28 February 2007

Tinted Windows Needed

I need some getting use to the new surrounding. The new office is spacious and it's cooler then the old office space. There is one thing actually; the sunlight is spoiling it all. It's too bright inside the office. I'm having a hard time doing my work because I can't see my monitor clearly. Maybe facing the windows isn't a good idea at all. Anyway, it's to late now. The networking cables are all inside the network trunk already. No more changing places for the time being.

Our request to get the window tinted is already approved. They already came to measure the windows just now. Tomorrow they will come to tint the window. Hopefully they can tint the whole window tomorrow. I'm getting a bit dizzy looking at the monitor with a bright background. One of my officemates wanted to wear sunglasses in the offices…that would be great. Now we can look like the Men in Black…


27 February 2007

Moving Up

The whole department had move to a new office floor again today. We were on the fifth floor in the beginning and had just move to the second floor last year. Now we have gone up again to level eight. The place was nice so there wasn't any complaint at all. To think about it, we have a larger office space to play with. Our meeting room was somewhat colorful that we are naming it as the karaoke room (just among ourselves). If only the migrating part was easy…

To start of I tore my jeans while carrying the sofa up to the new meeting room…bummer! There was a tear the size of my thumb between my leg but fortunately for me…I was wearing a dark jean and also…*undies*. I ended up moving things the whole day with my tore jeans. A few of my officemates knew about it and tried to tease me the whole day. Thank you guys…


26 February 2007

Puxaping Vista

Do we really need a new computer operating system? Is Windows Vista going to make a lot of differences in our daily routine? If it isn’t broken, why replace it? I won’t argue about the cool interface but other then that what else can we expect if we choose to migrate to Vista? For a price that exceeds well beyond the 1K range, Windows Vista “Ultimate” would be the most expensive operating system by Microsoft to date. Is it worth all the effort and money?

First of all you will need to add your memory in order to run Vista. You will also need a graphic card that supports DX9 and above. If you have the *money*, you can opt for a DX10 graphic card instead. Vista was actually intended to use DX10 but it has been slow in development. What this means is that you will not only part your money for a new copy of Vista, but also with the new hardware that you need to accommodate Vista requirement. This is good for hardware developer but it’s just another push for us to ditch our old computer.

For me I won’t jump into uncertainty without any assurance. It’s a wait and see game for most of us who are patient enough to wait. For those who are brave enough to venture, it going to be a bumpy road ahead. Windows XP transition from Windows 98 was enough headaches for me to handle. We just have to wait to know whether this expensive piece of software is worth for its price.


25 February 2007


What do you get when you add a lazy bum like me with Sunday? The answer is nothing productive. I mean it’s Sunday…you go to church (woke up late today), you go back home, turn the TV on and fall asleep. That is it…nothing more.

So I woke up around 12:30pm in the afternoon today. If the bedroom wasn’t hotter, I would have continued my hibernation a bit longer. Wash my face and continue my laziness in the living room. Lying flat on the floor I browse every free channel on the TV network. I wanted to subscribe to Astro at first but decided not to because I know I won’t be the one controlling the remote. There was nothing much on TV anyway.

I did somehow watch a few episodes of Eureka Seven. It’s a highly recommended anime from Japan. I downloaded the first three episode from the Internet before but end up being busy to continue my downloading frenzy when I move to a new place. But luckily one of my officemates manages to download every single episode of Eureka Seven. It’s a good anime believe me. It got me to inspire…an ape like me


24 February 2007

Spring Cleaning

Today I went to work as usual…half day only. It was my departments R&D day and there was less work but a lot of spring cleaning to do. My workstation hardisk space is getting smaller by the day and I doubt that it would be sufficient for next month. Whether I like it or not, I have to burn some of the old work inside a DVD disk. I don't like keeping things inside CD or DVD, data inside tend to do the 'Copperfield' vanishing act sometimes.

