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Selling Myself on eBay

It’s the 25th already *sigh*. I just can’t believe it…last night when I came back from work I notice that I’m still using the old 2006 table calendar in my bedroom. No wonder I didn’t throw it away, it had a small section on it showing this year calendar. I’ll try to get myself a free calendar first before I throw it away…It’s the only way to stay cheap…plus the Nasi Lemak

Depressed…I think so…I don’t want to think about it to much…you know what I mean…if you don’t, get yourself a copy of The Star. Oops sorry…go online if you can’t buy one (like me). Even artist with their glamour and stuff get depressed sometimes. Unfortunately it ended not so well for U-Nee. In another unrelated story…our PM wants to run in the next general election and continue leading the country.

To sum up everything, maybe I should consider going back to my hometown…maybe I’ll just leave all this behind and go home…the padi field there have been barren for 6 years already. The last time I harvest on it was in the year 2000. It’s a pity that younger generation like me opted to leave behind our ancestors tradition and work in the office. Well don't blame me, that’s progress to you…

I’m just tired…bored…stupid? Maybe I should try and sell myself on eBay like this guy. I don’t really have that kind of qualification to start with but I think I could earn more if I sell myself by kilo…yup that would be a lot of moolah for me…wanna buy an ape from eBay?

PS: The picture above might look cool but me ape don’t smoke…It’s only an artist impression of how depressed I am…spare me ok...


check this out...




selling my identity wasn't on my mind anyway, but thanks cely...so how many kilo's do you want of me...just joking \(^-^)/

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