31 March 2007

Dumb Bird

A funny thing happened yesterday morning at my office. A bird flew full speed directly to our tinted glass window and hit it smack with it face. Everyone in the office was in shock when they heard the loud thump. As a summary, the glass was tempered and the bewildered bird had some bad headache…

What did happen actually to the bird? Did it get horny looking at its own reflection thinking it was some female bird ready for some shagging? Blame it on the tinted window that we have…

Just an image of what the bird may possibly look like...

PS: Thinking about it today, that dumb bird just made my day today…thanks you dumb bird…


30 March 2007

Watch This!

I really like TV commercials from Thailand. They like to use humor to sale their products. This is by far the funniest TV add that I have seen from our neighboring country...I just can't get enough of it...Enjoy (^-^)


29 March 2007

Tak Lawa Tak Apa, Janji Baik Hati

It's going to rain again this afternoon. So much for our meteorological department's forecast early this year. For all I know they didn't even manage to predict the heavy rains that flooded Johor last December. They only woke up when it was too late and ironically, they predicted a drought that was supposed to have started this month…ya right. The bomoh that they were courting with must have been a B class typed…and underpaid.

Enough about the weather already, let's talk about desperate men…not the one on TV ok. I'm talking about men… I hope that you get the right… How many of you out there who is desperate enough to do this in real life? This guy must have been really desperate I guess. Just to show what you can find here in Malaysia...yikes!

PS: Don't know whether this guy manage to find anyone who is “Baik Hati” enough for him.


28 March 2007

New England Home Kit

Forget about the new home kit, will England pull it off this time against Andorra?

Latest update: England 3 – Andorra 0…

PS: I like what Umbro did with the old home kit…the new one has no essence…


27 March 2007

Support Our Local Football Team?

Lately I’ve been hearing on the radio about how important it is to support your local football team in Malaysia. There's this couple of guys with western accent talking about how great the match between two local team that they witness last night followed by two local guys telling which EPL football club they support. It’s been aired again and again with the attention of getting us local to support our own local team and not those from EPL. It’s a good idea actually but how much exposure do these local teams have on TV (local media)…

Take for an example; how many times do you have the chance to see Sabah's state team playing live on TV? Sarawak? Melaka? Not much isn’t it…I dare say that I haven’t seen much of the smaller teams on TV at all. Even those matches between bigger team shown on TV are sometimes recorded ones. Do you still feel the excitement watching recorded matches knowing well how the score lines ends? I don’t…

As much as I want to, it’s just a pain in the @$$ when it comes to getting the latest information about the status of our league...try going to FAM website. Add that with the bewildered league system we have here in Malaysia, we get a blank pakcik that don’t know which league his state team is playing in. For all I know, we have the “Liga Super” that Sabah isn’t playing in. I miss the simple league system that we have before. Simple and tidy I might say. The new system/format isn’t producing any outstanding local player, only foreign ones (not that I don’t like them). Plus that with so many different leagues we have here in Malaysia, we really do have a lot of foreign players playing here. Why not ask them to wear our national jersey? We are loosing a lot of money on them anyway…

Just to let you all know, I'm not against the call to support local teams. I also know that there's a lot of us Malaysian here who really want to. It's just that it isn't making any sense to support a team that you can't even see playing on local TV station. And please...don't even ask me about the playing level of our local players...


26 March 2007


I feel alienated sometimes. People…walking around doing their stuffs…It seems that I'm invisible somehow. I don't know why…I feel alone. Tomorrow doesn't feel right…today just feel empty. I guess by tonight…nothing would matter anymore…tomorrow will be today and today will be just another wasted life.

All those dream that I had when I was young…it's not there anymore. When you are caught in the circle of adulthood, you forget who you are and the life before. You began thinking about yourself only…you for you and everything else evolve around you. Am I being selfish…I don't know.

I'm scared…I'm scared everyday…losing what I know…not able to get hold of myself…I'm going crazy I guess…

Never mind…it's just something in my head…stupid me...


