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A Suicide Attempt That Wasn’t

I woke up early yesterday morning to send my girlfriend to work. I was still on holiday yesterday and after dropping her off at her workplace I went to the nearest mamak stall for breakfast. I went to the car wash center after that because I was feeling kind of lazy to wash the car myself that morning.

I reach my apartment's parking area around 9:21am and parked the car next to a dark Gen2. As I was coming out of the car, I noticed that the Gen2 engine was still running and when I peek inside the car I saw a lady lying on the driver seat. I didn't care after that because I thought that the lady was waiting for someone and decided to take a nap.

I can see the parking area clearly from my bedroom window. After taking my bath I went to hang my towel over the window. It was around 9:46am then and to my amazement the dark Gen2 was still on the same spot when I left it. It was then when I saw that the lady was still inside lying in the front seat. Thinking for the worst I continue observing the driver seat for 10 minutes more. There was no movement at all. There were a lot of suicide cases lately on the news that I thought that I stumbled into one.

By now I was thinking on what to do next. I wanted to call the security guard to check on it but I was scared that I might be wrong. I was also scared because if it was true, I would end up being questioned by the police about the whole incident. I don't want that, I want to sleep…ah!!!

About 10:00am I finally drag my sorry a** down to inspect the situation. Like before, the engine was still running. The lady was still lying in the driver seat but this time I got to see her face. Her eyes were close and she was somewhat pale. It couldn't be that she was taking a nap. Something must be wrong, really wrong…

I went to the security guard on duty that day and explain everything to him. I asked him to go and check whether the lady was ok or not. I told him I didn't care if I was wrong but I was more worried that if something happen.

Both of us went to the car slowly, we were scared and I can see it on the security guards face. The Gen2 was running when the security guard went and observes on the front passenger window. He was making sure of something, but I wasn't sure of what. He finally went to the driver's door. Slowly…he knocks the car's door window…

She woke up! OMFG! She woke up! How crazy was that? I was relieved off course; at least I know I can continue my sleep that morning. Nevertheless I was kind of piss off because she almost made me believe that she was *dead*. Who the hell would sleep inside their car with the engine still running early in the morning? And to think that she was sleeping like a zombie…ahh!!!

PS: She duped me alright…she duped me clean…


Still, better safe than sorry...maybe she had a really rough day the night before...but it's good to know citizens like you are still out there! :-)

~maybe you're right...I was there and I just can't ignore about it...

good to know they are caring civillians around still. she must be drunk, so she konked off in the car? heh.

ya at least u checked it out cos u never know these days... i did something like that before when i saw a guy 'terlantar' over the drivers seat at a traffic light in kl. he didn't move when traffic light turned green & i actually opened my car door to go check if he was ok. then he woke up...

~ I hope when I konked out in the car, someone will be there to checked me out...I doubt that she was drunk...she was wearing a 'tudung' during that time.

~ He was lucky that you were there...the thing is, there's a lot of people falling asleep inside the car...wonder why?

Well said.

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