30 November 2006

The Disorder

I have been having this splitting headache for the last couple of days. Feels like something hatching inside my head and pushing my brains out (if I got any). The next time I sneeze I will be sneezing brain matter out of my nose. Seriously, it hurts so much that I can feel the blood pumping into my head. Sometimes if needed, whacking my head a few times brings some sort of relief to me. But then again after a few minute, it would come again terrorizing me like a "Scottish Terrier."

As a result, I have not been enjoying my daily routine. I cannot watch TV, I cannot use the computer for too long and I cannot do my office work properly. I have been going to the toilet more often just to keep myself awake. Washing my face with cold water can last me for an hour or two. One thing I notice is that I'm still eating normally (I am still alive and kicking). If not it would be catastrophic for me, I cannot imagine myself avoiding food (foods are my friend). It would not be a normal thing for me to do…nah! Actually I really need to diet down. But having a headache as a diet pill is not really a good thing. It is free but it hurt (o_O)!

I called my girlfriend telling her about my headache just now. I told her that it is causing me a lot of trouble; I cannot do any work at all. You know want she told me; you are just being lazy dear (o_O)! I told her it was not like that and the pain is real.

Upon interrogating me more she made a conclusion, it’s a common sickness in Malaysia. Her workplace has loads of people showing the same symptoms... You’re having the UP disorder… It’s a pattern of denial behavior resulting from the inability to except increase in 1) Petrol Price 2) Electric Bills 3) Water Bills 4) Tolls…

She was right for once (o.O)…No more pain…


29 November 2006

Fergie's Fledglings

What's left of Fergie's Fledgeling

This is the only reason I'm still with Manchester United. The original six consist of David Beckham, the Neville Brothers, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs. They were Sir Alex Ferguson's replacement for Mark Hughes, Paul Ince and Andrei Kanchelskis during that time.

"You'll win nothing with kids" I still remember when TV pundit Alan Hansen said that. Nevertheless we all know what happen in the end.

PS: I really am not impressed with Cristiano Ronaldo...Such a primadona. Anyway, I hope MU will overcome Everton this morning. 2 goals for Mu, that's my prediction...how about you?


28 November 2006

Homeless Spider

Just now I open up my pc to see whether some cleaning is needed. It was dusty alright and it was housing a few spiders inside. Sad to say, they are homeless now. Annoying isn’t it when your pc accumulate so much dust in so little time. I guest the recent haze had something to do with accelerating the whole process. No wonder my pc fan sounded like Van Hailen

PS: Everything is going up…even my temperature. Feels like skipping office tomorrow. I hope its nothing.


27 November 2006

Ma Look What I Found.

I was browsing Gurney Drive with Google Earth when I found something unique near Gurney Plaza. Somehow Google’s satellite manage to take a picture of a plane passing by Gurney Drive. If you don’t believe me go have a look. Nice huh!


26 November 2006

Me and Myself

It feels frustrating when at the end of the month you're left with no money at all to spend. You try to save but somehow something important would come up and you have to part with your money prematurely. Try as you may, there is just not enough to go around especially for the things that you love doing.

Waking up this morning with a bitter taste in my mouth wasn't a good way to start the day with. Didn't have any breakfast this morning because there was no sugar for the coffee and no bread nor fresh egg to munch down. I went to church with an empty stomach nevertheless. At least my soul got something to chew down for the moment. Halfway through the mass, I began fantasizing things that I wanted for Christmas. You know, the things that I would never get from other people because it is too expensive or to plain stupid to ask for.

How I hate Sunday. I just don't like it when I have a lot of time to think about my problems.

I hope you guys out there had a good day. With God willing tomorrow will be a good day for us all…

PS: I wish the rain would stop soon or else, I can't go to the mamak stall to watch tonight's football match.


