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What do you get when you add a lazy bum like me with Sunday? The answer is nothing productive. I mean it’s Sunday…you go to church (woke up late today), you go back home, turn the TV on and fall asleep. That is it…nothing more.

So I woke up around 12:30pm in the afternoon today. If the bedroom wasn’t hotter, I would have continued my hibernation a bit longer. Wash my face and continue my laziness in the living room. Lying flat on the floor I browse every free channel on the TV network. I wanted to subscribe to Astro at first but decided not to because I know I won’t be the one controlling the remote. There was nothing much on TV anyway.

I did somehow watch a few episodes of Eureka Seven. It’s a highly recommended anime from Japan. I downloaded the first three episode from the Internet before but end up being busy to continue my downloading frenzy when I move to a new place. But luckily one of my officemates manages to download every single episode of Eureka Seven. It’s a good anime believe me. It got me to inspire…an ape like me