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Penang Landscape

The government has approved of a second bridge linking Penang Island to the mainland this year. The first one is already being overloaded with traffic coming from both directions. It is a sight of relief for many however it would definitely change the landscape of the island once again

Somehow when the first bridge went into operation, most of the islanders move out to the mainland because of the low properties price over there. The land in the island is limited and over the years it has become very expensive to live and maintain on it.

If you are from Penang Island and you own a land or a house in a strategic location; it is more profitable for you to rent it out rather then occupying the place yourself. I see this a lot when looking for a place to rent last year. Most of the landlords are from Seberang Prai (mainland) and sometimes they own more then 2 houses or apartment here in the island. This is what a lot of people doing nowadays in Penang. I think…

Anyway with the second bridge on its way, we can see whether it would bring development on each side of the new bridge. Already I hear that the land near the proposed bridge is gathering momentum in its price. A lot of developer is lured to this land. I can imagine people living in these areas counting how much they can cash in by selling their properties to these developers. I will try to update more about this in matter. We will see how much changes will happen to these areas in the future…

PS: QueensBay Shopping Complex will be opening this December adding to the increasing number of shopping complexes in Penang Island. We already have Komtar, BJ, Perangin Mall, Midlands, Gurney Plaza, and Island Plaza. These are the bigger shopping complexes. There are smaller ones that are not counted.