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Memory Lapse

I woke up this morning thinking it was still Thursday. I didn’t realize it until I ask my girlfriend what day it was. It didn’t bother me much…actually I was a little bit happy knowing that tomorrow will be the weekends. But then again, I’ve been having this memory lapse for a couple of time already. I just can’t recount one day of my weekdays. Maybe it’s the hectic work or maybe it’s just the boring life I’ve been leading…sleep…work…eat.

There are just too little significant things in my daily routine that could differentiate my days. I remember Monday well because I play futsall after work…as for the rest, it’s just the same. By the time I realize everything, it would be Friday already. I think one of the reasons that I’m having this memory lapse is because that I don’t watch TV that much anymore.

I use to be glued to the news at 8pm and I always have a favorite sitcom show after that…but now, I don’t enjoy TV as much as it use to be…maybe there is too much Korean drama and reality show playing all the time. It’s just the same all the time…like for an example…Korean drama will always have 4 main characters;

1. The hero
2. The heroin
3. The bad guy who likes the heroin
4. The girl who thinks the hero likes her.

It’s always the same I tell you…they only play around with the

PS: No wonder I’m losing my mind…the Korean dramas are killing my insanity…don’t hate me ok…it’s just that there are too many of them on TV…