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Problems Are Forever

I've been in a moody situation for couple of days. It seems that I've been left out from the biggest news in the office. I only knew it a few days before the holidays. There are going to be changes in the management and it involves the department that I'm working in. What's more disappointing is that I was kept in the dark about it since last year. Silly me, I'm not that important. I'm just a low class working bloke who isn't important enough to be included in the fellowship of ring. I accept that, even though it hurts.

I don't like office politics, which is why I left the old company. I was getting too comfortable there. The bosses knew me and that made some off my workmate uneasy. Well I work hard to reach that status, but it was my decision to leave it all. I wish I hadn't, but I don't careless. It was my mistake and whatever decision I have taken, I should live with it. There's no turning back, that's how life is. Just make do with what you have and try your best.

I don't know what changes would be made during the process. I just hope that it would be the best. More challenges… but it don't have to be a biblical one…but I welcome something that I can learn from and use it to improve myself. Whatever it is, I'm taking it one step at a time.

PS: You can't run from problem forever, you get old. It's ironic to see the person who gave me the reason to be brave in the first place turning his back on challenges. All the best to him…