After work I and my girlfriend went out for our tea time at our favorite spot. Dim Sum was our main target…it yummy as expected. My girlfriend' company is having their annual dinner this 3rd of March and she was looking for a nice dinner outfit to go with. I ended up looking for that outfit with her. I hope that she find the right one…


23 February 2007

A Suicide Attempt That Wasn’t

I woke up early yesterday morning to send my girlfriend to work. I was still on holiday yesterday and after dropping her off at her workplace I went to the nearest mamak stall for breakfast. I went to the car wash center after that because I was feeling kind of lazy to wash the car myself that morning.

I reach my apartment's parking area around 9:21am and parked the car next to a dark Gen2. As I was coming out of the car, I noticed that the Gen2 engine was still running and when I peek inside the car I saw a lady lying on the driver seat. I didn't care after that because I thought that the lady was waiting for someone and decided to take a nap.

I can see the parking area clearly from my bedroom window. After taking my bath I went to hang my towel over the window. It was around 9:46am then and to my amazement the dark Gen2 was still on the same spot when I left it. It was then when I saw that the lady was still inside lying in the front seat. Thinking for the worst I continue observing the driver seat for 10 minutes more. There was no movement at all. There were a lot of suicide cases lately on the news that I thought that I stumbled into one.

By now I was thinking on what to do next. I wanted to call the security guard to check on it but I was scared that I might be wrong. I was also scared because if it was true, I would end up being questioned by the police about the whole incident. I don't want that, I want to sleep…ah!!!

About 10:00am I finally drag my sorry a** down to inspect the situation. Like before, the engine was still running. The lady was still lying in the driver seat but this time I got to see her face. Her eyes were close and she was somewhat pale. It couldn't be that she was taking a nap. Something must be wrong, really wrong…

I went to the security guard on duty that day and explain everything to him. I asked him to go and check whether the lady was ok or not. I told him I didn't care if I was wrong but I was more worried that if something happen.

Both of us went to the car slowly, we were scared and I can see it on the security guards face. The Gen2 was running when the security guard went and observes on the front passenger window. He was making sure of something, but I wasn't sure of what. He finally went to the driver's door. Slowly…he knocks the car's door window…

She woke up! OMFG! She woke up! How crazy was that? I was relieved off course; at least I know I can continue my sleep that morning. Nevertheless I was kind of piss off because she almost made me believe that she was *dead*. Who the hell would sleep inside their car with the engine still running early in the morning? And to think that she was sleeping like a zombie…ahh!!!

PS: She duped me alright…she duped me clean…


22 February 2007


My girlfriend found this on the Internet last Tuesday and asks me to blog about it. If you like singing karaoke so much then you will love this. SingShot Beta is a website where you can register yourself and record your karaoke session instantly on the website itself. From there other registered members from all over the world can give comments and you are also in the running for the weekly USD25 iTunes prize.

If you don't have great voices like me, don't worry. Just join in and have fun ruining other peoples live…he he he. To think about it, this is like an online Idol audition where you can meet the worse and the best. The good thing is, you can try your luck or sit back and be the judge. Oh I almost forgot to tell you all, it's free.

PS: Luckily I don't have any microphone lying around…


21 February 2007

Problems Are Forever

I've been in a moody situation for couple of days. It seems that I've been left out from the biggest news in the office. I only knew it a few days before the holidays. There are going to be changes in the management and it involves the department that I'm working in. What's more disappointing is that I was kept in the dark about it since last year. Silly me, I'm not that important. I'm just a low class working bloke who isn't important enough to be included in the fellowship of ring. I accept that, even though it hurts.

I don't like office politics, which is why I left the old company. I was getting too comfortable there. The bosses knew me and that made some off my workmate uneasy. Well I work hard to reach that status, but it was my decision to leave it all. I wish I hadn't, but I don't careless. It was my mistake and whatever decision I have taken, I should live with it. There's no turning back, that's how life is. Just make do with what you have and try your best.

