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Bloody Pigeon

When its holiday, my body tend to automatically put itself into hibernation mode. I didn't move a lot today. I was planning to sleep all day because last night I went to bed late. Did I forget to tell you that I stay awake during the night and sleep during the day when it's holiday. You can say that I turn into a bat during holidays (^.^)…a bum out ape is more accurate.

So I was enjoying my holiday on my bed today when suddenly a pigeon woke me up from my slumber. The bloody pigeon was sitting on my open window and it looked at me like I was its food. It lasted for at least a few minute like that. Luckily it flew away because I thought of stir frying the dam thing for lunch. I'm broke already and I was hungry.

PS: I can't sleep after that because it was to hot…bloody pigeon