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It's very very very very...... hot today in Penang. If I were a snail taking a stroll outside right now, I would have dried up it less then 2 minute. Anyway, I went to Seagate for lunch with my friends just now. On our way there, we talked about blogging and how everyone is joining in the bandwagon. Seem every single hour, a blog pops out of nowhere...just like this blog.

While discussing, one of them made a smart remark for not blogging...Whenever someone ask him about blogging he would brush them away by saying "why on earth does anyone wants to tell the whole world about himself...better yet his own secret..."

That kept me thinking for a while...But then again I'm still here am I...

I don't know why, maybe because it's preventing me from going insane...?

PS: Why do you blog anyway???


at first i blog for fun...now..it's become a hobby already..hehe

First of all, love your template. Well, I never thought I would be a blogger but I had this injury recently & with nothing much I can do, I found myself on the internet creating my blog. For starters, bloggers don't have to tell their lives' secrets. No no. But it's a good way to share interests, ideas, etc..

dragon city
~ you must be enjoying your hobby right... imagine, last time it was collecting stamps...nice ah...

~Thanks...you can find a lot of templates in the internet nowadays. Anyway welcome to blogging.

Ur fren has a point there, unlike my fren who says blogging are for suckers, who has too many free time and dunno how to spend it in a more brilliant way. ouch.

Answering ur que, I think I blog just to keep in touch with old frens, as talkin on the phone and yming aren't as convenient as before. We're miles apart and thru blogging, we keep each other updated all the time and it feels as if we've never been apart at all. So u see, it's a win-win situation. The frenship is goin on strong and I found a hobby! yay!

~ that's one way to say it...I used to work, play games, eat and sleep everyday. Almost went insane doing the same thing again and again. At least know I got something...

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