I don't know what changes would be made during the process. I just hope that it would be the best. More challenges… but it don't have to be a biblical one…but I welcome something that I can learn from and use it to improve myself. Whatever it is, I'm taking it one step at a time.

PS: You can't run from problem forever, you get old. It's ironic to see the person who gave me the reason to be brave in the first place turning his back on challenges. All the best to him…


20 February 2007

MU Time Again

So what did I do today that might excite you all? Well for once, I didn't sleep late last night. Why you might ask? Well I'm actually saving some energy for MU match early this morning. It should be a good one since it is the knockout stage already. So how would MU do this morning? I think that they would win, why? Well after resting some key player for the FA Cup match (they drew with Reading), I think they could pump up some strange in the front.

As usual the defender should not let their guards down until the last minute. You know what; I think this is one of the weaknesses that MU has this season. Until now they have been lucky not losing in some important games. This morning should be one of them. Red is lucky…

PS: Been a long holiday…so what…


19 February 2007

Bloody Pigeon

When its holiday, my body tend to automatically put itself into hibernation mode. I didn't move a lot today. I was planning to sleep all day because last night I went to bed late. Did I forget to tell you that I stay awake during the night and sleep during the day when it's holiday. You can say that I turn into a bat during holidays (^.^)…a bum out ape is more accurate.

So I was enjoying my holiday on my bed today when suddenly a pigeon woke me up from my slumber. The bloody pigeon was sitting on my open window and it looked at me like I was its food. It lasted for at least a few minute like that. Luckily it flew away because I thought of stir frying the dam thing for lunch. I'm broke already and I was hungry.

PS: I can't sleep after that because it was to hot…bloody pigeon


18 February 2007

Ghost Rider

I went to see Ghost Rider today at Queensbay Mall with my girlfriend today. After seeing the trailer on TV, I was excited that I got the chance to see it finally. There were not as many people at QueensBay Mall, not many shops opened their business during the first day of Chinese New Year.

Ghost Rider was ok…the opening was a typical Marvel comic movie opening. Sorry to say, the younger version of Johnny Blaze was much more better then the old one. I just can't get hold of the idea of Nicholas Cage playing the main character. You can't blame him actually; when he turns into the Ghost Rider, you just can't relate him with the character.

While there was a lot of CG in the movie (cool), there wasn't a strong story line to be proud of. I hoped that the bad guys would put a good fight, but I was disappointed. The hero was too strong that little effort was put into kill the bad guys. It was like taking a candy from a baby feeling.

Anyway if you think that I'm bluffing you, go to watch it for yourself. It was an ok movie…just barely. You just can't stop thinking that it should be more than that...

PS: Two star out of five…


17 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

I didn’t do much today…I woke up around 11.20am in the morning. I was pooped out from yesterday’s annual company lunch. Like last year, it was drinking all the way. Imagine going out with a bang in the afternoon. Nevertheless I wasn’t that wasted, it was only a few glass of JW. I don’t know about lady luck but since I move to this company I had never won anything from the lucky draw. I was like striking gold with my former company…Oh, well…maybe next year.

It will be a long holiday for me this Chinese New Year. I start work this coming Friday…nice! Thank god that I’m not in the marketing department. They are going all out this holiday…

PS: American Idol audition was kind of fast…


16 February 2007

Holiday Again

I will be on holiday starting tomorrow and will only be back Friday next week. I don't celebrate Chinese New Year but I welcome holidays anytime. It's a good long rest from work. I might even join in the celebration if I get bored flattening my butt playing games at home…maybe I should…

I still remembered way back when I was a kid, we have Chinese relative and I use to stalk them for those red packet…sometimes if lucky…they would give me a box of firecrackers to play. It's a pity that they band them; it's all thanks to those dumb kids that don't know how to play firecrackers safely. If you want to play, please don't stick them up your a**…do really you think that you can fly if you lunch rockets up your a**…fu*k*ng retards…

Happy Chinese New Year \(^-^)/…have a safe journey home you guys.


