14 February 2008


It happened again last night. I swear this time I heard knocking on the door and my left leg being push. I was half asleep but I felt it. I did turn on the webcam but nothing major, it was dark actually and I cannot see anything. I just wish that I had a microphone, at least I can verify the knocking sound. I chicken out and turn my table light on around 3:00am. I need to sleep, I have work in the office to finish. Damn!

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13 February 2008


I cannot sleep last night. I felt like someone or something was watching me. Usually I just shrug it of but it was different this time. My bedroom was colder than usual and it did not rain yesterday evening. Ghost fanatics believe that spirit/ghost presence would alter the temperature around it. Tonight I will leave the webcam on and record whatever it was. This is just creepy…

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Spare Tyres

I remember the old days when spare car tyres are the same size as the normal tyre use by the car. Nowadays car maker tend to make the spare tyre thinner and a little bit smaller. I don’t know whether they do it on purposed to save cost but I heard that it’s for safety reason. Ironically, replacing punctured tyre manually sometimes render the tyre unbalanced. This will either make the spare tyre’s life span short or even making it dangerous to drive…I think they just want to save cost.

I had a punctured tyre last August but was reluctant to post about it (lazy). I just had my tyres balanced the other day when it happened. At first I thought it was the lousy workmanship of the guy who did the balancing but it was not. Some a**hole had left a big nail on the road and it happily struck my tyre…bummer. Why do people like to throw nails on the road sides???
I replace the punctured tyre with the spare one by the road side. My fiancée was my cheerleader during the whole process. I thought that Kelisa’s spare tyre was the same but I was wrong. Nobody bothered to tell me during the time me and my fiancée purchase the car that the spare/emergency tyre was indeed smaller the rest.

Fortunately I went to the tyre shop near Sg2 USM and got the punctured one fix. I was thinking of leaving the spare tyre on since the punctured one was kind of “botak”. Luckily the person in charge told me that it wasn’t possible and that the spare tyre was smaller. Persistently I ask why? It looks the same anyway. The guy calmly showed me the numbering on the tyre. The spare one was 155 and the one that got punctured was 163. The spare tyre can’t even be fitted with the tyre cap.

So folks, don’t use your spare tyre to long. Get the punctured one fix. I saw some Kelisa’s on the road using their spare tyre every day. It’s dangerous and it will shorten the life span of your other good tyres also.

Update: Replace all 4 rubber last week. It was kinda "botak" already.