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The Disorder

I have been having this splitting headache for the last couple of days. Feels like something hatching inside my head and pushing my brains out (if I got any). The next time I sneeze I will be sneezing brain matter out of my nose. Seriously, it hurts so much that I can feel the blood pumping into my head. Sometimes if needed, whacking my head a few times brings some sort of relief to me. But then again after a few minute, it would come again terrorizing me like a "Scottish Terrier."

As a result, I have not been enjoying my daily routine. I cannot watch TV, I cannot use the computer for too long and I cannot do my office work properly. I have been going to the toilet more often just to keep myself awake. Washing my face with cold water can last me for an hour or two. One thing I notice is that I'm still eating normally (I am still alive and kicking). If not it would be catastrophic for me, I cannot imagine myself avoiding food (foods are my friend). It would not be a normal thing for me to do…nah! Actually I really need to diet down. But having a headache as a diet pill is not really a good thing. It is free but it hurt (o_O)!

I called my girlfriend telling her about my headache just now. I told her that it is causing me a lot of trouble; I cannot do any work at all. You know want she told me; you are just being lazy dear (o_O)! I told her it was not like that and the pain is real.

Upon interrogating me more she made a conclusion, it’s a common sickness in Malaysia. Her workplace has loads of people showing the same symptoms... You’re having the UP disorder… It’s a pattern of denial behavior resulting from the inability to except increase in 1) Petrol Price 2) Electric Bills 3) Water Bills 4) Tolls…

She was right for once (o.O)…No more pain…