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Chicken Shit

I got to a bad start this morning. My mind wasn't focusing and I also force myself to church. The end results was me being grumpy all day long. It all started because of my teeth. One of it has a hole the size of Pluto.

If you were venturing inside my mouth and you got stuck inside that hole, I doubt that you can come out alive. Nevertheless that also depends on whether you can withstand the stench brewing inside my mouth.

For your information I brush my tooth twice a day and I also use the “exploding” effect of Listerin. I even got myself the 360º Colgate brush with tongue cleaner. But somehow that twisted hole keep on producing toxic waste that pollutes my once fresh smelling mouth.

My girlfriend yesterday told me that I smell like chicken shit and ask me whether I had step on one earlier. I frantically search my shoes but didn't find anything on it. Just when I was trying to tell her that I didn't find anything, she closed her nose. I ask her why, and she told me in disgust that my mouth stink and it was the same chicken shit smell. OMG! I was in the cinema watching DeathNote with her and I smell like chicken shit “Death” inside a crowded place…

That,s how I started bad this morning…

PS: Do you know any dentist in Penang that can give you a really good discount?


go to General Hospital lor...cheap..no need discount.

Thanks man!

hehehe... sorry bout yr teeth man... hope u get it fixed soon before everyone cover their noses :P

i have a friend who has...lets just say, a VERY very bad breath and i didn't even let her know.

the result after reading this...i feel so guilty of not telling her.

Better tell her soon...maybe she's not aware of it...Good Luck!

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