21 July 2007

Hamster Babies

One of the hamsters (Puteh) that I bought for my girlfriend for her birthday have given birth to 6 little baby hamster last Thursday (19/7/2007). Unfortunately 2 of them didn't make it after one night. I wish the other 4 will have a better chance. Here's some picture of the Puteh the hamster and her babies…
Puteh in action...
Sleepy again...

See the the babies?

Yup the tiny red baby hamsters...

A proud mother...

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20 July 2007

My sleeping position, what's yours?

I like to sleep…who doesn't? I have my own position when I fall asleep and it isn't like sleeping beauty at all…more like an ogre I think. I can't sleep without placing my blanket over my head to cover my eye. I sleep on my side and I bend one of my knees while snoring with my mouth open…ugly huh. You should hear me snore…only then you'll appreciate the silence of the night.

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19 July 2007

A small step for Malaysian football (Malaysia 0 Iran 2)

We didn’t win the game last night…but boy was it good to watch. For once I enjoyed seeing Ali Karimi “complaining” at the non stop leg chopping by our defenders. I think that he was kind of scared looking at the way our boys tackling their player one by one. I particularly don’t easily give out credits to any Malaysian footballer, but I saw some brilliance in Shukor Adan…he played his heart out without fear.

The Iranian players were a bit faze because they didn’t expect resistance in the shape of a Malaysian football team. Who wouldn’t…just look at our match records; we are not up to par with the other teams. Nevertheless after last night, the Iranian players would think twice…some of them where close to loosing their head…. I think some of them still feel the pain today.

It was a bold decision by the coach (Norizan) to field 6 defenders. Defending hard and always pressing the Iranians forward to make error…it could have finish better but at least with this kind of playing style, we could scare the hell out of any team. The intimidating way of defending looks to suite our players well. I think we should start building a team based on heavy tackling and built a reputation as the most aggressive team in Asia first. If we can’t be the best then we surely can be the baddest of all (not worst ok). I just wish that we can find a striker with the caliber of the late Mokhtar Dahari. Only then we can have a team with aggressive tackling and deadly counter attacks…that would be a dream come true.

PS: It was a rare sight but our keeper (Azizon) did a good job also.

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18 July 2007

It's time.

There's a reason for everything in this world. Like it or not, every positive thing tend to create something negative. That's life…day and night. It's the only way the world tick…sometimes.

Do you believe in destiny? Do you feel like you're here for something?

Now that we don't have any chance in the Asian Cup, would our player throw the towel and give up? Will you...No! It's now or never!

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17 July 2007

How much does a Lamborghini Murcielago road tax cost?

Compare that to my RM30.00 road tax, I feel kind of "blessed" right now…


16 July 2007

So Be It.

What can the players, coach and FAM do in this short period time to bring back our pride? With time ticking fast, Iran can't wait to play us this Wednesday. It's their chance to make it into the second round…a written fact that our team is going to be molested again for the third time.

The ball is round and anything can happen…unfortunately not for us. I don't know why are we cursed in such a way. We are the laughing stock of the whole world now. If this country of ours was Colombia, we would have had a new team and coach after the first game. It's just plain disgusting; the way our boys played the game. You are playing for Malaysia for sake…I doubt that you don't even have problems to go to sleep after the game.

So what can you do dear players? Coach any idea?

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15 July 2007

Beyond Words...

Do we deserve this? You decide...

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14 July 2007

Malaysia Vs Uzbekistan (No Live Match On RTM)

They are not going to show any live telecast of Malaysia going against Uzbekistan this afternoon on al-chepo TV channel. Yup, RTM won't be showing it…you can check it on the newspaper (I hope I'm wrong about this). For all I know, only ESPN (81) have it on their schedule. I want to see our team on local TV channel…and they say support our national team…right!?

The kick off time should be around 6:20pm today and it should be an interesting match for us. After China molested as last time, we should be able to try to defend ourselves this time around. I can't imagine another big spanking for us anymore. It's embarrassing for the country.

I'm not going to turn my back on the team…I never did. I'm not going to go and supports the Uzbekistan team when were down to a couple of goal. I just wish that our team understand that a lot of us supporters will still be by their side after countless of disappointment. I just wish the can win it today.
Good luck boys…

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13 July 2007

Vista After 4 Month

I've been using Windows Vista for almost 4 month now. It was somewhat fun in the beginning but now I'm bored. Besides the eye candy, there's nothing much I can say about it. You feel like it lacks something. Maybe it's just me and my high expectations or maybe not. Here are some bad and good things about Vista from my personal experience.

