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Ghost Rider

I went to see Ghost Rider today at Queensbay Mall with my girlfriend today. After seeing the trailer on TV, I was excited that I got the chance to see it finally. There were not as many people at QueensBay Mall, not many shops opened their business during the first day of Chinese New Year.

Ghost Rider was ok…the opening was a typical Marvel comic movie opening. Sorry to say, the younger version of Johnny Blaze was much more better then the old one. I just can't get hold of the idea of Nicholas Cage playing the main character. You can't blame him actually; when he turns into the Ghost Rider, you just can't relate him with the character.

While there was a lot of CG in the movie (cool), there wasn't a strong story line to be proud of. I hoped that the bad guys would put a good fight, but I was disappointed. The hero was too strong that little effort was put into kill the bad guys. It was like taking a candy from a baby feeling.

Anyway if you think that I'm bluffing you, go to watch it for yourself. It was an ok movie…just barely. You just can't stop thinking that it should be more than that...

PS: Two star out of five…