31 October 2006

Streamyx Speedo

How much are you guys paying for your Internet access? I’m on TM Net Streamyx, the whole package cost me RM99 (USD26.97) a month. I choose Streamyx because due to the lack of alternative services from other Malaysian Internet service providers like Jaring, NasionCom and TIME dotNet.

I have no complaints yet on the services provided by Streamyx, but I heard in some parts of Malaysia the line is quit bad. Network interruption, disconnection, and slow bandwidth

Anyway this is my current bandwidth reading; I’m using Jaring Bandwidth Test for the test even thought Streamyx has their own Streamyx Speedo Meter Test. Just for safety reason, it’s better to have a third party test reading.

PS: I just want to ask those who live outside Malaysia, is this consider fast?


30 October 2006

Paintball Championship In Penang

Just want to let you guys in Penang know that on November 5th there will be a Paintball Championship organized by Penang Discovery Society and managed by Promedia Paintball at PISA. They are opening the tournament to 40 teams consisting of 5 people in a team. For anyone who wants to joint the fun the registration will be on a first come first served basis.

So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to shoot people safely. Just imagine 40 teams will be there. Who knows how much excitement you can have in the tournament? Just don't let your backside get shoot.

PS: want to have a try shooting my backside???


Can You Count Your Happiness?

I found this on the Internet just now…


1. Assume Expectation (e)= 5, Happiness (h) counts to be 1/5= 0.2

2. Assume Expectation (e)= 100, Happiness (h) counts to be 1/100= 0.02

3. Assume Expectation (e)= ZERO, Happiness (h) counts to be 1/0= Infinity.

(Anything divided by zero= infinity)

However we can’t assume that human will ever have zero expectations in life. As long as they are alive e ≠ 0. So the formula above is considered incomplete or wrong. Putting in another key factor is the only way to balance the whole formula.

Well-being (w) describes the state of one person (alive or dead). So if that person is alive, we can say that w counts as one (w = 1). And if he is dead, then w will be zero (w = 0).

So what happen if a person is dead?

So I guest when you are dead you are happy. Maybe that depends on where you go, heaven or hell. Either way it is infinite (^.^)

PS: now if only we can calculate where we are going in the afterlife...


29 October 2006

Grumpy Sunday

I'm kind of frustrated at the Internet speed this evening. It has been very slow in response time. Updating my post took forever to do. Somehow I thought that maybe it is just me who just want to finish things up fast. Why can't I be patient like the rest of the Internet user?

I really don't like Sunday actually, to me it's the day that you prepare yourself to start working tomorrow. You just can't seem to find your footing. Just when you start to enjoy something, your force to cut it short because of tomorrow.

I want to smile and be happy always. I don't want to be moody all the time. It is depressing went things just don't end the way you wanted it to be. Well for me anyway.

Yada yada yada yada…it is just me babbling about myself. I am self-centered I think. It is always me, not anyone else. To selfish to admit that the world doesn't rotate around me. It's only my ego. Sorry for being me…

Anyway, just looking at the blue sky today made me smile a bit. No haze, it's over already. Fresh air at last…

PS: grumpiest day….


28 October 2006

Igor! It's Alive!

After changing the power supply to a new one, I manage to bring my Athlon computer back from the dead. Seems that lightning struck it last night and the whole unit burnt on the spot (no fire actually, just some burnt fuse). Thank god that it was only the power supply unit that burnt and not the rest of my computer.

So how much was the power supply? Well it was around RM80. There were cheaper ones but I wasn't so sure whether it can support my system. Anyway it did ruin my budget for this month; hopefully this would be the last until I buy a new computer (yeah right, like you have the money). Cheers!

PS: Never use your computer when there's lightning outside…


27 October 2006

Rest In Peace My Computer

Just now, my computer went kaput! I don’t know what actually happen to it. I tried to turn the damm thing on but nothing! I checked whether the power cable was plugged in and that switch was on (this happen last time), and it was. This prompt me to conclude that my computer might had already past away peacefully in its sleep.

