30 September 2006

The Stupidest Thing I’ve Done.

I pee inside a bottle in my car yesterday. Yes! I pee inside a bottle and nearly wet myself during the process. Plus…I was stuck in a traffic jam f*** !!!

I told myself that I should visit the toilet every time when I want to go driving. Yesterday I forgot and paid the price. I was on my way to pick my girlfriend near Bayan Lepas. Yup! I should have realized that Bayan Lepas areas are prone to traffic jam. But it’s to late now. I didn’t tell my girlfriend about it, if not she had taken the taxi back.

How did I do it? Well first, I have to hide my little brother for the process. I had a small pillow inside the car and used it to cover little brother. Empty my mineral bottle by drinking it. After that I align my little brother towards the bottle opening and slowwwly pee. I just can’t imagine what could have happen if I just “hantam” it. The bottleneck would cause a huge overrun in the overall process. I was 80% successful…( ^.^ )

I did the whole process while driving and smiling like a stupid person. I don’t know how many people notice me (I was in a traffic jam mind you). I just hope that no one did… If you might just happen to see me…just forget about it ok. Thank you ( ^_^ )…

PS: after the whole process, I dump the mineral bottle near Zh***** factory in Bayan Lepas…I had to…if not how am I going to take my girlfriend back…?


29 September 2006

Long Distant Running.

I did long distant running a long time ago. Running long distant is not just merely about fitness and stamina but also strategy. In a long run, who ever have the patient to wait for the last dash will eventually win. Calculating your ability is not that easy, you have to be able to understand your advantages and also your opponent’s weakness.

I think blogging is similar to long distant running. The only thing that is missing is the opponent. You yourself are the opponent actually. Conceiving defeat means you do not have the heart to continue blogging.

One rule that I learn from long distant running is that you never sprint on early stages. Other runner will smoke you on the last lap of the race. Balancing your energy and position to be able to strike on the last lap is the hardest key to success.

Now sometimes when we are blogging, we want the result fast. Meaning you want to tell every story that you know to everyone. If you do this I predict that you will encounter a time when you have no idea on what to write. I call that pancit….he he he

I know that I am new at blogging. I don’t really have the right to teach anyone because there are a lot of you out there who are more successful. Actually this advice is for me. I’m jotting down this so that I won’t forget : )

PS: ape learn things from his own experience…


TVU Player

I have been using this software to watch P2P TV online. In other word I can watch cable television show online. It has about 30 plus channel to choose from. You have ESPN, CNN, Animal Planet, Channel V, HBO and a lot more.

The quality is just in par with normal broadcast television show. Mind you that it is not high definition. If you are looking for HD, then I think you should subscribe with your local station (I still don’t have Astro). Astro are having a promotion RM199 for installation and a minimum RM50 per month.

The good thing about TVU Player is that it’s totally free (but still can't beat Astro quality). Imagine if I knew about this before the world cup, no more lepaking at the nearest mamak stall : ) Using broadband is advisable. I can’t imagine using your 56K modem for this…

You can download it here www.tvunetworks.com

PS: another community project by ape ( ^.^ )


Traffic Jam?

Again, I found something fascinating in the internet. It’s about traffic…no not the one on the road but the other one that happen in the internet.

By all means, having traffic into your blog is a good thing. Huh..? Well when a lot of people go into your blog and start reading, that contribute to your blog traffic.

It is hard for me to describe it because I am not benefiting anything with a rise of traffic into my blog anyway. But for those who used adsense, it could mean a lot…like making a lot of moolah from the internet.

For those who are interested in this kind of traffic, I found an article in a pdf format that you guys can download from the net.

It’s by Allan Gardyne of the fame AssociatePrograms.com. The article is entitled "77 Ways to Get Traffic". It's free yay!

PS: any banana for me ( ^.^ )


28 September 2006

Jungle 2 Jungle 2 Puxape

After thinking about it for a couple of days I decided to change “Jungle 2 Jungle” to “puxape”. The name puxape sticks like a glue in my mind and I think it would have the same kind of effect on readers.