25 March 2007

Horror Movie

Just got my hands on episode 1~11 of "Heroes." Don't ask me how I got it...Like you don't know (^_^)...Anyway me and my girlfriend will be doing some "Heroes" marathon watching today...See you guys tomorrow...


24 March 2007

Shutdown Day

PS: Good Luck Everyone!


23 March 2007

Weekly Summary #1


22 March 2007

Wet Ape

It rain yesterday afternoon here in Penang…part of it mostly. I was on my way to the place where I park the car when it suddenly rain. I got myself pretty wet I guest…It was freezing like Antarctica when I turn on the aircond. It was also stuffy inside since I can't open the car window for fresh air…

Nevertheless I wasn't complaining much…Maybe because I felt lucky because my underwear was still dry. I once “tumpang” a friend to work ridding a motorcycle and you can imagine how cold it would get down under when it rains. If it turns too cold you normally end up with the “kecut-kecut” effect. That's when you began to ponder how manly can a man be in the Antarctics? Bwahh! Just kidding….

Anyway to cut the story short, I got a fever right now. I was thinking of taking an MC this afternoon but never got the chances to. I just hope that I can last for a few hours longer. I'm an ape and I know I can…Bugger! I'm seeing stars already…

PS: Ape + Rain = One sick ape of course!

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21 March 2007

Naruto Time Again!

I finally downloaded the latest installment for the anime Naruto (let's call it season 2 episode 1~5). I've been waiting for it for a long time already…I think since December 2005 (I think so…). It was that time that I got myself a copy of Naruto's new mangga.

I was already bored with the filler and almost gave up on this series for a couple of month. It's somewhat stupid when you somehow manage to make the main character so naïve and stupid. I need blood (Sarutobi Vs Orochimaru) and I need the action (Rock Lee Vs Gaara)…that's what Naruto is all about.

For what is worth, I hope they do cut down a little bit with the flashback thingy. It's apparently driving me crazy when the action just starting to heat up. I want more action ok.

PS: I know I'm somewhat old to watch this stuff…blame me for the ape I am…


20 March 2007

Biblical Laziness

As you can see I haven't been doing my normal PPP post this month (a great relieve to some of you). I don't know why, but since moving to a new office space I have lost interest in doing so (not that I'm doing it during office hour). PPP is a good program and I'm proud of being affiliated with it. I wish that I can do more sponsored post but I'm having this lazy attitude run this couple of weeks. It seems that I enjoyed sleeping more (+ Heroes) then thinking about what to write next.

It's not just about PPP I think but it's about the existence of this blog. Maybe it's just me thinking too much or maybe it's just the Feng Shui thingy that have been taking its path on me. So am I quitting already? Do I want to run away and hide in the jungle again? For all I know, this ape is not going anywhere. Even if I bored you all with my rants I'm still going to hang around here for a while. Different priority…yes…but does an ape have priority…I doubt so.

PS: Only a biblical size banana can lure this ape to back the jungle again…nah!


19 March 2007

Waking Up Late To Reach Work 30 Minutes Early

It was kind of a normal Monday for me. I woke up late but manage no reach my office 30 minutes earlier. It's hard to explain why, but I'm doing this everyday…normally I will doze off inside the car for 10 minutes before I go to work. So how do you wake up late and still manage to reach office early?

There's no secret actually in doing so. I used to come to work late a couple of times before this. However one thing lead to another, my girlfriend got herself a new job that required her to come to work 1 hour earlier then my working hour. So…I usually wake up late (girlfriend's time frame) but still have ample time to reach my office. Great isn't it…

PS: If I compliant about this, my girlfriend would kill me…I love you dear…


18 March 2007

Wireless Setup

I didn't go anyway today. I stayed at home setting up the wireless modem that I've bought yesterday after servicing the car. It started simple in the beginning but ended as a major upgrade overall. The thing is with computers is, small changes will be amplified to a bigger change…I'm turning off the old modem for now...bye!

PS: MU won again…


17 March 2007

Car Service

Half-day working hour is the best if you are doing you R&D. You get to surf around looking for ideas and it's a non stressful working environment. However today…somehow I'm picking myself slowly to some unfinished workloads that have been haunting me this few days. I believe that I can finished it by twelve or maybe early. I have no complaint about it but somehow I'm feeling a little bit tired this week.