It was already showing sign of old age. Not able to play new games and hanging periodically this couple of month. It has faithfully served me for almost 4 years already.
I bought the thing in 2002 with a limited budget. A 19 inch monitor, Athlon XP 2400+ processor, 768MB of ram and 80GB hardisk. It costs me about RM2100 to set up the whole thing. Now, the thing just lay there lifeless.

So to you my loving “Athlon”, rest in peace my friend…. (Athlon PC 2002~2006). You will be missed always especially when we played Warcraft together.

I wish that I can bring you from the dead like Frankenstein my friend. Igor! Help me carry this thing to the computer shop. I need more juice…hope that it won’t burn my wallet…

PS: I’m blogging now using my other old computer…Intel Celeron 400Mhz


26 October 2006

Gentlemen, Start Your Engine!

I was thinking just know about being lazy after a few days of holiday. It seems that every time my body takes a rest, it tends to stay static for a while. Don't know why, but it's taking a toll in my daily workload. This morning I had targeted to finish at least one project by end of the day. Somehow it didn't work out the way I've planned it. Maybe I'm getting old already…ya right!

I think that I'm not the only person going through this “cold engine” problem. A few of my workmate were having the same symptoms as me. Messy hair, red eye, blur and going to the gents every one hour. We even didn't talk much during lunch time. Munch everything and went straight back to office. I personally though that today was longer then normal days…or is it just me.

For those who are in the same boat as me, wake up! Deepavali and Raya is over, Christmas is about 60 more days from now. Work hard and hopefully by that time, you can buy yourself a big present that you have always wanted. Cheers!

PS: thinking of taking MC tomorrow...


25 October 2006

Boog And Elliot

Elliot getting his lazy a@# sun burn

Hi, yesterday I went to see “Open Season” with my girlfriend at Bukit Jambul. We had great time watching the movie. The whole story evolves around two best friends. A big scary-looking grizzly bear called Boog (Martin Lawrence) and Elliot the mulish deer (Ashton Kutcher). To summarize the whole story I've divided it into 3 segment, opening, middle and ending. Don't worry, I won't tell you the whole story.

It was somewhat fast for me to digest. Everything was rushed so that Boog and Elliot can fall together into a situation were they met and have to be best friend because of the situation. Boog save Elliot's life and in return Elliot has to help Boog.

Here is the fun part. Boog and Elliot somehow end up together in a forest that they are not familiar of. Being chased by Shaw the villain in this story, unusual and funny character began filling the whole story. What I like most is the cute bunnies that appears everywhere the wrong time.

Well I think you all can predict the ending. Boog and Shaw conquered Shaw and become good friends.

So, this is my review on this movie. I know, I suck in reviewing, but don't blame me because I was laughing all the way in the movie. It was really good, and I'm giving it 7/10 star for this movie.

PS: if you are still on holiday tomorrow (not like me), go and see “Open Season”


24 October 2006

Googling Trends

Do you want to know who likes to key in the word "blogging" or "blogger" in Google? Don’t be surprise to know that we Malaysian are among the top rank nation in the world that search for this word. Does this mean that we Malaysian like to blog? Well asked yourself (^.^). Our neighboring country Singapore tops the ranking.

For an insight into which topics interest people in different parts of the world, all you need to do is type a keyword into Google Trends. The site provides the number of searches on a particular topic relative to each country’s Google usage since 2004.

PS: Do your own search at http://www.google.com/trends


23 October 2006

Thinking Too Much Again

How much money is enough? Some say there is no enough in money. The more money you have, the more you want to acquire it. It's a norm for us human to be better then others. We strive to outdo our enemy, friends and even our own family.

Why do we need to act like this? Do we really need the money? The power, the attention… why is it so important to us? Can't we be grateful at what we have now? Is it not enough to make us happy, even for a short life span we have?