I also came out with a tagline that sound stupid : ) “What if you were brought up by an ape...would you have the ability to think as a normal person or...you become puxape?” The same thing applies here; the stranger it is the more it sticks in your mind.

Now the only thing that is missing is the content. Should I continue writing about my lame ape life or should I concentrate on a topic. Ahh!!! Confusion all the way, I really am screw. I don’t have any idea!

Why suddenly now I want people to come in? It started out as a place I can learn and relax…why? I should take one step at a time…I don’t know what I’m saying now…better stop now…

PS: an ape without a banana is one confuse ape…I am sorry (*_*)


Shinzo Abe

Just to let you know, the Japanese parliament has elected Shinzo Abe as the nation's new prime minister. I know it has nothing to do with me at all because I’m a Malaysian. But after surfing the internet, I found something that interested me in Wikipedia.

He was born on the 21st of September…my birthday is also on the 21st of September…hey! I wish him all the best in his carrier and hope Japan will prosper with their new prime minister. Anyway happy belated birthday!

PS: hope things from Japan can be cheaper…I always wanted a Sony Playstation ( ^ .^")


27 September 2006

Hey! This Is Nice.

I'm in my car now. I was fooling around with my handphone and got it to connect with the internet. Don't worry...I'm not driving at the moment. I am waiting for my girlfriend to come out from her workplace.

I manage to install Opera Mini in my lousy Nokia 3220 handphone. Now I can post my ape rants from my handphone…yup! Anyway it’s to slow for my liking. But still nice considering that I’m an ape…ha ha ha!

Hope that I can use the image stored inside my handphone and post it here. There still a lot of things to try. I know…I’m a bit outdated when it comes to technology. But slowly I’ll manage. Hopefully I can change my blog template soon. Right now it looked so lame. Ape have taste you know : )

PS: now I need a new handphone…hhmmm ( ^-^ )


26 September 2006

When A Favour Becomes Your Duty.

Hey… I got one comment! Not so bad for a new blog. Suppose that someone out there is reading. I welcome you who ever you are : )… So how’s life... Me? I’m still alive aren’t I…Anyway I want to ask you something…

Have you ever helped your workmate? Have they come and ask you to do the same thing again? Well this happen to me when I was working for my former company. You do a favour for them and it becomes your job. I hate it when this happen. After working 3 years there, I can not take it anymore. I love my job, I like what I do. But when a small thing becomes a distraction, it’s just plain frustrating. I resign after that. The pressure was piling way beyond my tolerance already.

I’m now working in a new company already. I still don’t know if I’m going to last here for a long time. It’s all ok for now thought I just started working here for 1 whole year. Now that I have a fresh new start, I hope I won’t do the same mistake that I have made last time…I hope…being an ape that I am

PS: Do I really have to do these ps: thing???


25 September 2006

Monday Rants.

I was to tired to post anything last night. But I know a lot of you out there don't even care if I did write anything here last night. I can’t blame anyone, this blog just started anyway.

Today (yesterday) it rained all day here in Penang. It was dark and gloomy, but I like it the way it was. Compared to normal day, you wouldn’t get fresh air and cold atmosphere surrounding you. Remember the time when you can take a breath of air and really inhale 100% O2. Now you only get 70% of it and the other is rubbish. Ever wonder why our nosed get clog everyday?

Now yesterday we were suppose to play futsall. Because of the rain it did not materialized. Disappointed I left work on time just to reach home at 7.30pm. Usually I can reach my place around 6.45pm, but it was fasting month and our Muslim friend was having their pasar Ramadan. Cars would park along the road and traffic was slow. I did not complain because it was something new to me. I like it very much…

PS: Selamat berpuasa to all : )


24 September 2006

Should I Be Scared Of The Future?

“A good story is at its best when the line between truth and fiction remains ambiguous”-Leicester Hemingway

Truth is I am a little confused on how I’m going to continue blogging forward. Should I continue anonymously or should I tell you my real name? The thing is it’s much easier for me to tell you something when I am not hiding my identity but at the end it’s going to be harder for me to continue blogging without expressing openly. People are watching and you do not know whether they have good or bad attention.

