31 December 2006

Happy New Year 2007!

Being with family during New Year eve is the best. Happy New Year 2007 everyone!


30 December 2006

Rainy Day

Extremely tired with a little tiny fever now. So what did I do today?

(1) It was raining, so me and my girlfriend watch animax all morning. We didn't go to the church for the wedding because it.

(2) Went to Pekan Ranau at 1pm for a round and came back at 4pm.

(3) Went to the wedding dinner at 6.30pm and came back at 9pm.

(4) Watch Asia AmazingRace...Tommorow will be along journey home


29 December 2006

Ranau Pitstop

Landed at Kota Kinabalu terminal 2 airport at 9.50am today. After a
terrible night at LCCT and a 2hour 50minute flight, I have to face
another 3hour journey to Ranau. Almost fainted because of lack of
sleep. By 2.55pm me and my girlfriend finally reach her hometown. It
was raining that afternoon. Went and eat mee rojak that my girlfriend
recommended. It was very good and I plan to go there again tommorow. I
will be here in Ranau until the 31st before I head back to Penampang
(my hometown). For the time being I will be staying and attending a
wedding here. Just say it is a field trip for me and my girlfriend.
Anyway here I am at bed after not having a proper sleep and rest for
24hour. PS: I'm blogging tonight using my Nokia 3220 with Mobile


Hotel LCCT

Ok I'm here at LCCT. My connecting flight to Kota Kinabalu will be at
7am morning. Yes! I'm feeling very "lucky" that I have to
chance to stay here for the night…yah sure…

The chairs/bench here at LCCT is unfriendly for travelers that have
connecting flight especially like me. I tried lying on my back just
now and it hurts so much. So where actually does someone like me get
nap around here, the floor?

I'm feeling very tired now. I think the floor is the only option for
me now. I just have to find a nice corner to doze off… zzz….zzz…zzz


28 December 2006

Goodbye Penang

This is my last day here in Penang for this year. No, I’m not leaving Penang for good but only until next year. I will be on leave starting tomorrow. My flight to KL will depart tonight.

I just hope I can beat the traffic from my office back to my apartment this afternoon. For your information, I’m still working today. I should have taken the day off but I didn’t. Why, you ask me? Well I’m just too stingy to use my available leave; I’m saving some for special occasion.


PS: I will try to update daily using my Nokia...Hopefully with pictures inside...


Mobile blogging

I manage to install Opera Mini in my lousy Nokia 3220 handphone. Now I can post my ape rants from my handphone…yup! Anyway it’s to slow for my liking. But still nice considering that I can keep blogging while I'm away from home. I'm going back to my hometown soon.


27 December 2006

Blame It On The IT Guy

The office Internet line went down, actually part of it only. It started during lunchtime when I wanted to surf the Internet. The Google search engine is still there but I can't go past beyond that. It either loads very slow or totally inaccessible. The funny thing is I still can surf into unfamiliar website. What's happening actually?

Maybe it's the IT department playing god again. I know they can see what we do online. It must be them alright. They got nothing better to do then snoop inside people's computer in the office. Maybe they can read this post through the server. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year noobs... Just don't go snooping around too much ok.

PS: I will upload this post when they finish with whatever their doing...

Update: PPS was accessible and I saw a lot of people complaining about slow Internet connection. Found out that the earthquake that hit Taiwan had somehow screw our international Internet lines. You can read it here


Anime Insomnia

I'm in the office and I feel very sleepy right now (bugger). I didn't do anything last night except for the "anime thingy." Ok I sleep around 2am this morning, blame me... I was watching Bleach (episode 107)...It sucks. How can the main character turn so week? I mean where's the hidden super power? I was like…huh? Ichigo (the hero) look so weak against the bad guy. I guess that happen if you don't train yourself anymore (^_^) Anyway I'm waiting for episode 110. Rumors have been going around telling that the filler episode (Bontou) is going to finish soon and episode 110 will be the mangga continuation. That's what I heard…so don't beat me if I'm wrong…please…

Now that I've told you about my passion towards anime, some of you out there might ask why an old geezer like me is still attracted to cartoon. Well, I grew up reading Dragon Ball comics. Maybe that's why I'm attracted to anime. Who knows, maybe it's just me refusing to let go of the fact that I'm an adult already. Are you in the same boat as me?