I have though about this lot and I can't lie telling you that I have escaped from this dilemma. I wanted more then what I have now. Again…why? Maybe I wanted happiness in my life. I was taught by my parents into believing that you can have happiness if you have a lot of money. Maybe that's why…

I wish I can say to myself that this is enough. I wish I can be grateful with what I have now. It could be worse, and I know how it feels like. I've been there before. Having nothing but your clothes on you body. Having no idea what to do tomorrow for food and people looking at you like beggar when you are not. I should be grateful…

Hey…I'm thinking too much again. I can't change the way people are. I can't even change myself. Stupid of me…no one would ever read this. I'm wasting my time again. It would just be another unread post of mind. Maybe I shouldn't post this, it would have been to embarrassing....Oops too late



22 October 2006

Crouchy Peter

Manchester United won against Liverpool (2-0) just now. Looks like Rafa’s philosophy took its tool again. You just can’t expect the team to gel in if you always change the players and formation. Sometimes sticking to one formation and set of player is the best thing to do. At least you will always have a stepping stone to start improving from. Players are human and how would they feel if there are treated like spare parts?

Anyway something kind of funny happen. Have you ever seen an attacker giving a sliding tackle on a keeper? I have seen one just now, Liverpool’s Peter Crouch tackling Manchester United’s Edwin Van der Sar. Funny and a little bit dumb…but I still like Crouchy (^.^)

PS: Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand scored for Manchester United


21 October 2006

Ginger Beer No Beer!

Hi it's me again. You know about the Ginger beer thingy, its not like beer. It tasted like some fizzy drink and it doesn't have any alcohol in it. Ahh shit!... now I have to go out again to buy a real beer.

PS: Curiosity kill the cat...ape anyway...


Saturday Summary

I didn’t do anything much today. Watch TV and sleep all day long. I manage to take a picture of Penang Bridge and downtown Georgetown this morning. After last night heavy downpour the sky was all clear in the morning. However around 1pm in the afternoon, the haze came back.

I really can’t imagine how much burning you have to do to create such stubborn haze. Complaining won’t take you anywhere, I just have to bare with it. Don’t now for how long, but you have asked yourself how much forest do they have left to burn? Around 7pm the rain started again. I was dark and cold, plus hazy. So much for going to the nearest mamak stalls for Chelsea’s match.

By the way, I went to Giant with the gang to buy some groceries supply for next week. My taste bud was itching for some beer. While looking for my Anchor beer I stumbled upon two bottle of ginger beer. One was around RM3+ and the other one was around RM4+. I took both just for my curiosity. Haven’t opened it yet, I want to chill it first (^-^)…hope it taste good…

PS: How’s your holiday going on???


20 October 2006

Let The Traffic Jam Begin!

Traffic from Georgetown and the Penang Bridge going to Bayan Lepas is at a crawl right now. About 8.30pm, an accident happened near the flyover going into N-Park. It must have been a bad accident judging from the way the ambulance left without turning the siren on. It has been 1 hour already now and the traffic jam still going on. I think a lot of road user wanted to see the accident and slowing down the traffics a lot.

PS:Typical Malaysian road user


Happy Holiday!

I’m in a holiday frame of mind today. Tomorrow is Deepavali, and this coming Tuesday and Wednesday will be Hari Raya. It’s a dual festivity here in Malaysia.

While a good number Malaysian are already at home preparing for these festivals, some of us who are working in a private company still have to work today and this coming Monday. Fortunately for civil servants, the government has given them additional one days holiday this Monday.

PS: Any muruku and kuih raya for me (^0^)


iPod Wide

This is my interpretation on how iPod Video should look like. The controllers are smaller and should not dictate 50% of the front side of the iPod Video. Wider and bigger screen with built in mini speaker at the back so user can share watching and listening content with their friend on the go. Do you think it would work?

PS: Did all design images in 2 hour.


19 October 2006

Thursday Thumbnail

In The Star newspaper today, two articles caught my interest. The first article is about the air pollution index levels in Malaysia, were it is reported that it's gotten worse then yesterday. This is due to the haze originating from Indonesia’s open burning.

The second article is much more severe than the first one. Yesterday 18 people were killed on the road while making their way home for the holidays. It’s sad that every year the same thing happen again and again regardless of numerous campaigns by the government and police.

Either way, we Malaysian have to tolerate with the problem that we are going to face these coming holidays. There is nothing we can do to clear of the haze, but we still can try to prevent accidents from happening. So drive carefully and let us hope that Mother Nature will help us clear the haze this festive season.