25 November 2006

Red vs Blue

( Image taken from www.manutd.com)

Manchester United vs Chelsea
Sunday 26 November 2006 Midnight, Old Trafford

Blood, sweat and tears…this is a game worth ending the year with. No more can we say that it doesn’t matter if either side win or loose. This is now, not like last year where one side was leading in a distance. Winning this match will be the key to retaining or winning the Premiership League…

Head to head at the top of the table, raring to stand tall again after falling to their knees from their last match. Both teams know that this is a must for them… Failing is not and option… A draw will be ‘a slap in the face’ for their fans… Either way… For both camp supporters, this is as orgasmic as it could be for the remainder of this year game… So what are you waiting for… guess who will win this match.

puxape prediction
~It will be a decisive goal that would determine the winner in this bout. A single lethal blow from that ‘special one’ will bring the opposite side to down to it knees yet again. Who will it be? Rooney…Drogba…? Well I am with the reds you know…

~A draw and again Ronaldo was sleeping on the jod...Goals by Saha (29) and Carvalho (69)


24 November 2006

Ice Cream & Reality Show

I don't really like reality show. The first Malaysian Idol was the only reality program that I follow through. I only did that because of Jaclyn Victor. She was phenomenal....Especially during the finals.

Somehow last night, I manage to get a glimpse on Cornnetto "Love Perhaps" finals. The main prizes were 2 Mitsubishi cars and a year supply of Cornnetto ice cream!...I repeat that...A year supply of Cornnetto ice cream!...ha...ha...ha...I hope Hon and Shree got a big fridge at home...

Enough already about the ice cream, let’s talk about the show. At first there was the spitting incident...I really can't blame Arthur for getting angry. Spitting on other people's name isn't fun... It's disgraceful. Anyway Derrick did apologize...

At the end, Hon did one thing that I never have expected from the show...keeping the prize for himself and not sharing it with Hannah...OMG! This dude is for real. As for Shree, she shared her prize with Darren. Seem that a relationship is on its way for them...Congrats to them.

As for Joy and Arthur, they didn't win anything. But I think without them It wouldn't be a show...Hope they got something in line...

For the rest...Good luck...

PS: MU against Chelsea...That's what I call reality show...It will be a great game...Trust me...


23 November 2006

Blame It on Mother Nature

38 more days and you can say bye bye to 2006. Yes surely it zoom pass us in a blink of an eye. I heard many complaints from people around me saying that they were just getting use to 2006 and now it is coming to an end. Strange enough I didn't really remember much what I did this year...I blame myself for that.

Thinking hard about it, I've made a conclusion...I think Mother Nature had duped us all into believing that we actually went through a full year. Spinning wildly on her axis she manages to take a couple of minute each day from us. Add it all up; we might have lost a few days from this year. No wonder I've been feeling tired all year, I've been having less sleep then usual...Then again less work...

Recent earthquakes might have played an important role into Mother Nature’s biding. It's like a kick start for her to go faster. Climate changes and frequent storms hitting the US is the side effect of this great big scheme. Very soon our digital watches would be useless and the sun would idiotically rise at 3am in the morning. Nice huh...Don't think it wouldn't be possible, just look at the current situation now...It's already dark around 6pm...

Paranoid…I think not…

PS: This is a lame excuse from an ape that didn’t manage to achieve any of his resolution this year…blame me…


22 November 2006

11 Gurney Drive

If you find yourself at Gurney Drive Penang, try looking for this odd looking-building. 11 Gurney Drive, that's what they call it. Seem very intrusive to the surrounding area. But somehow just manage to blend itself to the building next to it (Gurney Hotel).

The architecture looks simple enough for everyone to describe, tall and boxy. Strange enough, the design of the building reflect number 1 not 11. Maybe during the early stages of designing they really wanted 2 blocks. Exclusive? I think so...Mind you these areas around Gurney Drive are considered prime...for now.