PS: Less then 4 days more to go…


26 December 2006

Car Stuff

Started working today after the long break. Seems everything is back to normal in the office. Some familiar faces are still MIA. Nevertheless the work are already accumulating fast…I need to finish up by the 28th because I'm going back to Sabah that night.

Anyway someone in the office ask me about cars. I have one but I don't really know anything about it. Maintaining? I let the service center do that for me. Break downs? I call the mechanic to do the repairing. Renew my car insurance? My car agent does that for me. Speeding? Sorry but that one I leave it to you to decide.

I've been paying my car loan for almost two years now and no one told me about car refinancing. I'm not sure if I'm eligible, but it's a good thing if I can save a few Ringgit by doing so. Looking at the way the economy is, every single cent count.


Butterflies + Wine + Ostrich

The other day I went to join an online Photoshop contest. I didn't manage to get anything from the contest but it got me thinking about the possibility of wining anything in an international level. As Internet becomes accessible to everyone around the world, there isn't any boundary anymore to prevent any one to compete with each other… it's just like online gaming…sure…

Anyway the whole contest went around a month with a task given each week. I only join in during the second week. Hope you like it…


25 December 2006

Blue + Merry Christmas

As my pet fish turns one year today (I bought ‘blue’ last year in KL during Christmas) I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I know in less then hour from now everything would come to and end. Yes it’s going to be December 26th…It’s all over and there’s nothing that we can do except say goodbye to Christmas…

All that anticipation, all that waiting…was it worth it? Yes…It was worth it. Now comes the hard part of it…it will be one more year till Christmas again. I really don’t know if I can wait that long again…

PS: and a Happy New Year….


24 December 2006

Dear mom and dad

Dear mom and dad,

I won't be coming back to celebrate Christmas with you guys again this year. It's not my will to do so because I really miss you all a lot. I would give anything that I have to be with you guys right now. I was trying to call you both, but my handphone ran out of airtime a few minutes ago. It's true about prepaid handphone, it just not that reliable. It's my fault also for not being aware of the need to top up my handphone during festive season. Anyway, I would try call you guys after tonight's mass. It wouldn't be nice to call you both during service isn't it?

I had forgotten the last time when we all as a family celebrated Christmas together. Nevertheless I still remember when we all try to dress up nicely even thought we were not rich. Did you both remember how my face looks like when you guys ask me to wear last Christmas clothes? I'm sorry for being a jerk mom, dad.

I love both of you so much and no matter where I am now I would never forget the love and patience you guys gave to me.

Merry Christmas mom and dad

Your son,


23 December 2006


The wind flows into the faded colors of the landscape. My memories are softly brought back to life. Every though I travel this familiar road, there’s no turning back. The first lie, the final words… The promises from that day have now fallen, broken, to the ground. A piece of those violent and fleeting memories… But, even if we wake up from the dreams we both see together, there’s no way I’ll ever forget these feelings. My memories of those days are only growing stronger, even now.

Eureka opening


22 December 2006

Friday Again

In a few minutes I will be going back as usual...Not! Its Friday and you know what it means...Jam time! It's been like this for a long time already and it's getting worse everyday. Just hope that nothing happens on the bridge today. A stall car there would mean you'll be getting back home early...Early in the morning to precise! (Prai area)

Last time (Nov 24) when two trailers crashed on the bridge during Friday, it caused all traffic going out of Penang island to stop to a standstill. I manage to reach home around 9pm and saw the whole commotion last until 1.30am in the morning. The crashed trailer was cleared around 2pm, but the chain reaction caused by the accident resulted in more car breaking down and more traffic jam. Anyway that was last time, we will see what happen today.