PS: This is my gift from the haze.


Apple iPod Video Got The Flu!

Yup, you heard me right Apple iPod video got the flu. Apple allegedly told TG Daily that they came in contact with the virus (RavMonE.exe) through a computer that uses Windows operating system at a contract factory.

But don’t worry too much about it. The virus won’t kill your iPod Video. It doesn't even cause any serious damage or data loss, but it does act as a trojan horse that could allow other, more serious, viruses to infect the computer (Windows operating system). Ironic isn’t it (^.^)

PS:You also can read about it at Apple own website. Here


18 October 2006

Road Rage

Last week I read in The Star newspaper about a man in Muar that hurls bricks and iron rods at moving cars on the road. A woman who was driving along Jalan Haji Jaib road was seriously injured by this sick man. Police believed that this person was the same guy who threw bricks at moving cars last October.

Why the hell is he doing this? It is not that he is getting paid for it. Maybe he wanted to because he wants to be on TV (Edisi Siasat). Or he's on drugs or alcohol influence. Maybe he is just plain mentally ill. I hope the police would get him soon. If you happen to see this sick man throwing things at cars on the road, just ram him with your car. The police will thank you for that.

PS: If this sick guy really likes to throw things at moving vehicle, why not he try to have a go at Rempits?


Rolling Sofa

PS: I took the concept from a hotdog shape. You can easily role the sofa anywhere you want it to be (^.^)


17 October 2006


Today is my P-day. No, not PMS! I’m a guy ok. What I mean with P-day is actually the day that I pump petrol into my car. I know it might sound strange but after the hike in petrol prices recently, I began taking P-day seriously (^.^)

In the old days when the price of petrol was still “affordable”, I usually fill my petrol tank full in one go. I drive a Kelisa and RM50.00 is enough for that purpose. I could drive for two weeks and still have some to spare. Mind you that I don’t drive long distance to work, so hence the low petrol usage (^-^)

However today, it will take me just about a week and a half to finish RM50.00 worth of petrol. That is equivalent 3 to 4 days less than last time. It might not sound that bad at all. However with the increase prices of food and other important things, it’s a nightmare. I just wish “they” can adjust the price of petrol accordingly to the market.

PS: If only we can plant petrol (^_^)


Lazy Chair

PS: I love to eat Durians (^-^)


Puxaping Bloggers

Here are the lists of bloggers that I have the chance to read everyday. There are my daily doses of vitamin supplement for my insanity.
















PS: If you have the time, just try and read them (^-^) Thank You!


16 October 2006

Red iPod Nano

Ever dream of owning an iPod Nano before but just could not justify the price. For something smaller than your wallet it seems a waste of money. However, to me the clean and simple design is just something that intrigues me. For a while now I had been thinking of owning one. I was close last year but something happen. The oil priced went up and I just lost the urge to buy one. This year Apple came out with a new batch of iPod Nano. This timed the design really looks awesome! I just wish that I have some money to spare at the end of the day.

While I prefer the dark coloured iPod Nano, some of you might want to try a red one. This Special Edition RED iPod Nano actually has a really good attention hidden in it. Every $10(US) from the sales of this Special Edition will be donated to the Global Fund to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The Special Edition iPod Nano is available as a 4GB model only and is priced at $200 (US) - the same as other 4GB Nano models. It's really a great bargain, not only you can enjoy your new iPod Nano but you are helping other less fortunate people at the same time

PS: Anyone out there want to donate your iPod Nano to me (^-^) ?


15 October 2006

Puxaping Reminiscences

I first came to Penang in 1985 with my parents. We were on a family vacation and I was 6 years old then. Being too young, I remember only parts of the journey that we had. What I remember most was my first experience boarding a plane. It was the best thing that a kid like me can attain during that time. The rest is kind of blur.

Thirteen years later I came back here to pursue my degree in a local university. At first it was hard adjusting myself to the new way of life in Penang. Nevertheless slowly I adjusted well with the new environment. I finish my studies in 2002 and was practically going back to my hometown to find work. However, because of financial problem, I had to put aside that plan. I wanted to bring my parents to Penang for my convocation. Not having much money for that, I decided to work first here for a couple of month to raise enough money.