After work today, me and my girlfriend went a sent the car for service. It was a RM120 service and it only takes about 1 hour to complete. I and my girlfriend enjoy servicing the car for one reason…non stop supply of ice cream while waiting the car at the service center. My girlfriend and I look like a pair of kids licking away our ice cream…what a day!

PS: Yesterday car wash was a waste…the new service guy kind of smeared the car with grease all over…


16 March 2007

Friday Relax

It's quite in the office. Almost all the staff had gone to the exhibition booth. It's somewhat nice actually; we have the whole office to ourselves. We would have partied all day long but the office surveillance camera spoiled it. I guess no one wanted to create a free movie for the boss.

It's cold in the office. I like it… fewer people the colder it gets. Have to enjoy really myself in the office today…but still…I have a few things to settle…argh! No happy hour a guess. Lucky me…Happy weekends everyone.

PS: Went to send the car for a carwash today…poor chap, the birds have been hard on it lately.


15 March 2007

Why Complaint?

Maybe we humans like to complaint a lot. It's in our genetic, I think? For good or for bad, it's important for us to think first before we do. Sometimes we don't know that the person sitting next to you is hurting more. Just be considerate before you complain ok...


14 March 2007

Cost Cutting

If only Proton can implement this to their logistic, maybe we can finally see a car worth RM10,000...I doubt so...


13 March 2007

Lucky Number?

It’s kind of suck being the eldest isn’t it? Somehow you’re destined to become the “Secretary” or “Treasurer” in the family. All the work will eventually be handed to you whether you like it or not. If you’re lucky, you can also act as the benefactor to your siblings. Trust me it isn’t pretty. I just blew a grand a couple of days ago for their ignorance. Why am I not born to a wealthy family…*sigh*

Anyway I’m keeping my finger cross hoping that all my siblings will someday graduate and find a good job. Maybe they can return the favor back…I hope so…

PS: I’m thinking of trying my luck on numbers again…any lucky number?


12 March 2007

Puxaping Wireless

I have two computers at home. The first one is connected to the Internet using a modem provided with Streamyx while the other one is mainly for playing games only. Because of the nature of the modem provided with Streamyx (1 connection port only), I can't connect both computers on the Internet at the same time. It's kind of frustrating indeed when I wanted to connect both computers on Streamyx.

Now here is the best part…I got a hold of a pair of Wireless USB and wanted to try to connect both computers to share the Internet excess. I don't know whether it's possible or not. So far I manage to set the network to share folder but other then that…nada. No Internet connection at all. Can anyone help me? I surf the Internet for information and found out that I need a wireless modem. Is this true?

PS: Can an ape set an Internet wireless connection? I doubt so…


11 March 2007

After 25 Years

You must love these guys so much. There play like there is no tomorrow. They played an attacking game without thinking too much, pure instinct and a blast to see them play. Just got me thinking, how much energy do they have inside them? From the look of it, it seems that they have a nuclear power plant built inside them. Congratulation on winning the All-England guys! And for the coach, thank you very much…


10 March 2007


I must say 300 is the best movie yet to come out this year. The graphic was unbelievable that I almost wet myself (forgot to go to the toilet) looking at the details. It was like something that was truly out of the normal blockbuster league. It was refreshing and it was something new to the eye. Like “The Matrix”...it's a one time feeling where you won't get the jitter again if you see another film with the same effect.

I give it a five star. It is worth every single cent of your money. I hope I'm not too late to say this, go and watch the movie with your girlfriend…she will love it…trust me…


09 March 2007

Oh Wait! It's Friday Again

It is Friday already, seems that times flies so fast that a week feel like a day. When you like your job so much you tend to lose a grip of time. It is not wrong to do so; it's a good thing anyway. I won't say much today. I just want to wish you all a happy weekend and for those who are going to the “Together Gather”…enjoy your night…I envy you all…


08 March 2007

Want Some Pills?

