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Hello Penang

My flight reached Penang at around 8am this morning. My back still hurt like hell from last night stay at "Hotel LCCT." Someone should replace those ugly benches to a more comfortable one. I know it's a budget airline, but can't it be a little bit more comfortable?

I thought about taking a short nap after reaching home. I felt very sleepy and tired, plus my tooth is hurting now (remember the hole). I know, I should have gone to the dentist to get it patch sooner but just thinking about the drills made me chicken out.

I woke up at 3 in the afternoon. My tooth still hurts but I'm feeling much better and fresh. I decided that whatever happens I will go to the dentist today. Went to Sunshine to pay last year bills and after that straight away made my way to the dentist. It was a RM40 patching job and it took the doc about 10 minute to drill a bigger hole and dump in the filling inside the dam hole. My first impression was that the hurting will go away...But it didn't. It's still hurting now and I don't know whether the doc did anything wrong...Hopefully not...

PS: My own died on me again...I'm using the living room PC to blog now...