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Friday 13th!

Today is Friday the 13th! I just realize it just now. I'm freaking already now. What should I do? Better ask whether I can go back early today…yeah right! (^_^#)

In the past I actually encounter strange things that I would consider putting it into my puX-files. Out of the entire encounter that I had, I can say that only 1 really scare the shit out of me. It's going to be a long entry so bare with me ok

Grandfather's Funeral
This happened to me when I was 5 years old. My grandfather past away due to an accident, and my family had a gathering to remember him by. As a normal practice by my family, during the 7th day of his passing, we will gather again in his house because it is believed that his soul will come to visit us. The whole ceremony went well and we finish at 9pm like that. As a kid that time, I was somewhat hyperactive. Because of that, I had a game of hide and seek with my little brother, cousins and nieces.

Of all the places that I can go to and hide myself, I went into my late grandfather's room. My grandmother had been sleeping with my family for a while and the room was not attended all this time. At first nothing happen, but after a while I felt that someone was in the room with me also. Then there it was…on the window next to the door. A small puffed of smoke lurking outside the window. It was greenish in colour and hovering at the same place even thought outside the wind was gushing strongly.

So scared I ran down to my parents and cried. I told my father what happen and he said that maybe I made my grandfather soul angry. Soon after that I had the worse fever I ever had. It was a week later when I finally had energy to eat solid food and walk. I should have learned something from what had happened to me that time, but being a kid (plus future ape) I was engaged in another game of hide and seek in another funeral again! (^.^)

PS: You never know what's outside there...ape ape ape