15 February 2007

If Tomorrow Never Comes

I saw and accident in front of my eye just now. Luckily there was no fatality. A motorcycle was trying to overtake a car near a corner when suddenly the car in front slowed down, the motorcyclist lost control and she fell off from her motorcycle.

Somehow what happen just now got me thinking of tomorrow. What if something happen to you today? You can’t predict what the future hold for you. Bad or good, you can’t run away from it. I’m scared actually and each morning before I go to work I pray. Is it wrong to be scared everyday?

I started being like this when my grandmother fell ill. She was old…I know…and sooner or later, the outcome will come crawling slowly…you just can’t stop it. She passed away when I was in my second year of uni. I still remember being scared everyday during the ordeal… we were waiting…and it was painful. I didn’t want her to go away…and at the same time, I don’t want her to suffer more. I miss her…I miss her so much…To me, she was like my friend. A good friend and the best grandmother that anyone can have…I’m proud that I had the chance to be her grandson…I miss her…


14 February 2007

Raining Today

I have something important to do this couple of days. Hopefully things would return to normal soon. I can't tell you what actually I'm doing, but I can assure you that it won't be that long. I would be updating my post as usual when everything is settled…hopefully…

So where did you go with your other half today? Was it a fancy and expensive dinner? I wish mind could be better. They ways things are (financial) today, I'm just glad that I managed to celebrate Valentine's Day with my girlfriend.

PS: It rain just now…strange…


13 February 2007

Busy Day

I was a busy day today. First I have to clear up things in the office before this Chinese New Year and I also have to help my girlfriend do some last minute shopping for her workplace. I went out 7:30am this morning and finally reach home at 11.23pm. I still feel tired…have to go to sleep now…

PS: Happy Valentine's Day…


12 February 2007

Aping Prepaid Number

I’ve been using the same handphone prepaid number since 1999 and I’ve never had any problem with it I just can’t understand why teenagers need to change their handphone prepaid number at least twice a year. Is it some kind of ritual for them? Why can’t they just be satisfied with one number only? It’s not that they are being harassed by Ah Long? Don’t they find it hard to re-register their number again-and again?

I tried to call my brother last Saturday to ask him how he was doing. But to my amazement, an unknown guy picks up the call. I ask him where my brother was and he told me that I had made a mistake and that I might dial the wrong number. I check the number again and it was my brother’s number.

Confused, I called my mother. She gave me my brother’s new number. I finally got hold of my brother and ask him what happen with his old handphone number? He told me he change his handphone number last month because one of the famous telco companies was having a special promotion for his campus. He also told me that he didn’t inform me earlier because he knew I would call my mother sooner or later…this way I can save my money he said…

PS: An ape in the making…just like me last time…


11 February 2007

Gang Stars What?

There is nothing much too post about today. It's just a normal Sunday to me. I'm tired and sleepy right now. This maybe my shortest ever post. I don't care much anyway. Who is going to read my blog anyway?

PS: I saw “Gang Stars” reality show today. Sad to say it would be my last. It feels too much like acting. Anyway what's with the title anyway…Last time KRU did a Mania thing, they got hammered by you know who…


10 February 2007

When The Curtain Drops

I know that it would come to this sooner or later. It was good when it lasted. As one becomes big, those small fish on the edge will just be push away slowly overboard. I didn’t make much from writing sponsored post but at least I know now, it won’t last long. It’s just life; no one will stay on the same spot forever. You have to move on.

We will see how long I can stay here before I’m push away. If I’m lucky, I might pick a few moolah on my way out. I wish I can stay longer but I don’t think it would mean much…it was about blogging the things you love to blog…not the away around.


