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Remember The Two

I’m tired of reading the newspaper nowadays. There’s nothing much on the news except for the crime reports…shooting here, murder there and dead people. It’s Monday for god sake and it’s supposed to be bright day for all of us. It’s just sad that when innocent people die, other party smile because they manage to catch the bad guy in record time…and what is worse…they did not even say anything about the two brave souls who gave up their live doing their job.

It’s not about catching criminals in record time that we want here in Malaysia. What we really want is criminal prevention…uprooting crime from its roots. How the heck did the robbers manage to smuggle a Glock 26, a Sig Sauer, a Colt, a Remington, and an AR-15 assault riffle into the country? Somebody must have been sleeping on the job…and two lives have been lost because of that. Just think about the families of these two souls who are waiting for them to come home…are we proud of this?

PS: Do you feel safe going home today? I don’t…


And all about the millions of chips heist at the same Penang state is being well forgotten...

~I've forgotten about that already...any new info about it?

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