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Lazy Brain

I've promised to myself not to blog because I know I would just end up forgetting all about it in a few weeks. Nevertheless here I am sitting in front of the computer in the middle of the night breaking my own promise. How on earth did I get so pathetic to even try to blog anyway? I am now already in my third month making a fool of myself.

I've been passing my life without realizing that I won't past the same path again. The choices that I've taken, the troubles that I've been through, and the friends that I've made have changed my life without me grasping any of it.

I am scared that one day I will loose it all and I won't remember any of it. That's why I've made this pathetic attempt to try blogging even thought I might look silly in doing so, and I do!

So give a clap for this lazy chap! So his lazy brain can wake up snap!

PS: I know my English suck, so just bare with me. All the sleeping and eating has downgraded my English to the level of a primary student. I hope that I won't get a nightmare after blogging this.