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Aping iPhone

I have been waiting this for a long time already. This is my *excuse* to get myself a new *handphone*. I’ve dreamed about owning an Apple iPod before but I was held back by its lack of functionality. Who wants to spend more then 1K for a simple mp3/mp4 player when the market is flooded by more exuberant players? Now if the price is right (I hope so), I can join the Apple family soon…

Rumors about its existence have been circulating in the Internet for a year now. Now that the iPhone have made its grand entrance to the handphone (smartphone is more appropriate) segment, Nokia and the other gang should be trembling already. Will Apple succeed? We just have to wait. For more information, you can go to www.apple.com

PS: I wish the retailer here in Malaysia wouldn’t increase the price just like what they did for the iPod…don’t be greedy lah…can anyone guess how much the price is?


Apple just got sued by Cisco for infringing the iPhone trademark!

I think they would just rename it...ApplePhone seems nice...

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