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A Smack On The Head

It was and it should be forgotten. Just when the boy wonder manages to score, the defense (sleeping again) let him down again. Surely it wasn’t our night at all… Damnit!

I was too sleepy last night to find out the final score. When Rooney scored, I said to myself that United are going to win this game tonight. Sure enough I went blank after that (tidur mati). It was the alarm of my handphone that woke me up this morning. Confident that United won, I didn’t bother to check the Internet at home.

On my way to work, the radio didn’t say anything about last night match at all. Maybe it was just me flipping the channel looking for a groovy tune. I did notice that one of my workmate (Liverpool die hard) gave me the “smile” but I didn’t careless because Liverpool did beat Chelsea last Saturday.

Everything was bright and cheerful on a Monday when suddenly I saw this Arsenal 2 Manure 1 at PPS. Yes…Monday blues is back…

PS: I think United’s defenders need some smacking on the head…