The Bad

1. There is no progress indicator when you defrag your hardisk. You are left guessing and at the end of the day, you would just cancel the whole process because you feel stupid.

2. Whenever your transfer files, it automatically try to calculate how long the transfer time is and it takes more time in doing so.

3. The extra bucks you pay for the “Ultimate” version will ultimately go down the drain because you only get 1 extra game, a few nice language pack, security whatever and the ability to use video clips as your wallpaper. The later slows down your PC. I know this because I was duped in buying this version.

4. Lots and lots of free security patches from Microsoft that it has become a routine for me to let the computer update itself before I use it. That's about 10 to 15 minutes of my life.

5. Forget about using ReadyBoost. It only improve you system a “little bit” and the protruding USB stick is a hazard for children and also grown man.

6. You maybe have to buy a new computer in order to use Vista.

7. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 release is taking a long time.

8. I forgot what DirectX 10 was supposed to do…

9. Drivers, drivers and drivers…

The Good

1. Aero user interface look stunning.

2. Windows Vista Flip 3D.

3. The new icons. I like it when you can resize it to giant size icons and see a preview of what's inside.

4. Internet Explorer is simpler and I can open new tab just like Firefox.

5. It feels like Windows XP Professional a bit…if that is a good thing.

6. I still can use some old software and games. Example: EA Sports Football Manager 2002

7. Windows DVD burning…at last.

I just wish that SP1 can erase/improve those small annoying things in Vista…hopefully. I heard some rumors about a new operating system from Microsoft called Windows Seven (Windows 7)…

PS: Remember the formula I was talking about yesterday? I think, I'll tell you about it tomorrow…it's too early.

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12 July 2007

Even Fortune Teller Can't Predict Our Malaysian Football Team Future.

Have you ever tried to get your future read by fortune teller? There’s a lot of version of them but lets look within our country…no need to go outsidelah ok. Those gipsy fortune teller can’t be trust anyway. They only predict people’s future in the movie only. Let us look at our local Chinese fortune teller.

I have no experience at all getting my fortune told before so I ask ducky about it when I was back in Sabah last May. For your information, ducky is Chinese but he can speak Kadazan far better then I…shame on me. Anyway ducky advised me to be careful when it comes to fortune teller.

He told me that he had once ask a fortune teller to teach him how to read peoples future (4D lah tu). At first the guy didn’t want to tell him anything but after a while…with ducky being persistent, he eventually opens up.

The fortune teller told ducky that he can somehow talk to your spirit. It’s kind of like talking to your inside (spirit) without you (body) being aware of it. From there the fortune teller can ask your spirit anything…like how old you are, your hamster’s name and other stuff that only you know (present time only). So by the time you sit down, he already know what to say to make you believe in him. In other word, he knows you and your past but knows nothing about your future.

Depend on you guys to believe in it…kind of hard for those 4D enthusiast who’s searching for short cuts…

Anyway now that I have told you a little bit about fortune telling, who can guest how many goals Malaysia will let go when they face Uzbekistan.

PS: I believe in numbers…that is why I’ve made a formula to predict our team performance for the next match. I’ll will post it tomorrow…

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11 July 2007

We Lost To China Because Of The Hair (Malaysia 1 China 5)

By half time I was already watching Ugly Betty on 8TV. Did you know that last night episode was about Betty and her family in Mexico? Yup, and I like the funny part where Marc and Amanda team up to destroy Tavares carrier…upss! Sorry about that, I should be talking more about football then Ugly Betty here…thousand apology.

So last night Malaysia played well…not! If you say losing 5-1 to China is ok, then you are sick. The Malaysian supporters were awesome but the players were not…I just don't know where to start, it was just that awful. Only in the first 10 minute that we have some sense of player positioning. After that the defender was all over chasing the ball. When the first goal went in, it was all over for us. I'm not being unpatriotic here but the players just gave up after that…you can see it in their faces.

There were many factors to blame on. One of it was our players height…we were shorter then the Chinese player. But then again, the Vietnamese players also lack height but still can go against taller opponent and win. The sport commentators on TV2 also keep on saying that some of the Chinese players have EPL playing experience…so what? We have the “Super League” here in Malaysia, doesn't that count? Nevertheless kudos to both commentators, they were still giving compliment to the Malaysian players when they were playing like kindergarten children.

