17 March 2008



06 March 2008

Spray Can Shampoo?

I use my shaving cream to wash my hair last night. It read on the spray can...'with Aloe Vera'. Since shampoo usually have Aloe Vera, I went for it.

Well the smell was ok, a lot more refreshing than shampoo. Oh, and my hair is softer than usual. Why isn't there any spray can shampoo out there? Just open, spray the cream out and you are on your way to a smooth silky hair.

Anyway I would not recommend anyone washing their hair with shaving cream. But if you want to shave your head bald, then go ahead.

On a more serious matter, this Saturday will be the day that we Malaysian stamp our authority and make our voice heard. Ask yourself sincerely and choose wisely. Another four years is a long time to wait.

PS: Remember my creepy post, well I manage to locate the source. Will post it latter ok.