09 February 2007

Smack Me in The Face Will You

I was lying on the bed last night when I thought that I've been doing the same thing again and again that I think that I've never left my bedroom the whole week. It's always the same ceiling and it's always the same atmosphere. It's like looking at your life in front of you fading slowly into the darkness.

I don't want to go back tonight. I don't want to do the same things. I want to go somewhere where I can discover new things. I'm just bored of my daily routine that I might puke if I go one more round. I hate my life, I hate being me. I just wish that I can be the person that my girlfriend wants me to be. It's hard…being me…being alone…smack me in the face will you…


08 February 2007

PPP Error?

I've been having this this problem just today. Whenever I want to post a PPP post, an error warning will come up saying “Post url hostname must match the selected blog”.

I haven’t been able to take any opportunity from PPP since this morning. Any idea what happen?


Rainy Valentine's Day

I like music so much. I just can't do my work without listening to my favorite tunes. Whenever I'm searching for some new ideas for my presentation, I listen to music to ease the idea out of my head…similar to going to the restroom…I think so…

Unfortunately, even with my great taste for good tunes I'm not blessed with a great voice. Imagine an ape with a voice like Beckham…can I rock the world? Nope I guess not…just put me to rest if I try…you'll be saving a lot of ear drums in doing so…

In the past it wasn't like this at all. I used to tag along my church caroling groups whenever Christmas is around. I use to be in first voice (small kids can't do forth voice you know) and it was fun for a while. I even join a singing competition when I was in primary six…my parents force me…

Nevertheless over the years I loss my kiddy voice…puberty hit me in the face and my voice broke to what it is now. I didn't realize it at first. When I did, I've already humiliated myself in front of hundreds gazing eyes. I was a *freshie* in a boarding school and I was doing a group singing during orientation…it rain…and it rain hard…

Now here I am…without any talent…without any great voice…and Valentine's Day just in the corner. So what's so bad about it you ask? Well for once, I don't have any *moolah* so spent on my girlfriend…and because of that, she wants me to sing to her during Valentine's Day…me singing again? Help me…

PS: Expect heavy rains during Valentine's Day eve or on Valentine's Day itself…bring your umbrella will you…


07 February 2007

Extreme Car Wash

PS: My officemate took the picture during lunch today. The driver was no where to be found…maybe he/she already “cabut lari” because it was too humiliating…


Missing Home

I miss waking up in the morning and looking out of the window back home. I guess no matter where you are; there is no better place then being home.

PS: have to get some sleep now…


06 February 2007

Discipline And Fear

It's a normal thing to get a spank from my teacher if I can't do my math in primary school. It's even normal to for me see friends getting paraded from class to class carrying banner with them sayings “I won't sneak to the girls toilet again”. Those were the days when punishment was still relevant and the students were somehow…use to it.

I was brought up in an environment based on discipline and fear. It was not bad actually; at least I know there are boundaries that aren't supposed to be broken by student…and at least I know that bullies will think twice before flushing my head inside the toilet bowl for fun…I was studying in a boarding school and you know how bad it is over there.

When you look at kids nowadays you begin to wonder. With less punishment and less spanking, will they appreciate the things that they have now?


05 February 2007

Remember The Two

I’m tired of reading the newspaper nowadays. There’s nothing much on the news except for the crime reports…shooting here, murder there and dead people. It’s Monday for god sake and it’s supposed to be bright day for all of us. It’s just sad that when innocent people die, other party smile because they manage to catch the bad guy in record time…and what is worse…they did not even say anything about the two brave souls who gave up their live doing their job.

It’s not about catching criminals in record time that we want here in Malaysia. What we really want is criminal prevention…uprooting crime from its roots. How the heck did the robbers manage to smuggle a Glock 26, a Sig Sauer, a Colt, a Remington, and an AR-15 assault riffle into the country? Somebody must have been sleeping on the job…and two lives have been lost because of that. Just think about the families of these two souls who are waiting for them to come home…are we proud of this?

