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My Little Sister

Never give up, even if you have to crawl to live on…If you are sincere in what you do, great things would come to you…Treat people with respect and they will treat you the same…And lastly don't treat life as a road, treat it as how the tree grows…with branches and leaves.

These are the words that my parents keep stressing out to me and my siblings. I still remember them clearly and I always keep it in my heart…It's good to know that it helps during hard days.

My younger sister called me just now…She just finished her studies three month ago and now looking for a job in KL. My parents have been calling her everyday asking her to come home if she still can't find herself a job lately. Her degree in *Teknologi Makmal Perubatan* isn't helping her at all and she's been feeling depress because of her inability to land herself a decent job.

End of this month, that's the time that my parent gave her. With that, she calls me for advice. I know just how she feels. I was in the same situation when I finished my studies. I remembered having borrowed RM50 from my lecturer because I was hungry and jobless. I remembered how hard it is when you have to crawl in life.

I told my sister that if she still can't find a job by end of this month to go back. I'm not saying that she should give up…I wanted her to find comfort and courage first from my parents before she continue er plans to find a job. She should take a rest first because I know how it felt having uncertainties…especially for the past three month.

For the time being, I told her to pray for guidance. I know it's only 15 days till the end of this month but I'm sure if we are sincere with our prayers, things would happen. I told her to be strong and not think about it too much. I wish I can be there for her now…

It's hard to be the eldest…your siblings tend to look up on you. I just wish that I can be strong all the time for them. When you get old…your brothers and sisters are the only ones that remind you of who you are and where you come from…

PS: I wish I can go back in time…


me the eldest too... i know... it's hard. good luck to your sis

thanks...i hope she finds a job soon...

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