That was 4 years ago. I manage to bring my father and mother to my convocation in the end. Yes, I am still here in Penang. Why? Well because I found out that I can just leave Penang just like that. I felt that apart of me is attached to it. It is my second hometown. I wish, I can stay here for as long as I can (^-^)

PS: I wish Sunday could be longer…


14 October 2006

Train Man

Densha Otoku (Train Man) is another Japanese TV drama that is shown here in Malaysia. Over the past years, TV dramas from Japan and South Korea have been flooding our TV airwave day and night. Not that it's boring, but it shows that our own Malaysian drama lacks the attraction factor and local TV stations are snubbing them slowly for these imported TV dramas. Who knows, maybe someday we will have TV dramas from Timbuktu (^_^#)

Let's get back to Densha Otoku anyway (^.^) Purportedly based on a true story, it tells a journey of a young otaku (a computer geek in Japanese) who accidentally save a few women from a drunkard in a train (that's where the name Densha Otoku derived).

In doing so he landed himself the ultimate chance to date one of the women he saves, who he refer to his Internet chatting friends as Hermès. The drama becomes more interesting with the involvement of his chatting friends who gave him advices and courage to confront Hermès (^-^)

I haven't seen the whole episode yet, but I can say it's somewhat funny to see. It's hard to predict the ending. I know, I can find something in the Internet but I won't. It's worth the waiting for.

PS: I forgot to tell you; we also have China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Latin Countries TV dramas here.


13 October 2006

Friday 13th!

Today is Friday the 13th! I just realize it just now. I'm freaking already now. What should I do? Better ask whether I can go back early today…yeah right! (^_^#)

In the past I actually encounter strange things that I would consider putting it into my puX-files. Out of the entire encounter that I had, I can say that only 1 really scare the shit out of me. It's going to be a long entry so bare with me ok

Grandfather's Funeral
This happened to me when I was 5 years old. My grandfather past away due to an accident, and my family had a gathering to remember him by. As a normal practice by my family, during the 7th day of his passing, we will gather again in his house because it is believed that his soul will come to visit us. The whole ceremony went well and we finish at 9pm like that. As a kid that time, I was somewhat hyperactive. Because of that, I had a game of hide and seek with my little brother, cousins and nieces.

Of all the places that I can go to and hide myself, I went into my late grandfather's room. My grandmother had been sleeping with my family for a while and the room was not attended all this time. At first nothing happen, but after a while I felt that someone was in the room with me also. Then there it was…on the window next to the door. A small puffed of smoke lurking outside the window. It was greenish in colour and hovering at the same place even thought outside the wind was gushing strongly.

So scared I ran down to my parents and cried. I told my father what happen and he said that maybe I made my grandfather soul angry. Soon after that I had the worse fever I ever had. It was a week later when I finally had energy to eat solid food and walk. I should have learned something from what had happened to me that time, but being a kid (plus future ape) I was engaged in another game of hide and seek in another funeral again! (^.^)

PS: You never know what's outside there...ape ape ape


12 October 2006

Puxaping Art

I know a lot of you out there are talented people. I was doing my usual stuff today (work of course) and thought that it can be turn to a work of art (or equivalent).

PS: aping around at work.


11 October 2006

Chinese Proverb


10 October 2006

You Stupid Buffoon!

Have you ever tried adding additional PCI card on your computer? I learn something useful while trying. Never try to be a computer technician if you are not. Simple as it seems, I wasted 2 hours by messing the whole system.

It was supposed to be a simple task, but it turns out awful. After plugging the card inside, I tried to turn on the computer again. Nothing happened, there were no beeps and the monitor was pitched black. Pulling back and inserting the card a couple of time did not do any justice at all. The computer just keeps refusing to boot up time after time.

