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GSC QueensBay

I went to GSC QueensBay Mall this morning; manage to grab myself 2 pair of movie tickets from them. It was a long queue nevertheless me and my other half manage to get movie tickets for Casino Royal (at 11.30am) and Eragon (at 8.40pm) in just less than 1 hour in line.

I was actually thinking of getting myself the maximum total of free movie tickets (4 free tickets) but that wouldn’t be unfair for those who came (I saw 1 pregnant lady in line alone). It wasn’t a practical idea also wasting my holiday inside a cinema…I’m lying…

Anyway here is a question to you all out there. From all the movie that they were giving free passes, which one did you think got all taken first….Happy Feet!? Kids nowadays, they force their grandmother to queue up for them…If I became a father, I would ask them to go queue themselves…yeah right.

I have o go now…Eragon remember! I have around 20 minutes to get my sorry ass there or my girlfriend would kill me. Oh…I forgot….I should have gone to fetch her at 8…If I survive and you see a silly looking ape around GSC QueensBay this evening…just say hello to him ok…see you

PS: Will be missing 2 great match today…but what the heck!