Architecturally if not for the massive size of the building, the overall look would have been a total failure. You can say it resembles a medium cost flat if it was smaller in scale. I think the architect was brave enough to take a plain design and magnified the whole thing. The foundation (podium) was marvelously done. Sacrificing a few units and elevating the building from the podium eliminates the “over crowded” feeling on the road level of the building thus making space for recreational purposes. Imagine if the whole building structure comes down to the podium level...yikes!

Anyway Gurney Drives is not all about the tall apartments, offices and hotels. Before all that, lay a place where families and friends can come together and enjoy the sea breeze and view.

It is sad that all this will be swept away by progress in the future...


21 November 2006

I'm Sorry Dear...


20 November 2006

Dear Micheal Koneal

I got this scam e-mail a few days ago...

This is how I replied him...

Dearest One,

how are you and your health that matter most to me? is good writing you today, however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour against your will. I am Micheal Koneal, 19 years old boy and the only son and child of the parents Chief Mr.and Mrs. Koneal, my father Chief Emmanuel, was a highly reputable Gold miner in Ivory coast during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously ealy this year in after his last business trips to Holland. though his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by my uncle who travelled with him at that time. but God knows the truth!

Hello Michael,

I’m sorry to hear your misfortune dear friend. It seems that God loves your father so much that he wanted him to join your mother in heaven as soon as possible. I know that you are young Michael, and it is appropriate enough for you to accuse your uncle after watching too many ‘ALIAS’ series. But the truth is, accusing someone without any proof can land you a free ticket to jail. So be careful about what you say my friend.

my mother died when I was just 7 years old,and since then my father took me so special. Before his death he called me at the hopital told me that he deposited the sum of Seven million,Five hundred Thousand United State Dollars. (USD$7.500.000) in a sucpence account in one of the leading Bank here in Abidjan Ivory coast West Africa.

Your father loves you so much my friend hence the money that he left to you. I hope it’s real because sometimes when people are near to their end, they will talk a lot of bullshit…Anyway if it’s true, why use an account from Ivory Coast? You father should have deposited the money in a Swiss account in the first place. It would be easier and safer for you to claim it when you’re old enough.

he further told me that he deposited the money with my name as the next of kin to the money, I am just 19 years old and really don't know what to do. now acording to the bank director he told me that i will need an account overseas where I can transfer this money into because of the nature of the depsoted.

You’re so lucky my friend. That’s USD 7.5 mil…sweet!

dear, I have suffered a lot of set backs ever since i lost my beloved parents and my life is not safe as an orphan boy because of the incessant political crisis here in Ivory coast and family problems that make me to runaway from my late fathers house and hid in one local hotel for the safety of my life from the hand of my wicked uncle that kill my father and some other family member that are after my life because of this money.

I understand your trouble my friend. But you still accuse your uncle without proof. You should blame it on your late father for being stupid enough to name you as the sole receiver for money. He should have divided the money equally among your family members. Now you are in deep shit my friend. Just to ask you, why are you spending all your money on paying hotel bills? You should have gone to the authority for shelter.

the death of My father actually brought sorrow and set back back in to my life, dear, I am in a sincere desire of your urgent assistance to help me in the name of God to start my new happy life again with you in your country. dear,your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded, please permit me to tell you what i want you to do for me.

Why me my friend? Are your ordering me now!

1. you will help me to negotiate for lucrative and profitable investment where the money will be invested wisely,as you know that I am just a Little boy and don't have investment knowledge.

I doubt I can help you my friend. I don’t know anything about investing money. All I do is buy 4D if I want to invest. I’m sure that there's a lot of qualified people out there who can help you. For your information, you are already 19 years old my friend. You are not eligible to say that you are a ‘Little Boy’ anymore when you are already old enough to shag.

2. you will help me to secure a permanent residential permit in your country, for me to come over and continue my education while you will be taken care of the investment that will set up by you.

Do you really want to come to Malaysia my friend? Haven’t you read the news lately? Bodies are being blown to bits over hear. I think you should reconsider your plan to live and study here my friend. Otherwise, you uncle would have an easier task taking care of you.

