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F#&k!ng Bastard!

Apparently my younger brother's computer at home (Sabah) broke down. It seems that after a few minute of using it, the computer would restart for no apparent reason. My brother did try cleaning up the inside and reformatting the hardisk again but the same problem still keep persisting.

My father decided to send the computer for repair to someone we knew (related somehow). I was against it but there was now one else who can help. Farther more, the computer was actually from the place he worked for. You might think it was the right thing to do but it wasn’t. Why you might ask? Well for once, a couple of years ago I bought a ram to upgrade my brother’s computer. It was 128mb ram with same spec as the original one inside. Add this up and the total memory of the system would be 256mb.

However something strange happen, somehow the 128mb went missing after a year (I go back once a year). I ask my father whether he now anything about it. My father told me that he once sent the computer to the same guy to be formatted for some reason that he doesn’t know. The rest he wasn’t so sure. Bloody hell…the f#&k!ng bastard might have stolen it and thought he could get away with it. He thinks that I was *jakun* enough to not know what he did. I told my father about it and he told me to forget about it because we were somehow related and it wouldn’t be good. If I didn’t respect my father I would have confronted that guy and demand for payment or I would report this to the police.

Anyway that was last time; I didn’t speak to him again after that. But today my father called me telling that the f#&k!ng bastard was asking my father for an additional 1200ringgit from the original 400ringgit he agreed on when he first quoted my father for the repair. Why would he tell his customer to pay 400ringgit to replace the motherboard first and then latter ask for an additional 1200ringgit because he said that the whole CPUwas spoiled. Why didn’t he make sure that it was only the motherboard and not the whole thing, f#&k!ng bastard! He might have fried the whole CPU with the new 400ringgit motherboard because he was too f#&k!ng stupid. I hope that he will give back the 400ringgit for ruining the whole system. If not I would hammer his head onto the toilet floor if I see him. I told my father to forget about getting the CPU repaired by that retard and ask for repayment. He didn’t do anything and he wasted my father’s time and money. He better pay up the 400ringgit…that slime ball!!!

PS: Sorry for the harsh word that I used. I’m angry because I felt betrayed by my own relative for taking advantages at my father. It seems that the one that you thrust is the one who is taking advantage. I’ve ask ducky (not his real name) to check it for me last time and he told me that all he need was a 100ringgit to replace the motherboard. I should have let ducky repair the CPU. All this happens because my father gave the guy a chance to redeem his past mistake. I guess he never learn anything…It’s a pity that he’s my relative….damn!


Because he is related to you I think all the more you should beat the shit out of him.

Personally, I would.

You might want to check out this thread here:


The guy had the same problem, PC restarted automatically after 2-3 minutes using it.

Wah 1200 + 400, can buy a new system alredy leh. Like they say "Ng Soke, Ng Sek" (not cooked, not eat)

yes i got the same problem trying to make myself a pc it keeps saying KERNEL error... even after reformatting, reinstalling etc... in the end i chuck the damn thing to the river and got myself a D^^* branded computer, the lowest prize, it has been working fine since 1 1/2 yr ago....

~ if only there would be any left for me to hammer...i heard someone have already beaten me to it...some bloody piss off customer i guess...

~ thanks dude,...yeah I know, 1600ringgit can buy you a brand new system...this cousin of mind must be *sot-sot* already asking for that kind of money from my father.

~ If only I knew how suck my cousin shop was, I would have told my father to get a D^^* for my brother.

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