Fearing for the worse, I was prepared to send the computer for repairs. Normally it would cost me about RM30 for a simple check up. Replacing parts would cost me a more depending on which part that would need replacing. If you have a computer, you will know that there is a chain reaction in replacing things inside your computer. That I hope will not burn my wallet, hopefully…

While trying to unplug the CPU I realize something. It was so embarrassing and I feel like a stupid buffoon! I DID NOT TURN ON THE F*****G POWER SUPPLY THE WHOLE TIME I WAS WORKING!

PS: Just to show you how stupid and ape could be...


09 October 2006

Existing Is Not Everything

Have you ever felt that you are being watch whenever you go online? I do (“. “) Just now puxape blog existed in Google. But now it’s gone. How do Google determine this thing anyway? Don’t worry about me; I will still keep going on anyway.

I should try to keep a simple approach after this. Just carry on with what I have. It is true that I’m interested in the traffic of this page. It excite me to see people from other part of the world coming here (a few only anyway) to read. It almost changes my course on this blog. I came here to run a way from the stress of the jungle. It’s ok if I act like an ape here because I made this place as a barrier to my real life.

Should I care about this? I think a lot. I don’t want to be sensitive like this. I want to be free. I want to be able to say I love/hate/admire/despise you without thinking to much like and ape. I just want the world to know that I exist now and not tomorrow or the day after that. I just wish that someone out there is reading this. It proves that I exist and that I’m sane just like other people.

PS: I’m tempted to go back to the jungle. But somehow, you made me turn around and face the world…( instant rambling of an ape)


08 October 2006

Puxaping Football

Yes I know England drew with Macedonia. Who says that Malaysian football sucks? It is just not Malaysia, it’s every where. The modern football now has become more of a reality show than a real sport. Diving, lambasting out to the referee, kicking the balls out of the opponent. Prima donnas are now in control of football and they are here to stay.

No more were the days where football flairs and skill were displayed. Today only high profile player that cost a nation are paraded on the field. Yes I’m not saying that they don’t have the skills and pace. They do and I know that they could outrun any player in the past. But every time I watch a game I just feel a big void in my heart. It is not the same like it was 12 years ago.

Maybe I’m getting old already. Anyway what is your prediction on the next game?

PS: I’m getting ready with my new blog layout. Hopefully we can see it within a week.


07 October 2006

Hazy Predicament

As usual, hazy condition is still chocking us here. Better start smoking if you haven’t started yet. At least you know what you are inhaling (just joking, smoking is bad for us)

I just can’t understand on how we Malaysian can stand the state that we are in now? For crying out loud, the haze is killing us slowly. Taking seconds, minutes, hours even days of our lives. Just think what it might do to babies. Just think what it could do to our countries future. What are we waiting for? When do we take action? Do you want people to die one by one and then only take action?

It is alarming that every year we have to put with this situation. For once let it stop, we need to breathe. It is not like food and water. Without both we still can live for a few days. But without oxygen we die instantly.

Blaming is not what I want to convey here. Pleading is more accurate. I know clearing these areas is important for you to earn money to feed your family. I know it is not totally your fault at all. Some bigger corporation might have played a role in this problem also. Blaming each other is not the solution.

We need a solid and long term solution here. We need an understanding between countries to put a stop on the problem.

For me, all I can do is hope for it to rain. I wish I can do more but what can this ape do?

I have to go now. The match between England and Macedonia is starting. Who do you think would win? I will go with England (3:0)

PS: rambling of an ape


06 October 2006

It's Already 2pm! Work Ape Work!

This is what I’m doing right now. I have to finish this rendering in a few days. Still have a lot to do…

I feel pressured just now and I wanted to release it here. Opss!… somebody is coming…ahhhhhhh!

PS: ape at work…


Puxape Me Google

I thought that when I created this blog, it will automatically be listed at Google search engine. I’m sorry for being too naive, but I really thought it would be that way. After browsing the internet, I now know that it doesn’t work like that. Blame me for the ape I am (^.^)

The thing is I am still adapting to this whole blogging idea. I am still a little bit blur about the fine line of right and wrong, do and not to do in blogging. In the process I might have done something inappropriate. Example; repeatedly publishing the same post because I wasn’t satisfy with the layout or logging in on my own blog site several times a day just to check how many hits I have (^_^#) I am sorry…

At the same time today, I found out that this blog does not occupy any spot for the keyword “puxape” at Goggle’s search engine (^.^). I know that maybe some of you out there are laughing at me right now. But it’s ok.

