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Morning Wisdom

Hi there, good morning (^.^) It's 4:46am in the morning...nice! My
lovely wisdom tooth woke me up just now from my well deserved sleep.
Just to let you'll know...it's hurting like hell. The antibiotics and
painkiller isn't working at all. Maybe a glass of screwdriver would
help. Anyway I was just thinking, why do we have to call it wisdom
tooth? Why not call it stupid tooth? For all I know it's a worthless
piece of s***. Stupidly growing when I don't need it at all...some
more it's growing the wrong way. Plain stupid I tell you. Now I just
need something to knock myself to sleep...good morning (^_^)

hey, came acroos your blog on petalingstreet.
good morning + Happee new year.
hope your tooth gets better, n u a little wiser?

thanks dude...happy new year 2u2...I thought of taking out the other tooth...the one blocking 'wisdom'...the cost of taking 'wisdom' out is too much...

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