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Priceless Runaway

When you were young have you ever 'try' to run away from home but ended squeaking back late at night because it was raining outside. The most successful runaway that I made during my adolescent years was hiding inside the roof of my grandmother's house for a day. The look on my parents face when I finally came out from hiding was priceless. I did get a spank in the butt for my antics but I didn't careless because I got what I wanted most after that. I got their attentions...

It is still the same when you grow up. In your work place for an example; we take long holidays once in a while not because we are tired of doing work but because we want to see how much we will be missed during our absentee. The attention that is given to us is sometimes more valuable then the money we make. We just want to think that we are needed so that we can feel safe. Humans...

Anyway what I want to convey here is that, sometimes we have to give some attentions to people that are close to us because they need it without realizing themselves. Go ahead; make someone's day brighter...Call your parents if you want to. It would bring a lot of difference to them ok...But! Don't ever call them for money please...

PS: This morning my sis called me. Normally it would mean one thing...money. Sure enough she called in to borrow RM2700...my reaction, priceless!


funny and yet something.

something to be laughed and something to be pondered.

avila have you ever 'try' to run away from home?

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