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Jose Larrson

I'm hoping that this weekend I'll have the chance to see Henrik Larrson play. It's been a while since I took my time to go to the nearest mamak stall for dinner/supper and watch a game of football. I think the last time I did that was last year…last month to be precise.

Chelsea is having some bad luck, this year. No more money for Jose Mourinho to spend on new player this time around. It is expected when you already have been given ample of time (almost 3 seasons) and money (1% is enough for me to last forever). It's just sad to see a man that was brimming with confidence gets the cold turkey of luck. Nevertheless its pure drama this season unlike last year when the winner was clearly distinguished.

I'm sleepy now…it's 3.59am in the morning now…one more PPP post and I while hit the sack soon…Have a nice weekend, you guys…

PS: MU will win it…I'm sure…