surrounding it. It's like those constructions site where the land was just cleared, land and mud all over.

In my dream, I somehow fell asleep inside the car that my father was driving. I was lying on my father's thigh in my dream when I felt that I was being overlapped (ditindih). I tried to wake up but I can't! At the same time, I was suffocating. I remember that my father lost control of the car because off my body was pressuring his thigh and legs in my dreamed. The last thing that I remember in my dream was that I heard my father said that my body suddenly felt heavy like somebody was on top of me…I woke up after that…

That's all that I remembered of my nightmare. The feeling of being overlapped inside my dream was so real that I remembered that my body was experiencing the same thing in real life. It's hard to explain actually…I'm kind of blur-blur right now. Can a person dream of him being overlapped and at the same time unconsciously experience it in real life? Confusing!?

PS: MU won last night…