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Friday Lunch

I went to lunch today with my officemates like usual. It was supposed to be a chicken rice day but the old place that we usually go for our chicken rice has a new owner now. The old ‘tauke’ decide to retire early because businesses have not been good to him and also he wanted to do something better with his life like selling Wan Tan Mee (I guess he got tired with his own chicken).

Anyway the new owner’s chicken rice tasted like sand paper that we didn’t dare to go there again. We just don’t want to jeopardize our future for the sake of having our weekly dose of chicken rice. The owner should have put a hazardous label on his menu telling us that we are taking his chicken rice with our own risk…So how’s your lunch?

PS: Which one would you choose? Acer or Compaq…let’s say that both are in the same price range…