So what can we do to avoid such things? Nothing much actually... It's either you go to find a place to rest and wait for it to settle down (not that effective enough) or, try your luck see whether you can reach home by tomorrow...

If you are interested in watching traffic jam, there is a live snapshot feed of Penang bridge here.

PS: One good advice that I can give to you here is not to drink too much before going back home on Friday. You also need to have an empty bottle stash inside your car. It might save your life...Have a good weekends


21 December 2006

Blue Monday

I've just realized that I have to express all those things I could never say before to you...Those things that you told me back then, and those things that I believe in now. Maybe I'm in over my head...Isn't this just a little too high? Is this all right? Am I okay? Am I really going to make it throught this?

Back when I was little, I looked up at the sky. The sky was so vast. I truly thought that I could protect my loved ones with these hands. "Why am I not getting any taller?" I asked myself. It was so hard to bear. No matter how many times I streched my hand out, there was no chance that it would make it across that wide, wide sky. But I never doubted anything. I believed in a beautiful future. When the hard times came up, I couldn't fight back against the big, big tears.Althought I think my eyes were glittering more than anything, back then.

Eureka Seven Blue Monday Ep01


Renewable Energy Anyone?

We were exposed to renewable energy in science class during our younger days. I remember the science teacher talking about wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy on and on in class like it was going to replace crude oil soon. It hasn't and crude oil is still affecting the world economy and political decisions today. Why?

Is renewable energy good enough to replace crude oil? Why hasn't anyone try to commercialize this type of energy before? Why are we teaching our children about it when we depend so much on crude oil? There's little awareness about it and not much publicity being done. Yes there's Petronas, Shell and the Government but still it's only on the educational side of it. Where is the R&D and development?

When it was announced that Malaysia will be the hub for biodiesel (alternative fuel) development, I rally was ecstatic. Imagine planting fuel to run your car… Maybe I can plant a palm tree at my backyard and fuel my car using it? That would be interesting…

But then again this came up. So where are we actually heading at? Can't biodiesel be use to generate electricity? Is it to expensive to run compare to the “other” energy?

Anyway I leave you all with a couple of video clips to kick start your imagination on how renewable energy can actually benefit us…

PS: Does anyone know what happen to the “Just add water” car?


20 December 2006

ISO Paperwork

Have you ever saw people being edited for ISO 9000 (ISO Paperwork)? It’s a total disaster from start to end. I can say that it isn’t easy organizing and keeping tab of everything at the same time. It all about paper work and it’s extremely hard. Imagine if you misplace some important document and forgot to file it under ISO 9000? Your future could end in the dust bin.

You know what, maybe a person life is also like that. Let’s say he dies and went to heaven to be judge by God… I always think that soul are judged in heaven so that when they go to hell they would feel miserable because they got a glimpse of heaven… The first thing God will ask of him is…Where is your report? Followed by…Is it ISO 9000 certified? If not you’re banish to hell…ha ha ha

We try to get organized to make things simpler for us to do. Nevertheless in the end, the thing that supposed to make things simpler becomes the thorn in your flesh. Eventually it will be the barrier between you and success. Well…maybe for some of us only…

PS: 5 days and counting…


19 December 2006

The Old Ford Pickup

When I was 13 years old my father sold his Toyota Corolla and bought and old Ford pickup truck. It was old and green in color and I swear it look more like a dinosaur then a vehicle. The noise that came out of the engine bay sounded more like a tractor then a pickup. It was ugly and I was simply ashamed of it. I would rather take the bus to town and walk 1km to school then be seen inside that pickup.

One day the pickup truck broke down and had to be sent to the workshop. My father had to fork out almost RM500 just to get the timing belt replace. Spare parts for an old Ford pickup wasn't that easy to find. Sometimes it would take a whole week to look for small parts. This visit to the workshop would continue for a few times before my father had the engine replace. I think replacing the engine was the best thing that my father did to the pickup truck. Even thought it look like a dinosaur, for once I wanted to drive it. I didn't go beyond 10km/h because I didn't have a license and I was only spinning around near my home.

