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Direct Flights

Remember the time when I post something about LCCT? Most of us from Borneo who live in Penang have to have a transit flight in LCCT before continuing our journey to Borneo. I really don't like to stay for a night at *Hotel* LCCT but because it's the best bargain one can find from Airasia, I sometimes have to sleep on the floor.
I guess someone heard me and now…direct flight from Penang to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, thank you. I know it's a small thing but for me it's a time saver and next time I go back, I won't be sleeping on the floor or trying to break my back trying to sleep on those awful bench. Thank you again Airasia.

Now I can reach home in less then 3 hour (2:55 hour to be accurate). It's much faster and cheaper. Now I have the choice to visit my parents more then once a year.

PS: Sabahan visit Penang ok and Penangites, go visit Sabah and climb Mount Kinabalu…