I know most of the veteran bloggers out there have been in this kind of situation before. And most of them believe that being truth to yourself and others is the best kind of solution in the long run. Mind you that most of the successful bloggers don’t hide their true identity. How I wish I can be as open as them…

I have friends around me and I have a beautiful girlfriend who supports me when I’m down. But sometimes I need the space to really express myself. Sometimes it’s not going to be easy for them to understand. I don’t want to hurt them and at the same time I don’t want to sacrifice my hearts need. That’s why it is hard…

So I the ape will for the time being, continue to be anonymous. We will see for how long. I promise that one day you all will know the real me…promise : )

PS: Penang was raining the whole day today (I slept more then usual)


23 September 2006

Do You Have A Scar?

It was 7.30pm and it was already dark. I was then 12 years old and at that tender age I was already acting like an ape (we ape start young). Making my way from the paddy field (sawah padi) slowly, I was able to take a glance at my brother in front of me. We both just finish helping our parent harvesting that day. Felt tired and I thought my brother was to. At least I thought so, but no...

Having the same genes as I am, he was far from being tired. All these years I thought he was just a rascal. He likes follow me everyway. And for that, I under estimated him. Little that I know he was planning something for me.

I have this secret that I never told anyone… I hate snakes. Once I step on a black cobra on my way to the paddy field, and it chased me. I was traumatized that I boycott the paddy field for a while. I never told my father about it and I had to make up stories so I wouldn’t wind up back in the paddy field. It would be weeks when I finally gathered my confidence to go back again.

Some how my little brother got hold of my secret. He knows that I was such a sissy when it comes to snakes. So that evening he tested me…yes me the ape. Half way from the paddy field he ran off just like that. He left me while I was admiring some bugs. When I realized, it was too late. The last thing I remembered was hearing the word snakes being shouted. I was so damm scared that I past out after I had run over the fenced while running for my life.

I woke up an hour later at my home bleeding. My father had carried me back and said that the barb wire had pierced my leg and stomach. It wasn’t that bad (I was running the next day). The incident left me with a scar and my brother was condemn to kingdom hell… I wished. He had a few spanking and it was all over.

It’s still there…the scar. Do you have a scar? I’m glad that I have one : ) brings back the nostalgia. Bad and good ones…

By the way…my little brother (the rascal) is now doing his bachelor degree in medicine…turn out he wasn’t an ape at all.

PS: Nope, I haven’t run of to the jungle yet : )


22 September 2006

A Game Of Balls.

Last time when I was in high school I use to play football a lot. Pendidikan Jasmani (PJ) was one of the things that I like about school. Not that I did not play any football outside school, but you have your best friend playing with you.

Now after 10 years of watching football on TV (I act like an ape as well... eat + sleep = ape) I had the chance to do it again. But this time it was in a form of a futsall game. Similar to football but smaller in size. That brought me to conclude, it was going to be a piece of cake (kacanglah).

Boy was I wrong, the ball (not that ball you ape) was heavy and I did not have any stamina to run at all. I was dragging my leg just after 15 minutes of playing.

I look very stupid at that time. My eyes bulging out because I was lacking of oxygen and my tongue were hanging out all the time. Overall it was great fun…

It did brought out good old memories and yours truly did score one great goal from the center of the field : ) It wasn't to bad at all.

So me and my workmate had confirm to go all out every Monday after work. So how about you? Want to join a bunch of ape playing futsall?
Email me (^. ^)

PS: peace to all mankind and also ape...


21 September 2006

It's Your Birthday Ape!

I should be happy that I’m 27 years old today. Being the ape that I am, I know that it is impossible for me to cherish those years that have past by. Anyway it is time that I should try to document myself. At least my tiny presents in this world would not be such a waste of oxygen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not searching for publicity. It’s just that I have the urge to try and explore things that is within my reach.

It never made sense to me, writing something personal and then showing it to others. It seems that people are more open nowadays then it used to be. It has its good and bad side. Banana or no banana I like to try blogging for a while. We’ll see how long I can last before I get bored and run back to the jungle again…

Ps: I know that my grammar and diction is a bit rusty. Blame me for being an ape that I am…