I am ready to give you 15% of the total money after the money has been susessfully transfer in to your account in your country for your assistance and 5% for any expenses that you have done if any occur during the process of transfer is it okay by you?. Please,Consider this and get back to me as soon as possible. through my priavte email address michealkoneal@yahoo.com

Thank you so much.

My sincere regards,


That’s so kind of you my friend. 20% from USD 7.5mil is too much. You better donate the money to WWF. It is better that the Orangutan and Rhinos are taken care of….duh!

Sorry to say but I don’t believe you my friend. I think that you are just taking advantage of me and hope that the $$$money will blind my sense of judgment. Money doesn’t come easy my friend, that’s what I learn from life. You better take my advice and try to confirm with your Ivory Coast bank is there’s any…

And Michael, I hope your uncle will get you soon…

Yours sincerely


PS: If you want to, you can send your own version of replies to this so called “Little Boy”.


19 November 2006

Sunday Rants

I'm worried about the future. Will I have a job tomorrow? Will I have someone to take care of me? Will I have a shelter to protect me from the sun and rain? I'm sure a lot of you out there feel the same as I am.

I look around me and I see a lot of people complaining that there is just not enough opportunity for them to move on. Small and big companies are feeling the pitch of uncertainty in their future. The number of fish in the pond have drastically drop down, and they are a lot more fish hook that haven't yet have the chance to catch any fish.

As the competitions become more intense there a bound to be loser. This loser's have workers that depend on them. This worker's have family to feed, children to support and every little decision that is taken on the top will give a deeper effect down the line. Blame it on globalization…I think not.

So what can we do? It is just not fair to see one of us falling after what we have to put through. It seems that all we can do know is swallow the bitter pills and waits for our turn.

Crises make people strong and when it comes, take one step at a time. I just hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


18 November 2006

Puxape Prediction.

Hey you...yes you…the one whose is reading this blog right now lah…haiyah…you lah…who else… Actually I want to ask you all, what do you think about my prediction? Got some hope or not?

Manchester City ( 2 ) VS Fulham ( 1 )
Arsenal ( 1 ) VS Newcastle United ( 0 )
Chelsea ( 1 ) VS West Ham United ( 1 )
Everton ( 2 ) VS Bolton Wanderers ( 0 )
Portsmouth ( 1 ) VS Watford ( 2 )
Reading ( 1 ) VS Charlton Athletic ( 0 )
Sheffield United ( 0 ) VS Manchester United ( 2 )
Middlesbrough ( 1 ) VS Liverpool ( 0 )

Blackburn Rovers ( 2 ) VS Tottenham Hotspur ( 3 )
Wigan Athletic ( 2 ) VS Aston Villa ( 1 )

PS: See how many I can get right…1 point for guessing the right score line and 1/5 point for guessing the wining team…full point is 10…cheers!


Manchester City ( 3 ) VS Fulham ( 1 )
1/5 point
Arsenal ( 1 ) VS Newcastle United ( 1 )
0 point
Chelsea ( 1 ) VS West Ham United ( 0 )
0 point
Everton ( 1 ) VS Bolton Wanderers ( 0 )
1/5 point
Portsmouth ( 2 ) VS Watford ( 1 )
0 point
Reading ( 2 ) VS Charlton Athletic ( 0 )
1/5 point
Sheffield United ( 1 ) VS Manchester United ( 2 )
1/5 point
Middlesbrough ( 0 ) VS Liverpool ( 0 )
0 point
Wigan Athletic ( 2 ) VS Aston Villa ( 1 )
0 point
Blackburn Rovers ( 2 ) VS Tottenham Hotspur ( 3 )
0 point

Total = 2 point from 10....


17 November 2006

My Place...