PS: Do you feel safe going home today? I don’t…


04 February 2007

Just Another Sunday

I don’t know what to post today since I didn’t do anything the whole day. If I have save the world today, you can be sure I’ll blog about it…but I didn’t. Anyway I feel good all day. I didn’t know why but who cares…you just have to go with it…if you begin to ask why, it won’t feel so good anymore.

It’s been great for me in terms of catching up some sleep today. Last night’s rempit parade was a success…I sleep around 2:30am listening to their bloody modified bicycle…who cares if they can go as fast as the speed of light?…They aren’t giving back anything to the society but instead they are stealing away our sleep. Don’t they have something better to do with their life?

PS: My teeth are hurting again…when do the hurting stops…


03 February 2007

Bloggers We Are

For you out there who understand about customer experience …you'll know that the customer is always right…period! Even if they say the stupidest thing in the world…they are still the one who is going to pay for your food/service/product. Today it's even worse …why you ask? They have blogs…yup just like me. You see that hopeless loser admiring your stuff inside your shop? Chase him away and he will blog about your tiny shop into kingdom hell…trust me…it isn't pretty. And if he had a PR5 rating blog…then it's all over for you…period!

From a small place were people write entry on the Internet, blogs have become one of the most influential source of info besides the newspaper, TV and other news that establish publishing company have on the Internet. From post commenting about how bad Liverpool played against Everton to post about you killing your hamster…it's hard to say that you can't find anything that interest you. It's an open place where your race, religion and skin color doesn't affect much about what you write. It's a new voice in a new world…I might say…

The world is a smaller place compare to 8 years ago…more and more reader and bloggers alike sprout from nothing into someone…and it's nice to see those who never give up and strive to uphold the truth and justice. It's just sad when somewhere in the middle, some big bully strike them down. But bully as they maybe…they don't know how big the hornets nest is…

PS: I hate rempit… I wanna sleep… go somewhere else… will you…


Aping Cartoons

It’s been a while since I browse around the Internet looking for funny stuff. I always like those smart, funny and bizarre cartoons on the newspaper. It might look simple to draw but to be able to make people laugh is another thing.

Oliver Gaspirtz is one of those creative people that create such simple but funny cartoons for some establish magazines in the states. His work was drawn on paper and then scan into the computer. He started publishing his work on the Internet under gaspirtz.com in the year 2000. It’s a great site and I enjoyed it very much.

PS: Any other funny cartoons link out there?


02 February 2007

Friday Lunch

I went to lunch today with my officemates like usual. It was supposed to be a chicken rice day but the old place that we usually go for our chicken rice has a new owner now. The old ‘tauke’ decide to retire early because businesses have not been good to him and also he wanted to do something better with his life like selling Wan Tan Mee (I guess he got tired with his own chicken).

Anyway the new owner’s chicken rice tasted like sand paper that we didn’t dare to go there again. We just don’t want to jeopardize our future for the sake of having our weekly dose of chicken rice. The owner should have put a hazardous label on his menu telling us that we are taking his chicken rice with our own risk…So how’s your lunch?

PS: Which one would you choose? Acer or Compaq…let’s say that both are in the same price range…


01 February 2007

Another Thursday

I didn’t go to work today. It’s a holiday today and I want to wish all those who celebrate Thaipusam a good journey in devoting. It’s something unique to see both Chinese and Indian people celebrating Thaipusam in Penang. I really wanted to try my hands on smashing a coconut but I woke up late this morning. Maybe next year…I hope.

I didn’t do much today. I and my girlfriend went to QueensBay Mall to watch Death Note 2…you might want to know that my girlfriend was the one who is paying. I haven’t received my salary yet, and the thought of getting any bonus is bleak. Looking at the company’s condition, I’m lucky that I still have a job today. We will see if there is something in store for us here before Chinese New Year.

PS: Have a good holiday everyone…