I know it is not easy to reach the top at Goggle’s search engine. But at the same time, I am not taking anything for granted. Some people out there sometimes work very hard to be listed at Google. I am going to do the same.

Anyway to Google, if you are reading this blog. Please help and list me at your search engine. I’m not asking for a top spot (^_^) Thank you

PS: taking one aping step at a time…


05 October 2006

I’m Breathing Fresh Smoke Here!

Oh my, its hazy again. This time it’s too much for me. I have asthma and this is not helping me at all. Every year Malaysian has to suffer from our neighboring country’s open burning and forest fires. I don’t know for how long we can stand this. I rather sit in a room full of smokers!

(Picture taken from The Star newspaper)

PS: ape hoping it will rain soon…please…please…


Phishing Scams Sucks!

I had taken things for granted. For a while I have been using Public Bank’s online banking services to pay my credit cards and other bill. I even use it to transfer money to my parents back home.

Last month a phishing scams that was targeted at several bank here in Malaysia were discovered. Not knowing how many people were con by this f*****g rascal!, some banks decided to suspend their online services.

*sigh* It troubled me a lot and it has taken my time to settle things up. I hope that these services will resume back soon. I know that we Malaysian are being pampered by technology. But what can we do? Heavy schedule and traffic jams had forced us to be more depended on services like this.

PS: Do anyone know how I can transfer fund using Public Bank ATM machine? (^_^)


Good Day Good Time.

PS: aping ape smile again!


04 October 2006

Bad Puxaping Day.

Do to certain incident today, I can’t really find myself smiling again. It’s hard to be happy if someone you love is hurting so much. I can’t really disclose what happen, but it has something to do with my parents.

PS: I don’t think I will be blogging much today…


03 October 2006

Puxape Gaming History

I like to play computer games a lot. During my university days (yes ape went to university also) I play a lot of strategy games. One of the best games I played was Starcraft. Just imagine the joy of playing it. I once played Starcraft for 12 hour during study week with my housemate. It was awesome and I almost flunk my exam (ha ha ha). Thinking back, I spent almost 75% percent of my university years playing games. That’s why you see me here puxaping…ape ape ape

Now that I’m already working, I really don’t have the time to indulge myself with long hour strategy games. Usually I would play short flash game just to kill the stress. No I don’t play during working hour (ape don’t want to get fired).

There’s a lot of free flash game out there in the internet. Just Google for it. If your finger are to lazy to search for it just click here (^.^)

PS: If only I can find my copy of Starcarft?


Puxaping Meebo

Have you ever been in this situation before where you really need to use Yahoo Messenger in the office, but cannot because your boss already bar the use of such application? Do you in certain cases have more than 5 ID for a certain messenging application and at the same time need to log on all 5 ID at one time (and chat with yourself...ups sorry!). Well now you can meebo.

Meebo is an Ajax instant messaging client that works with major instant messaging services. Its website allows logging onto AOL, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Jabber and Google Talk, eliminating the need for an instant-messaging client on the user's computer.

Meebo launched a private release on September 4, 2005, and it was publicly released on September 14, 2005 and has had many major revisions since. Meebo was founded by three young entrepreneurs.

I am using meebo in this blog also. If I am around, I should be able to chat with anyone who is visiting this ape blog of mine. I hope meebo will come up with more inovative ideas in the nearest future. Peace (^.^)

PS: meebo me...


Futsall Monster.

No this is not my foot hurting, it belongs to my superior. There were only 7 of us yesterday. We had to play 3 against 4. It wasn’t fair actually, but we manage to balance things up by putting the weakest player on the latter side (ape was the weakest link…sucks!).

It happens just a few minute before the final whistle. He was dribbling the ball into deep apposition line when suddenly, he fell and twisted his ankle. It must have hurt very much. If I were in his shoes, I would have fainted (^.^)!

