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11 Gurney Drive

If you find yourself at Gurney Drive Penang, try looking for this odd looking-building. 11 Gurney Drive, that's what they call it. Seem very intrusive to the surrounding area. But somehow just manage to blend itself to the building next to it (Gurney Hotel).

The architecture looks simple enough for everyone to describe, tall and boxy. Strange enough, the design of the building reflect number 1 not 11. Maybe during the early stages of designing they really wanted 2 blocks. Exclusive? I think so...Mind you these areas around Gurney Drive are considered prime...for now.

Architecturally if not for the massive size of the building, the overall look would have been a total failure. You can say it resembles a medium cost flat if it was smaller in scale. I think the architect was brave enough to take a plain design and magnified the whole thing. The foundation (podium) was marvelously done. Sacrificing a few units and elevating the building from the podium eliminates the “over crowded” feeling on the road level of the building thus making space for recreational purposes. Imagine if the whole building structure comes down to the podium level...yikes!

Anyway Gurney Drives is not all about the tall apartments, offices and hotels. Before all that, lay a place where families and friends can come together and enjoy the sea breeze and view.

It is sad that all this will be swept away by progress in the future...


my friend's dad built the building... i'll let him know someone out there thinks his apartment looks like a flat :P

I spent 5 years of my life in Penang. But I forgot ( or was I ignorant ) about that building. How I miss Gurney Drive ( and Sungai Dua and Prangin Mall and Penang Hill etc..)

boss stewie
~ a very expensive and exclusive flat I might add \(^.^)/

earthy emily
~hmmm...USM I presumed?

how come I never realised the building is there all this while? Hmm..maybe too much concentrating on the main purpose goin gurney plaza..Shoppping!!

~ I don't blame you at all...
Anyway did you know that Queensbay shopping complex will be opening its door this December...More shopping for you...

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