I've been taking these pills prescribe by the pharmacist to get rid off some skin infections. Is not that serious but I can't stand the white spots around my neck. Before this I've been using medicated cream to try to subdue the bloody thing but it's still there and growing.

The pharmacist told me that the pill that she was giving to me doesn't need a doctor's recommendation and it is widely used for sometime now. It has a very high successful rate of helping me get rid of my infection.

Normally if it was a doctor prescribing me the medicine I won't ask any question about it. This timed around, I took the chance to check in the Internet about the pills that was given to me. True enough the pills prescribe to me was specifically for my infection. It was noted that for a 200mg pill, it wasn't necessary for me to get the doctor's approval.

One thing did make me worried for a while. Here is the side effect of taking the pills that I was talking about.

What side effects can this medication cause?

The medicine may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if either of these symptoms is severe or does not go away:

· stomach pain
· depression

Some side effects can be serious. The following symptoms are uncommon, but if you experience any of them or those listed in the IMPORTANT WARNING section, call your doctor immediately:

· rash
· hives
· itching
· difficulty breathing or swallowing
· thinking about harming or killing yourself or planning or trying to do so

A small number of patients who were taking high doses of “the medicine” for prostate cancer died soon after they began taking the medication. It is not known whether they died because of their disease or their treatment with “the medicine” or for other reasons.

The medicine may cause a decrease in the number of sperms (male reproductive cells) produced, especially if it is taken at high doses. Talk to your doctor about the risks of taking this medication if you are a man and would like to have children.

For a normal skin infection, the side effect is scaring me. Why the hell are prostate cancer patient taking it anyway? My k#k#ji@u is not having any trouble performing anyway. Decrease in number of sperms and not having children in the future?

And the best part is, thinking about harming of killing yourself or planning to do so…OMFG! Seriously…you want to cure me or kill my future. I think that I need to talk to the doctor and start using those medicated cream again…damn!

PS: I didn't disclose the name of the pills for safety reason. Some of you out there might give your boss some extra push since he lost big time on the recent market kamikaze…just joking…


07 March 2007

I'm a Bad Ape

How well do you cope with hatred? I'm not good at hiding my feelings. It's just so simple for others to see whether I'm happy or not. What is worst, my face looks like an ape that lost his banana when I'm angry. Sometimes it's good but most of the time it's just frustrating. It's a disadvantage more of a blessing for me. People are taking advantage of this weakness and I'm just stressed out by it.

I'm so jealous of people who can hide their expression and look happy when there are not. Some of them even misuse this ability to get people to do their dirty jobs. I won't go into misusing their ability more then I've said just now. What I want to know is how on earth I can train myself to control my expression so that I can manage myself and other people better. I want to be able to communicate with people without having fear of showing my true feelings. It's for a good cause and I don't go with misusing what I have.

I'm talking to myself again aren't I…?


06 March 2007


The apartment where I rent is on the 17th floor. If the lift went down it would take about 10 minutes to get down the staircase and triple that time to climb back (for a normal healthy person). Unfortunately for me, going down would take about 12 minutes…while climbing up…well, it’s not that possible for me…normally I would run out of breath on the 7th floor.

I heard about the tremors in KL caused by the earthquakes in Sumatra this morning. Scary isn’t it…especially when you are working in a tall office building. One thing about tremors is that you won’t notice it at first. You will feel dizzy at first before you realize the shaking. By the time your officemates or friends ask about it, only then you’ll realize that it was a tremor. Imagine if it was a real earthquake…you won’t even have the time to think about it at all.

It was last year when I first got the chance to taste what a tremor feel like. I was scared that I didn’t sleep well for 2 days. It was around midnight when it struck. At first I though that I was having headache. Walking straight was a problem and I almost lost my balance. The first thing that comes into my mind was food poisoning. I once had food poisoning and it felt almost…dizzy. That is when I realize that the whole building was shaking. You can confirm this by looking at your open doors. I was shaking heavily.

