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Bloody Tooth Part 2

Last night was the worst night ever for me. Never in my mind would I suffer this much for a silly tooth. I went to the dentist that treated me again yesterday. Yes silly of me for being naïve to go to the same person that brought me this pain at the first place. Anyway he gave me a painkiller (Panadol) and some antibiotic for the pain…he should have given them to me that first time I came (bastard).

He told me if the pain doesn't go away after I finish the whole medicine, he gave me, he would have to remove the damage tooth…F**k y**! His argument was that the hole that he himself drills was too big and it was the cause of all the pain. In the first place the hole wasn't that big; the one he drill was…Now I'm in danger of loosing my tooth…OMFG!

I'm not going to lose my tooth no matter what. I'm going to another dentist to get a third person advice. I would pay anything to save my tooth…

PS: And I forgot to say, my PC is still dead…