Beside me just complaining, here is an idea on how to improve our football team….ask Azizon (GK) to cut his “rebounded” long shining hair. Believe me, the hair is disturbing his sense off balance. That's why he is caught out of position every time the ball comes near the goalpost…anyway, is it only me or did anyone notice that Azizon looks like Jaime Foxx the US actor? (another reason for him to cut his long hair)

PS: I hope Indra Putra Mahayuddin is in the starting lineup for the second match.

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10 July 2007

Do We Have A Chance? (Malaysia Vs China)

Malaysia will be playing China tonight. It’s hard to be positive when we lost all our friendly games before. I’m sure that I’m not the only one feeling like this…but we are left for the wolves to munch down you guys. I’ve been trying to keep positive about our national team…but I guess they are not. Wonder why Nanthakumar went to say that he’s not scared defending against China…he should be. Being confident when you are well prepared is another thing, but when you are not…it’s ignorance. For once, the Chinese captain didn’t brag at all. They know the possibilities of playing against the host…just look at the Vietnamese team. Being down to earth for a team with high credentials such as China…I wish we had a team like this.

I’ll be watching the game on TV2 8:30pm tonight. It will be shown live…we are the co-host for heaven sake. Now you know why Manchester United was denied a visit here earlier. So with no expectation at all, I’m just going to say this to our boys. What if we would have won the game tonight? What if we would advance to the next level? What if we won the cup? It’s not impossible if you have the hearts to. The pain and blood you guys sheds for the country will always be remembered well beyond you lifetime. Do you want to be remembered? The fate is in your hand guys, play as if there is no tomorrow. Yes, we support Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal. But imagine this; all the Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal supporters support you. We are Malaysians… 27,140,000 of us. Enough said...go kick some balls.

“I Believe” (official song by Tata Young) Download

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05 July 2007

Just Another Durian Post

I like durians…who doesn't? My girlfriend adores it. So when we come across with these kings of fruit, she always gives me the “Shrek cute kitty eye thingy” stares. This would eventually end up with her eating 80% of whole thing. Seeing her happy is enough for me to agree with the 20% agreement. For your information, we usually buy them in bundle.

Last Saturday we did just that, a total of six medium size durians for RM10…a bargain you think? Not usually when it comes to quality. But eating durians from those plastic polystyrenes wrapping just doesn't cut it somehow. The true art of eating durians is too open the fruit yourself. You can say that “Life is like a durian, you never know what you're going to get”...And sometimes you get all kinds of stuff inside. Larva, ants, dead squirrels…

You can get durians all over Malaysia but Penang is the places where you can get the best of the best of this fruit. Want to buy durians using your credit cards? Just head over to Penang… seriously. There is even a place where you can pay a small amount of moolah and eat as much durian your stomach can support…pengsan!

Oh…I almost forgot. Did you know that you can get rid of the smell and heat by drinking from its skin? Anyway I found this on Wikipedia…this dude Richard Sterling a travel and food writer said that:

... its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock. It can be smelled from yards away. Despite its great local popularity, the raw fruit is forbidden from some establishments such as hotels, subways and airports, including public transportation in Southeast Asia.

Oh common, it's not that bad isn't it. I don't know why “ang moh” can't stand the smell. It's a pity that last month durian eating competition (Penang) was canceled because of the tourist participant surrender before the whole thing even started.

and no...that's not a Durian..


04 July 2007

The Mission Continues

What happen to that guy's hair? The one next to Ronaldo...

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02 July 2007

Blur Monday

I'm tired…I don't know why, but it's just not the same today. Maybe it's the haze…just by watching the white blanket of smoke can make you feel depress. It's been hot this couple of days and getting to bed have been uncomfortable. How can you get to sleep when you are sweating like hell at 1am in the morning? Can you blame someone for this? Why are you burning things, you are killing us all every time you do so. Our government can't do anything. Just talk and talk…no action. I love it here so much, but if I have to suffer like this every year…?

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01 July 2007

July Sunday

Wanted to watch Transformer today but ended up watching Die Hard 4.0 instead. Me and my girlfriend arrived at QueensBay Mall around 10.30am but both of us still can't get any good seats for the movie. There were only the front row seats and after the horrible experience last time…almost sprained my neck and back, we opted to postpone our kiddy infatuation to next week. I watched Transformer when I was a kid but I'm not that a big of a fan of it. I just can't get it when they transform into smaller thing…?

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