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Spending RM50 In 8 Days

I'm down to my last 50ringgit now. I don't have any credit in my handphone and the car needs filling tomorrow. I just don't know how I am going to last for 8 days with 50ringgit.

Usually I have enough money to last me the whole month. I even manage to save a few from what I make. However this month I had to give out some to my parents and siblings. Normally I will give my parents 400ringgit for their daily usage. But for this month, I gave to them 1200ringgit to pay for my younger sibling's schooling needs. I can't argue about it since my father is retired. If I don't give, who will?

Early this morning I did a count on how I am going to stay afloat for the remainder of the month.

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
Nasi Lemak (80sen) x 3 = 2.40ringgit
So for 8days food, the amount would be
2.40ringgit x 8days = 19.20ringgit

A 15ringgit of petrol usually would last me about 4days on the road. So for 8days it would cost me = 30.00ringgit

19.20 + 30.00 = 49.20ringgit#

So if I would to follow this plan strictly and don't call my girlfriend for 8days, I would be able to eat and go to work….yesss! I even can save 80sen this month…sound pathetic isn't it…but hey…its Bolehland isn't it.

Anyway that was this morning plan… just now someone past me a form asking for donation. Somehow yesterday two of my workmate lost their grandmothers…seriously! 2 grandmothers in one day…

PS: I guess now I have to come up with a new budget… *tears coming from my eye*


Times are hard at times but measures like you mentioned have to be taken in order to come out right. Of cos its harder said (in this case typed) than done but a plan is in place at least to keep your mind focused upon.

All the best and don't go astray ya :p

Cheers... Daryl

Thanks Daryl,

It wasn't like this before...but hey! It's life...

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