This is part of my kampung (village). I don’t want to tell you where it is…try searching it using Google Earth…here is a clue for you…I’m from Malaysia...ha ha…

A. My home...

B. My grandparents house...Remember what happen to me when my grandfather past away...here

C. The padi field where my brother scam me for good...here

D. That's my primary school...Lots of funny memory there...

E. A church right at the back of my home...

F. The graveyard...I got a lot of story to tell you about that place...Maybe next time

G. Use to be my grandfather land...Somehow the G took it without paying my grandfather a single cent...Supposed to be converted into a football field...But now it's just a place where buffalo dump their s**ts.

H. The so called jungle...went in a few times when I was young...Got snakes and wild boar!

I. Where I first learn my, A, B, C...It's a Tadika (Kindergarten)

J. This is a small grocery shop that is cheating people with its high price...Kementerian Perdagangan where are you?

K. Our village hall, use to learn Karate here...

L. The village + primary school football field...Once camp here with my friend...Story coming soon!

M. This one is interesting; use to be my friend during kindergarten. Somehow “almost" forgot to bring his PMR entrance slip and flunk the exam. Don't know what happen to him after that....

N. This is the location of our primary school toilet. A big hole in the ground with a small hut on top...I once fell inside that big dam hole...

O. The nearest public phone to my house...Once blown away by firecrackers...

P. Same as M...Flunk his PMR and became a sailor the last time I heard...

Q. The once beautiful river that actually had fish in it...Now looks like a big lokang...

R. A very "good neighbour" yeah right…

PS: Have you found it yet?


16 November 2006


It's very very very very...... hot today in Penang. If I were a snail taking a stroll outside right now, I would have dried up it less then 2 minute. Anyway, I went to Seagate for lunch with my friends just now. On our way there, we talked about blogging and how everyone is joining in the bandwagon. Seem every single hour, a blog pops out of nowhere...just like this blog.

While discussing, one of them made a smart remark for not blogging...Whenever someone ask him about blogging he would brush them away by saying "why on earth does anyone wants to tell the whole world about himself...better yet his own secret..."

That kept me thinking for a while...But then again I'm still here am I...

I don't know why, maybe because it's preventing me from going insane...?

PS: Why do you blog anyway???


15 November 2006

Holland Vs England

Who do you think will win? I will go for Holland 2-1. I might be wrong but looking at England’s attacking front (Rooney + Johnson) it will be a close match. The two will need time to gel together upfront.

For Holland they will have (Nistelrooy + Kuyt + Robben) upfront. I am not sure about Kuyt and Robben but I believe Nistelrooy have something to prove.

PS: Holland is hosting England…Enjoy!





Van Der Vaart (86)

Rooney (37)

PS: England's backline sleeping again...hoi! wake up lah!


14 November 2006

Morse Code

Went to the toilet just now to wash my face...already sleepy mah. While washing, someone entered and went straight to the WC (we only have 1 WC in the gents). Didn't care much and continue to wash my face.

After a minute the guy started farting but not the normal farting. The farting session was a pretty shy one. Putt...putt .........puttt....putt....It was like he was trying hard to fart silently but just could not make it as silent as possible. Maybe he was using Morse code telling me to bloody get out from there because he wanted launch an atomic bomb soon.

Somehow my brain wasn’t processing things fast that time. I didn’t manage to decipher the Morse code that the guy sent me. I started to wash my face again...

Then...It came out...No mercy...No shame...paralyzing my sense of hearing and sense of smell...I almost puke but manage to get hold of myself. Went out right away because the place was getting stuffy with toxic fume already...Ptuii!

PS: Be careful when you are in the toilet after lunch...your life maybe in danger…


13 November 2006

Just do it, just ask!

If you want something, just ask for it. If you are lost, ask someone for direction. If you are confused, ask for explanation. If you admire someone, ask her/him out for dinner. If you think that you are wrong, ask for forgiveness. It's very simple, just ask!

People won't beat you to death if you ask them nicely. However, if you ask them to beat you up, they would gladly do so...Just saying (^.^). The thing is if you don't ask you will never know what the outcome will be. Maybe you would have become a millionaire if you have asked the question twice, or maybe you'll be the next Malaysian Idol if you have asked for another chance. Who knows how far you can go by asking...

