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What a Week.

It's raining outside tonight, the cold air kind of reminds me of home. I used to hate the cold air when I was young, the coldness would always creep into my bones especially the knee and elbow. However now after getting use to the heat here in Penang, I always welcome the rain every now and then. It is a good way to end a stressful long week.

A lot has happened during the week, from the gruesome killing of a Mongolian model to the hospitalization of the former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It seems that there is just no ending to the sensational news here in Malaysia. Just a couple of week ago we were treated to the drama surrounding Datuk Zakaria misconduct. Just imagine what new story will emerge in a couple of weeks from today. It should be interesting to know what the future hold for us here in Malaysia.

The days seem to be shorter now, normally it would start to get dark only after 7.30pm. However today at 7.00pm, the sun was already nowhere to be seen. Strange isn't that the smallest things in life would be noticed by us, but bigger things that lay in front of us are left behind. Anyway have a good rest during the weekends and hope that we would start a new week with the right foot in front of us…

PS: I didn't go to play football today, it was raining. What a shame…