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Makcik Rempit

This post is dedicated to the *makcik* who block me at the entrance of my girlfriend apartment and almost cause a big traffic jam. I really don’t know what she was thinking of, maybe she was inspired by her rempit son that she try to follow her son antics. I don’t even think she have a license from the way she drove her motorcycle.

I’m not saying motorcyclists are bad because I used to ‘tumpang’ my friend before. It’s just that this makcik really got into my nerve. Even my girlfriend said that the makcik was stupid.

We were stuck there for almost 20 seconds and she didn’t even want to move or look at me. It was like I was the one who was stupid and blocking her way…I was like holding the traffic because of the makcik being inconsiderate. She wasn’t wearing any helmet either. Sah lesen terbang…

Anyway she wasn’t going to give way for me to pass. Luckily the other side of the entrance was clear and I took the chance to go in. While I was turning in, the makcik suddenly gave me an angry look. Maybe she thought that she was right and was admiring how smart she was…Next time when a bus comes, then she’ll know how f**k**g smart she is…bitch!

PS: Never been so angry like this ever…