I have encountered a lot of people who shy away from asking but hopes that other can read their minds and give them what they want. If they don't get what they want, they will start making noise at the back. Maybe they are just too scared to ask because the other person is a man eater perhaps...

I have something to share with you all out there, 6 years ago I met someone special while working part time during my Uni days. I didn't have the opportunity to speak to her a lot because the shift that we were on was rather busy. But I managed to ask for her phone number during the last day of our working contract. I called her and end up going for lunch together on the 11th of November...The rest is history. Now what if I didn't ask for her phone number…

PS: I still feel that it was just like yesterday that we went out together dear…Happy 6th anniversary dear…I love you (^.^)


12 November 2006

Chicken Shit

I got to a bad start this morning. My mind wasn't focusing and I also force myself to church. The end results was me being grumpy all day long. It all started because of my teeth. One of it has a hole the size of Pluto.

If you were venturing inside my mouth and you got stuck inside that hole, I doubt that you can come out alive. Nevertheless that also depends on whether you can withstand the stench brewing inside my mouth.

For your information I brush my tooth twice a day and I also use the “exploding” effect of Listerin. I even got myself the 360º Colgate brush with tongue cleaner. But somehow that twisted hole keep on producing toxic waste that pollutes my once fresh smelling mouth.

My girlfriend yesterday told me that I smell like chicken shit and ask me whether I had step on one earlier. I frantically search my shoes but didn't find anything on it. Just when I was trying to tell her that I didn't find anything, she closed her nose. I ask her why, and she told me in disgust that my mouth stink and it was the same chicken shit smell. OMG! I was in the cinema watching DeathNote with her and I smell like chicken shit “Death” inside a crowded place…

That,s how I started bad this morning…

PS: Do you know any dentist in Penang that can give you a really good discount?


11 November 2006

What Do You Think?


10 November 2006

What a Week.

It's raining outside tonight, the cold air kind of reminds me of home. I used to hate the cold air when I was young, the coldness would always creep into my bones especially the knee and elbow. However now after getting use to the heat here in Penang, I always welcome the rain every now and then. It is a good way to end a stressful long week.

A lot has happened during the week, from the gruesome killing of a Mongolian model to the hospitalization of the former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It seems that there is just no ending to the sensational news here in Malaysia. Just a couple of week ago we were treated to the drama surrounding Datuk Zakaria misconduct. Just imagine what new story will emerge in a couple of weeks from today. It should be interesting to know what the future hold for us here in Malaysia.

The days seem to be shorter now, normally it would start to get dark only after 7.30pm. However today at 7.00pm, the sun was already nowhere to be seen. Strange isn't that the smallest things in life would be noticed by us, but bigger things that lay in front of us are left behind. Anyway have a good rest during the weekends and hope that we would start a new week with the right foot in front of us…

PS: I didn't go to play football today, it was raining. What a shame…


09 November 2006

You've Won RM7000 Sucker!

I receive this sms yesterday evening, telling me that I've won RM7000 from Digi. Imagine if you were me, I was shocked and ecstatic believing that I've won something bigtime. I'm 27 now and believe me, I have never won anything before in my whole life. Lady luck never smiles at me, she just give me the finger.

The sms originated from someone called “DiGi”. It turns out that this message was a hoax and that it was randomly picking on unsuspected victim from among Digi user. There is a notice at Digi website warning about this here.

So what did we learn today boys and girls? Well, money doesn't come easy to you. If it does it will roll out away in a snap. Anyway it's almost end of the year and bonus time is already in the air. Wishing you all a big fat bonus, cheers!

