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If Tomorrow Never Comes

I saw and accident in front of my eye just now. Luckily there was no fatality. A motorcycle was trying to overtake a car near a corner when suddenly the car in front slowed down, the motorcyclist lost control and she fell off from her motorcycle.

Somehow what happen just now got me thinking of tomorrow. What if something happen to you today? You can’t predict what the future hold for you. Bad or good, you can’t run away from it. I’m scared actually and each morning before I go to work I pray. Is it wrong to be scared everyday?

I started being like this when my grandmother fell ill. She was old…I know…and sooner or later, the outcome will come crawling slowly…you just can’t stop it. She passed away when I was in my second year of uni. I still remember being scared everyday during the ordeal… we were waiting…and it was painful. I didn’t want her to go away…and at the same time, I don’t want her to suffer more. I miss her…I miss her so much…To me, she was like my friend. A good friend and the best grandmother that anyone can have…I’m proud that I had the chance to be her grandson…I miss her…


sadly this is what we hv to suffer as human beings. thsi may sound cliche but this is exactly why we need God b'cos God will help us through this somehow. i know cos i've been there. cheers.

~thank you

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