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Tinted Windows Needed

I need some getting use to the new surrounding. The new office is spacious and it's cooler then the old office space. There is one thing actually; the sunlight is spoiling it all. It's too bright inside the office. I'm having a hard time doing my work because I can't see my monitor clearly. Maybe facing the windows isn't a good idea at all. Anyway, it's to late now. The networking cables are all inside the network trunk already. No more changing places for the time being.

Our request to get the window tinted is already approved. They already came to measure the windows just now. Tomorrow they will come to tint the window. Hopefully they can tint the whole window tomorrow. I'm getting a bit dizzy looking at the monitor with a bright background. One of my officemates wanted to wear sunglasses in the offices…that would be great. Now we can look like the Men in Black…