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Yesterday Summary

Again, thanks to my wisdom tooth I woke up very early. It was dark and gloomy and for a while I was thinking of going to bed again...

Last night I manage to revive my pc once again. This time it was one of the ram that was bothering my system stability. Guess everything is falling apart one by one. Can’t blame the poor ram, it was of course an sdram (a dinosaur in age). I almost forgot to tell you all…the living room pc also died a couple of days before. If you see me blogging strangely…that’s me using my handphone.

Have you heard the news yet? Henrik Larsson scored on his debut for United …and they are still in the FA Cup run…it’s a pity that he will be at Old Trafford for only 10 weeks. I hope that he will score a lot of goals for MU.

The monsoon rains have been creating some bad news for use Malaysian. Hopefully it will end soon because there is already a lot of bad news this New Year. Is there any good news anyway?