Eventually the old pickup truck gave up on us. My father never found the parts to replace the gearbox and abandoned the idea of getting it fix. He left the care in front of our house and it's been lying there for years. I ask my father why he bought the particular pickup truck and why he didn't sell the thing to the scrap yard. He told me that the pickup truck brings a lot of memory to him and that before I was born he use to own that Ford pickup truck....

PS: I still can see the pickup in front of my parents house until today. I did a search using Google Earth and you know what, I can still see it...


18 December 2006

Teh Tarik + Luulumbo + Nuke

It's almost 5pm and I'm very sleepy now. Thanks to last night match (ahhhhh!) I'm now totally blank. Need refueling soon because after this I'm going to Bukit Jambul for a game of futsall. Sleepy, sleepy and triple sleepy.

Now this morning I saw in The Star newspaper saying that our "Bolehnout" won't be doing the "Teh Tarik King" stunt in space. They also won't provide any roti canai for him. Instead he will be doing some test in space designed by 10 universities, institutes of higher education and government science agencies.

Ever wonder why they didn't explain to us earlier. It's amazing how they keep quite and absorb all the complaints. Anyway it's over now, I hope the test would bring positive things for Malaysia.

Also on today's news is the death of Luulumbo the whale. The story itself wasn't the main point I was attracted to the article, it was the picture. I can say that the Pulau Gaya villagers in the pictures are all illegal immigrant. Most of the inhabitants living in Pulau Gaya are PTI (Pendatang Tanpa Izin) and they made Pulau Gaya as their own. I don't know why, but nobody seems to care about their existence.

Lastly but not least is the nuclear power agenda. Do you really think it would be "OK" for us to even try using nuclear power? One wrong step and it would be catastrophic. Isn't there anyway we can generate power? Can't biodiesel from palm oil provide such alternative? Wouldn't it be nice to plant and grow renewable energy? Anyway that's my opinion, I know that they only want the best for us all (hopefully).

PS: Hope it doesn't rain teh tarik this evening...


Reaching 100

I didn't realize that when I posted “Going Back” on December 10th it was already my 100th blog post. I started blogging way back September this year (wasn't that long actually) on my birthday. I thought about doing one for a long time but being the person I am, I wanted it to be perfect in all ways. That's why I started doing so at 27. Pretty old for a newbie huh…

Anyway you can say that I'm some sort of perfectionist. When I want to do something I want it to be perfect, if not I will start all over again. It isn't fun actually being like this, it's exhausting. Sometimes I would do one thing at work a couple of time before I actually feel good about it. Smack my head for doing so… I got to loosen up a bit. That's what I'm trying to do here inside this blog of mind. However until today, I think I failed miserably. As you can see, there is still trace of me trying to be perfect. Just look at how I arranged things here.

I tried but I still can't run away from the fact that I am what I am supposed to be. Maybe one day I would break this habit of mind but until then, I just have to adapt myself the best I can to my surrounding. I hope that I won't bore you all with my antics; it is just me being stupid as always. Happy weekdays everyone, wish you all good lucks on whatever you do.

PS: West Ham defeated MU last night. You can imagine how sad I am today…


16 December 2006

The Waiting Game

I have been having this urge to buy a new computer. The one that I'm using now is somewhat old already. I thought of either getting a Dell desktop computer or an Acer laptop. All this depends on my small budget of course. I really don't need a supercomputer; my interest in playing computer game has worn-out. It's only for surfing the and “downloading” stuff…he he he

To this day, one tiny thing has been holding me from doing so, Vista. You know…the replacement for Windows XP. They promise to launch it in the middle of this year, but do to some technical problem it was postponed until early next year. Microsoft main argument was that some hardware still can't fully support the operating system.

True enough there wasn't any graphic card that can support DX10 during that time. Apparently Window Vista needed DX10 for its fancy "Aero" effect in desktop. Now Nvidia have rolled out its DX10 graphic card the 8800 Series. Microsoft better not gives any excuses to delay their Vista anymore.

