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Team Malaysia Lost But They Won Our Hearts.

Oh well…our journey ends today. We were fighting alright and again we took the lead from Singapore first. But it wasn't our day; lady luck went drinking all night yesterday and forgot to shine on our team tonight. Well I'm showing her the *finger* right now, hate it when she does that. Why can't she give us a break…we are not asking for the World Cup.

The game was fairly balanced (almost) between the teams. Singapore was as expected, were fairly depended on their supporter to play us down. But overall we did a good job ignoring them. The first goal made them realize that we were not there to entertain them but to win.

To be honest to you all, football in our region have this different style of playing football. It's not the same as the way they play it on EPL, but it is football. But I praise Malaysia for not opting to follow Singapore's way. Anyway, the so call adopted players wasn't showing any tricks and glamour in their game anyway. They were playing like us…yup…the only advantages that they have been that they were visible during play. If they were that good, they should have beaten us earlier last time.

A single goal on penalty destined us to another long wait. Maybe next time lady luck won't mess up again…I hope…

*Malaysia lost to Singapore 4 against 5 on penalty shootouts.*

PS: I went to the nearest mamak stall and I notice that they were tune to our match on Astro …tells you how much we still support our own team…