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Aping Prepaid Number

I’ve been using the same handphone prepaid number since 1999 and I’ve never had any problem with it I just can’t understand why teenagers need to change their handphone prepaid number at least twice a year. Is it some kind of ritual for them? Why can’t they just be satisfied with one number only? It’s not that they are being harassed by Ah Long? Don’t they find it hard to re-register their number again-and again?

I tried to call my brother last Saturday to ask him how he was doing. But to my amazement, an unknown guy picks up the call. I ask him where my brother was and he told me that I had made a mistake and that I might dial the wrong number. I check the number again and it was my brother’s number.

Confused, I called my mother. She gave me my brother’s new number. I finally got hold of my brother and ask him what happen with his old handphone number? He told me he change his handphone number last month because one of the famous telco companies was having a special promotion for his campus. He also told me that he didn’t inform me earlier because he knew I would call my mother sooner or later…this way I can save my money he said…

PS: An ape in the making…just like me last time…