I heard about Core 2 Duo processor from Intel but it's too expensive. Can anyone tell me the next best thing after Core 2 Duo?


15 December 2006

10 More Days


14 December 2006

Running Myself Over

Do you like to shout, honk and show the "finger" at bad/dangerous/remput driver on the road...I don't blame you because they really deserve you "kind" intention. It's their fault for being an a##hole+selfish and they were asking for it. They should be put into retirement permanently. Take away their licenses and their car. Don't even let them set their foot on the road because they might "run you over."

Yesterday I almost got run over by a motorcycle. However this time instead of him being on the receiving end, it was me (honk-honk!). Have you ever experience a really bad driving day where you just kept doing silly mistake on the road? I did and I realize that everyone come face to face with it once in a while. I was shocked and also my girlfriend. Fatigue and emotion could be the culprit. Sure enough with the traffic jams and work stress my body and mind wasn't working together well enough for me. I went and took a rest from driving after my girlfriend asks me to do so.

Anyway that's me. I won't tell you to stop what you do best at errand drivers. If they deserve it just give it to them. Hopefully you would be saving their lives.

PS: Don't even think about Mat Remput...useless...


13 December 2006

Asimo Blooper

Just when you think that "they" would replace us all in the future, Asimo saves the day. Too think that this robot cost a fortune to develop. Humans make mistake, so do Asimo.

PS: Where's the banana peel?


12 December 2006

Loosing My Mind Again!

I feel hopeless and I just want it all to stop. There's no one to blame, it's just that this life haven't been good to everyone. If life's is like a computer I would have push the reset button, a long time ago. It's so easy to mess things up just like your operating system (sanity). Viruses, spam, garbage, download and whatever stuffs that just screw up your computer. Life is like that. Too many uninvited things that can make you unhappy. Believe me it sucks!

If only life's come in a simple package, that would be nice. Straight forward and nothing to cover, all bare just like it was supposed to be. Is there any place like Heaven here on earth...I think that's the only place that we can go for something like this? However by the time I die, there's nothing pure about my soul to go to heaven. Thanks to this life! Tell me that you never sin before...You're lying to yourself if you say never.

I'm losing my sanity...Better stop here...


11 December 2006

Just Another Day

I've been doing some artwork design during my free time. Just to share with you guys...

PS: My rss feed is still acting strange. I've been having this problem since moving to Beta Blogger. It has to do with my post time...


10 December 2006

Going Back

I haven't been posting for a while now. My mind wasn't working properly for this couple of days (lazy), maybe because it's December already. Christmas is around the corner unfortunately. I haven't been celebrating Christmas with my family since 1998, this year it will be the same. Nevertheless I will be back for New Years eve. It will be a surprise... I have not yet told any one in the family that I will be coming. For those who are in the dark, I'm going back to Sabah.

I will start my journey back on the 28th. On that day I will take a flight (Airasia) from Penang to LCCT. The flight from LCCT to Sabah will take off the next day, hence I will be hanging around LCCT for the night. Trying to sleep there is hopeless, the chairs will break your back into two. They should consider using the same chairs as the one in KLIA.

It's an early flight, I will reach KK in the morning. I'm going to spend a few days in Ranau (important mission) before returning home to Penampang (my hometown) on the 31st. I wanted to bring something for my family but financially, going back for New Year is the only present that I can give them.

On 3rd January I will be back here in Penang again. It's kind of a short holiday isn't it, but thinking about it I'll will be going this year and coming back next year...


09 December 2006


Since Intel came up with Core 2 Duo, AMD have been trying to regain some position in the CPU performance chart. But this is way beyond conventional. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is: the 4x4 Quad FX platform, with dual-socket Direct Connect architecture for enthusiasts. Slap in two dual core processor and you get 4 core. Logically it beats Intel Core 2 Duo (2 core only) but the thing is, Intel already came up with a quad core processor...To late AMD (Tomshardware)

(Image taken from Tomshardware)

PS:Who Needs Two Processors And Four Cores Anyway?