PS: Tomorrow afternoon I've a game of football with the gang. If “loudspeaker” still comment anything about me I would give him a piece of my mind…


08 November 2006

Boo Boo

I'm tired of listening to what other people have to say when it comes to subjective matters. You know everyone have their own opinions, and they are itching to tell you because they want to look smart in front of other people. The nature of my work evolves around subjective stuff, and to finish things up I have to close my ear and concentrate on my work first. Its not that I don't want to listen to comment and ideas, it's just that there is an appropriate time for all that. And that is in the beginning of a project, not at the end.

It irritates me most when people start saying brilliant remarks at the end, and blames me for not being able to read their minds or predict the future for them. Ego also plays and important role in tormenting me, every party want something that they can say came from their smart a$$. All I can do and will do is following what the Big Boss want. He is by the way paying my monthly salary and not the other parasites that feed on my sweat and blood to get a short cut to the top.

That is enough of complaining for me for the time being. Now I want to talk about football a bit. Have you ever encounter a loudspeaker playing football? I did and I really wanted to put my boot into his big mouth for once. I just can't stand it when he commentate every mistake take I make while playing. I and the others just want to have fun for god sake. If you are really that good, go to play for MU lah…!

PS: MU lost to a minor last night, good for you MU! I supported for you all this time and you made a boo boo of me in front of the Liverpool and Arsenal fans…


07 November 2006

Priceless Runaway

When you were young have you ever 'try' to run away from home but ended squeaking back late at night because it was raining outside. The most successful runaway that I made during my adolescent years was hiding inside the roof of my grandmother's house for a day. The look on my parents face when I finally came out from hiding was priceless. I did get a spank in the butt for my antics but I didn't careless because I got what I wanted most after that. I got their attentions...

It is still the same when you grow up. In your work place for an example; we take long holidays once in a while not because we are tired of doing work but because we want to see how much we will be missed during our absentee. The attention that is given to us is sometimes more valuable then the money we make. We just want to think that we are needed so that we can feel safe. Humans...

Anyway what I want to convey here is that, sometimes we have to give some attentions to people that are close to us because they need it without realizing themselves. Go ahead; make someone's day brighter...Call your parents if you want to. It would bring a lot of difference to them ok...But! Don't ever call them for money please...

PS: This morning my sis called me. Normally it would mean one thing...money. Sure enough she called in to borrow RM2700...my reaction, priceless!


06 November 2006

Green Stuff

Do you know what I like about Penang? It's the food! Yes you heard me right. There is no other place in Malaysia that you can find such wide variety of food in one place. Western food, Malay food, Chinese, Thai, Indian they are all here.

When I first came to Penang I noticed that the foods here are cheaper then where I come from. But soon I realized that the portion of food served here a smaller then the ones I usually have at my hometown.

There is a reason for this actually. Because there a many choices of food available in one place, you end up ordering more then one type of food. To make it easier, the trader here came up with the idea of selling small portion at a cheaper price so that you won't bloat up if you unintentionally order more.

My favorite food in Penang would be the Curry Mee sold in Sunshine food market during the morning. The blend of coconut milk and curry is so smooth, you end ordering extra to bring home. And lets not forget the famous cendol, I usually go to Giants food court for this cool green sweet delicacies. It is almost the same as the one you find Penang Road. Hmmm… seems that all my favorite food got something to do with coconut milk….hmmm.

Anyway, it is sure great to be around here. You can find food almost anywhere you go…

PS: I gain a lot of pounds here then any other place…


05 November 2006

Penang Landscape

The government has approved of a second bridge linking Penang Island to the mainland this year. The first one is already being overloaded with traffic coming from both directions. It is a sight of relief for many however it would definitely change the landscape of the island once again

Somehow when the first bridge went into operation, most of the islanders move out to the mainland because of the low properties price over there. The land in the island is limited and over the years it has become very expensive to live and maintain on it.