Me and my housemates didn’t think much and ran to the nearest staircase. It was damn scary…making my way down the staircase I felt the whole building shake. I was praying alright…It was the only thing that I can do. By the time we all reach the car park. The whole incident has stopped already. We only went back to the apartment 1hour later. I didn’t sleep after that night.

PS: Is there any gadget that can be set onto detect tremors?


05 March 2007

Monday Sunglasses

I know its Monday…I mean we'll be getting it 53 times of it this year. Minus the 10 that we have already gotten through, there only going to be 43 of it left. That doesn't even count the ones that fall on a holiday. So how bad is it going to be? Its just Monday you know, it's not even the end of the world…I hope so.

Now that its Monday, I can start trying to get myself back into my normal routine. Since I move to a new office space, things have been out of tune lately. It has been hard for me to concentrate on my work. Ah…it must be the office windows. It's just too big and the glare from outside is blinding me. Tinted or not, it's still damn hard to see the workstation monitor…aaahhh! Give me my sunglasses will you…


04 March 2007

Manchester United

I won't comment more then the result (0-1). The only thing that I can add is that the scorer was O'Shea and it was on the 90 minute. Do you think that I'm happy? Nope…I'm ecstatic! I'm enjoying the moment right now…


03 March 2007

Things Inside

My heart feels numb right now. It's a feeling you get when you are in a crisis. You can't function well and it's hard to concentrate on specific task you want to do. You feel tired all the time and you begin to imagine bad things that you might encounter. I'm scared and I don't know what to do.

I know that I take small things for granted. I never imagine these small things would accumulate into a big thing. It's hard to explain and it's hard to except the replies. I just don't know what I can do to make things better. All I want is that things would turn back to what it was.

When I open my mouth, words that come out of it simply don't reflect what goes inside my heart. I'm sorry about this flaw of mind. I'm sorry about my existence. I will try to improve and try to be there with a smile all the time. I've taken this path once and I won't take it again because it hurts me to see you like this. I'm sorry and I wish I can make you smile again…


02 March 2007

Success is Counted Sweetest

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne'er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple host
Who took the flag to-day
Can tell the definition,
So clear, of victory!

As he, defeated, dying,
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Burst agonized and clear!

I still remember this poem by Emily Dickinson like it just yesterday when I heard it. I was in form four and I was in Literature class during that time. The teacher forced all of us in class to memorize it by heart. It was an experimental class, and it was to see if the school can include English Literature in our SPM paper besides the normal English paper and 1119.

There were only a few of us inside the class. Many would end up dropping the subject by end of form four. In the end, the whole class was disbanded and the idea of having a fulltime literature class never matured. I enjoyed the class very much as it didn't have that crowded feeling during lessons. The only draw back was it had to be conducted after normal schooling session.

True as it maybe, the loser knows the meaning of victory better than the winner. When there is a winner, there will be losers. The pain of losing and the anguish of defeat will give further understanding of how deep the meaning of victory to the loser. The winner on the other hand will never know how agonizing it is to be in the losing side and he will only know of his victory and never be able to appreciate truly.

I never won anything before, and I've never been on the top position in my entire life. There are people in front of me every time and I just can't find away to surpassed them. Maybe I was destined to be the number two or maybe I was just destined to loss in life. It's hard but the harder that I try the harder, I fall.

Nevertheless I never gave up. I know somewhere in the future there will be a time for me to be in front…on the top. It's the same with everyone else. It's just a waiting game for us all here on earth. Until that day comes (I hope soon), I will cherish my understanding of “success”

PS: My girlfriend will laugh at me when she read this.../(^_^)\


01 March 2007

Reckless Motorcyclist

I just curious to know what goes inside the mind of a reckless motorcyclist. I understand that not all motorcyclists ride their bike recklessly. It is just hard to imagine why some do so. Aren't they scared of losing their life? Don't they have someone waiting them at home? What's worst is that we have a more daring reckless motorcyclist that we call “Mat Rempit”.

I and my officemates almost ran over a motorcyclist during lunch. If the car didn't stop in time, the guy would six feet underground by today. What made me and my officemates feel disgusted is that the motorcyclist didn't even stop to see if we were ok. He just took of like that.