25 September 2007

An Ape Jungle

There use to be a jungle where an ape like me can run and hide from everything. It’s a great relief when you need time to think and recuperate after a day of being chased by angry farmers. Being the ape that I am, I tend to create more problems that solving it. Let’s just say that this reaffirmed my status as an ape.

But now after 1 year, there is no place for me to go and hide myself anymore. The jungles that use to be green a thick is now levelled to a pathetic bush that can’t even hide my reddish behind from harm. Angry farmers are after me, they are shouting aloud demanding to revenge their banana that was reduced to a peel by me. It’s not my fault, it’s your fault you farmers. Wasn’t it you who burn the green away. Wasn’t it you who planted the banana tree to replace the jungle. I thought it was for me, the banana I mean.

I’m trapped in this small corner of life. My life as an ape is in the hand of those who has taken away my precious jungle. Farmers! I hate you! You tie me on the neck. You force me to renounced my wildly behaviour. You domesticated me to a low life coconut plucking ape. I hate coconut! It’s not yellow!

When the moon shines, I ask myself again and again. Should I run? This is not life, this is hell. But where can I run to? The jungle is no more and there’s only concrete to welcome me if I go. An ape like me can’t make it in there. Those metal monsters would squash me to death. But I don’t want to stay here, I want to be free. I want to blog and blogging I have been. Happy belated birthday you ape, where ever you are inside my head...

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20 September 2007

No Mour "Special One"

Jose Mourinho

The “Special One” has left Chelsea on Wednesday night. It was coming in such a way but I can’t believe that the match against Rosenborg would be his last. I’m not a Chelsea fan but I do have great respect for the man. I just wish he would stay until the match against United. So were would he go after this? Would he be tempted to guide a team playing in the EPL?

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19 September 2007


Will it be the same? I don’t know? Maybe all our questions about tomorrow lay in us to answer. So far it isn’t easy at all. We argue, but after that we just continue with our life as usual. I got used to it, aren’t we all?

The more I step forward; the more I see the bad in me. I didn’t choose it to be this way. It came with time and I just let it take over. Maybe I’m destined to be the person I am, a life script waiting to be shoot.

It’s almost one year and I’m back here again, the point where it all started. Not much has change. It’s just dusty and such…