08 December 2006

The Key


07 December 2006

I'm Trying It

As you can see, I'm beginning to slow down (lazy again) on my writing here. I will try to do something else instead. Maybe some pictures and video I guest. Writing is fun actually considering that I suck in English when I was in school. But I'm trying to polish my artistic and creativity side (my lazy excuse). That's why you'll be seeing a lot of pictures here.

Anyway there have been some problems (again) with Beta that made me think twice before posting anything. I'll let you know what the problem is when I have time to look into it. To be on the safe side, I'm already backing up some of my blog post incase something really awful happen...

Some say it is easy...Some say it might be hard...Can bloging earn you something? I'll guest I will be looking into it soon then I expected. I know last time I said that I won't be trying to make money here. Shame on me...

PS: Will there be snow this Christmas?


06 December 2006

Benfica Again!

It could have been an easy road for Manchester United. However do to some unwanted result, we have to wait until this morning to know the outcome. Will the march forward, will they fall onto their knees again. It is up to them to decide, we all can only watch on the telly and pray.

It's a home game and that is a plus for us. Hopefully the crowds hunger would be pleased with a high quality performance. I would not comment a lot about this game because I'm not that familiar with Benfica. My prediction for the game; Manchester United 2 Benfica 0

PS: Hope Rooney will score tonite...


~ Manchester United 3 Benfica 1


05 December 2006

Thank You

PS: Having problem viewing my new blog layout using Microsoft Internet Explorer? Try using Mozilla Firefox


04 December 2006

Moving On

It turns out that a lot of other rss feed are going crazy, it's not just me. Hopefully it will be dealt with soon. For the time being I'm still blogging, well actually only within my computer's hardisk. Have to wait a little bit more for things to clear out.

I think that I should update my blog's look. Whenever I look at it I feel down. I hate that, it doesn't help if your blog looks are making you sick. No wonder I've feeling week nowadays. I think it's the color...Greenish puke colors...Yuck! Why did I choose it in the first place? Hmm...Maybe because of the "pull" thing...Yup!...I'm a sucker alright...Going for fancy-fancy things when simple is more..."Art is about taking out the unnecessary..."did you know who said that?

I should be going now...It's about time to go back...The traffic jams here in Penang have become such a nuisance since QueensBay Mall open its door on the 1st December. I went there on the 2nd...Maybe I'll let you know about it tomorrow...Bye

PS: Don't ever forget to bring a large bottle especially during heavy traffic jam. I would be useful, believe me...


03 December 2006


Somehow I messed up something when migrating to Blogger Beta. Every time when I publish a new post using Beta, my rss feed would do something crazy. The first thing that I notice was the double rss feed for 1 post. One with the correct time post and the other with a false one. The other thing I notice was my rss feed wasn't showing a clear feed...Some of the feed are in html language...Bugger!

Because of this complication, I would be turning off my rss feed for a while. It doesn't matter much because only a handful of you there who read my blog regularly...If there's any...*Sigh* Anyway I would continue posting here...If not I would save my post and publish it when everything comes back to normal...Sorry for the inconvenience...

PS: I read somewhere that when you stop blogging for a long time you Google Search rank would go tumbling down...


02 December 2006

Beta Blogger

I change my normal Blogger account into Blogger Beta today. I've been itching to try out the new function inside Beta especially the drag and drop function. I have been holding onto the old Blogger account because, when you migrate to Beta there is no turning back...*blink-blink* you know what I mean don't you...

Anyway the drag and drop function was there but it wasn't fully developed. It's fun to use but after a while you're left wanting more. Hopefully when they fully develop Blogger Beta there won't be any short outcome anymore.

Yah...yah...I'm complaining about a free service, I know..Sorry...(^.^) he he he...I also found something nice inside Beta. Now you can categorize you post inside Beta...Nice huh...Its old news you say. Nah... It doesn't matter...Thank you Blogger

PS: and that is the ending of my filler post..


01 December 2006

Just Black

Have a good weekend \(^.^)/