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Puxaping Vista

Do we really need a new computer operating system? Is Windows Vista going to make a lot of differences in our daily routine? If it isn’t broken, why replace it? I won’t argue about the cool interface but other then that what else can we expect if we choose to migrate to Vista? For a price that exceeds well beyond the 1K range, Windows Vista “Ultimate” would be the most expensive operating system by Microsoft to date. Is it worth all the effort and money?

First of all you will need to add your memory in order to run Vista. You will also need a graphic card that supports DX9 and above. If you have the *money*, you can opt for a DX10 graphic card instead. Vista was actually intended to use DX10 but it has been slow in development. What this means is that you will not only part your money for a new copy of Vista, but also with the new hardware that you need to accommodate Vista requirement. This is good for hardware developer but it’s just another push for us to ditch our old computer.

For me I won’t jump into uncertainty without any assurance. It’s a wait and see game for most of us who are patient enough to wait. For those who are brave enough to venture, it going to be a bumpy road ahead. Windows XP transition from Windows 98 was enough headaches for me to handle. We just have to wait to know whether this expensive piece of software is worth for its price.


what i see is a ploy by all hardware manafacturer and computer big names - they have Microsoft to produce OS which are so blardy enormous and this would make everyone discard their old pc and get a new one ... because to have a vista installld on a current pc is near impossible, so what everyone does? get a new high spec pc ...

~If this is the trend nowadays...Then we can say goodbye to mother earth...

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