If you are from Penang Island and you own a land or a house in a strategic location; it is more profitable for you to rent it out rather then occupying the place yourself. I see this a lot when looking for a place to rent last year. Most of the landlords are from Seberang Prai (mainland) and sometimes they own more then 2 houses or apartment here in the island. This is what a lot of people doing nowadays in Penang. I think…

Anyway with the second bridge on its way, we can see whether it would bring development on each side of the new bridge. Already I hear that the land near the proposed bridge is gathering momentum in its price. A lot of developer is lured to this land. I can imagine people living in these areas counting how much they can cash in by selling their properties to these developers. I will try to update more about this in matter. We will see how much changes will happen to these areas in the future…

PS: QueensBay Shopping Complex will be opening this December adding to the increasing number of shopping complexes in Penang Island. We already have Komtar, BJ, Perangin Mall, Midlands, Gurney Plaza, and Island Plaza. These are the bigger shopping complexes. There are smaller ones that are not counted.


04 November 2006

The Next Step

It's almost 4.30am in the morning now. I know it's already late but this is the only time I can think clearly. The air is cold and the atmosphere is quiet, just nice for me to ponder deeper into my mind and soul. Nowadays I don't have the privilege to do so, because of my hectic daily routine.

Taking the next step in life. Yes, you heard me right. The next step. It is a small word to any but to do so is a big commitment. For those who are in the dark now, I'm talking about getting married. Some may ask, are you sure? Are you making the right decision? Yes, that is my answer. I made up my mind and I want it. The only question now is how should I go about it?

I want to propose to her but I really can't think on how to do it. I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable. At least I want her to be prepared; I don't want her to be shocked when I propose to here in public. How can I make her anticipate without telling her? Can anyone help me?

I love her so much, that's why I want the best for her. I don't want to make a plain proposal, nor I big and noisy one. I want a nice simple but meaningful proposal where I can tell her that I love her and want to be with her for the rest of my life…

I have been googling around trying to find ideas on how to proposed, but it's all just the same thing. I need advice from someone who knows, someone who already proposed. If not, maybe the girls can tell me how they want their partners to propose to them. I really want it to be a dream proposal for my girlfriend…

PS: I try to update on this topic soon, I'm trying to think when the best possible time to propose to her…


03 November 2006

Lazy Brain

I've promised to myself not to blog because I know I would just end up forgetting all about it in a few weeks. Nevertheless here I am sitting in front of the computer in the middle of the night breaking my own promise. How on earth did I get so pathetic to even try to blog anyway? I am now already in my third month making a fool of myself.

I've been passing my life without realizing that I won't past the same path again. The choices that I've taken, the troubles that I've been through, and the friends that I've made have changed my life without me grasping any of it.

I am scared that one day I will loose it all and I won't remember any of it. That's why I've made this pathetic attempt to try blogging even thought I might look silly in doing so, and I do!

So give a clap for this lazy chap! So his lazy brain can wake up snap!

PS: I know my English suck, so just bare with me. All the sleeping and eating has downgraded my English to the level of a primary student. I hope that I won't get a nightmare after blogging this.


02 November 2006

I Miss Them So Much

Love your family for they are the only one who loves you unconditionally.

Love your parents for they are the ones who sacrifice everything that they have for you.

And also love your brothers and sisters for they are the only memories that you have of your childhood when you grow old.

PS: I miss my family so much…


Afternoon Rants

I will go blind if I keep on doing my work. My brain cells are shorting out one by one and my sense off direction is going down the drain. Feels like downing one bottle of Vodka all by myself (smiling stupidly)...

My butt is getting flatter, and soon it will merge with the chair and I will become the first mechanical mutant in this world. I can't stand this!

I need a break, I need the aircond to cool off my sweaty back. Damm not enough juice, I'm still sweating like Cipan here. The last thing that I want is to smell like one too...

I need to go somewhere to clear my head for a while, but where? Ohh...yes, I know where. The brainstorming cubicle...the toilet. I really need this break...even though for just a few minute. I want it really bad...

Went to the toilet and open the door...Ptuiii!!! Someone didn't flush the toilet!!!

PS: Please flush the toilet after using it please ...


01 November 2006

Do or Die