Anyway I should be more careful when playing any sport or recreational activities. I'm not young anymore and accidents do happen when you get older. *sigh* I miss being a teenager…

PS: aping around the jungle is not the same as it used to be…


02 October 2006

Aping Paintball!

Ok, it wasn't like Saving Private Ryan but it was fun all the way. Just imagine pallet flying past your head, wishing it wouldn’t hit you in the face. Running crazy like an ape and shooting like hell until your pallet runs dry. Yes! it was all adrenalin rust for an ape (^_^)

We all had 4 round of shooting spree yesterday at Cinta Sayang Club in Sungai Petani, Kedah. For RM50 we got ourself 200 pallets, a vest, a face mask protector, and a big gun (marker). The 10 of us was divided into 2 teams. So how was it (^.^)?

Round 1
I was not thinking right during the first round. We did not have any strategy at all. Run like hell for shelter when the game started. Scared like s***, I shoot randomly without hitting anyone… even my teammates. Midway, all of us including the apposing team ran out of pallets. Acting like a monkey, my teammate ran out to the enemy line and took the flag. The enemy just look in disbelieve and we won that round actually. Yay!

Round 2
F*** s***! Barely a minute in the game I was shot in the face. I really didn’t know were the stray bullet came from. If it was from my teammates, I would have shove the pallet up their a**. And adding salt to my wound, my butt was shot when I was walking to the dead zone. I hate you guys!!! My team won this round without me…ape ape ape

Round 3
This time I was playing smart. I found myself a nice spot were I have a view of the entire war zone. We manage to shot all the enemy…again we were victorious!

Round 4
Tired, weak and sweating like an ape. We manage to hold the enemy back for the final victory. I shoot someone butt at the end…ape ape ape (^.^)

So know what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Paintball Field and start a game of paintball. This one I give 5 Star… a full mark for enjoyment.

PS: I went for a game of futsall today with my workmate. To tired from paintball, I was floored to the ground every time I got the ball


Georgetown Penang

Here is a live surveillance video feed from Georgetown Penang, Malaysia . It’s a demo by Mobif Berhad. You would need the latest Java update to view it during office hour only. Click Here!

Mobif Berhad is a company that specialties in Internet Surveillance System, vision inspection software solution and system development for multinational companies, major industries and end-users at large. You can go to their website for further information at http://www.mobif.com.my/

If you can receive the video feed, you will see Komtar in the background. I use to walk past this place every Sunday to go to church. Now that I have a car, I use a different route to church. How technology has push us forward. Human and ape also (^.^)

PS: just received pictures from yesterday paintball game…will post them by today…ape ape ape ape


Nepal Helicopter Tragedy

"Love is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity"

To the families and friends of

Chandra Gurung
Mingma Norbu Sherpa
Harka Gurung
Yeshi Lama
Jill Bowling Schlaepfer
Jennifer Headley
and Matthew Preece

we share your grief, and offer our promise that they will not be forgotten and that their work will continue.


01 October 2006

Ape Played Paintball Today!

I am very tired now. Totally burnout from playing Paintball the whole day. I will post some nicer picture and my story tomorrow. For those who are not familiar with this extreme sport, here is something from Wikipedia.

“Paintball began as a hunting game between two friends in the woods of Charlotteville, Virginia. In 1976, Hayes Noel, a stock trader and his friend Charles Gaines, a writer, were walking home and chatting about Gaines' recent trip to Africa and his experiences hunting buffalo. Eager to recreate the adrenaline rush that came with the thrill of the hunt, and inspired by Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game, the two friends came up with the idea to create a game where they could stalk and hunt each other.

In the ensuing months, the friends talked about what sorts of qualities and characteristics made for a good hunter and survivalist. They were stumped, however, on how to devise a test of those skills. It wasn't until a year and a half later that George Butler, a friend of theirs, showed them a paintball gun in an agricultural catalog. The gun was a Nelspot 007 marker manufactured by the Nelson Paint Company and was used by cattlemen to mark cows. Noel and Gaines each purchased a pistol and had a duel in what became the very first game of paintball. Gaines won”

PS: don’t be cruel to ape…even in a game of Paintball