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Boo Boo

I'm tired of listening to what other people have to say when it comes to subjective matters. You know everyone have their own opinions, and they are itching to tell you because they want to look smart in front of other people. The nature of my work evolves around subjective stuff, and to finish things up I have to close my ear and concentrate on my work first. Its not that I don't want to listen to comment and ideas, it's just that there is an appropriate time for all that. And that is in the beginning of a project, not at the end.

It irritates me most when people start saying brilliant remarks at the end, and blames me for not being able to read their minds or predict the future for them. Ego also plays and important role in tormenting me, every party want something that they can say came from their smart a$$. All I can do and will do is following what the Big Boss want. He is by the way paying my monthly salary and not the other parasites that feed on my sweat and blood to get a short cut to the top.

That is enough of complaining for me for the time being. Now I want to talk about football a bit. Have you ever encounter a loudspeaker playing football? I did and I really wanted to put my boot into his big mouth for once. I just can't stand it when he commentate every mistake take I make while playing. I and the others just want to have fun for god sake. If you are really that good, go to play for MU lah…!

PS: MU lost to a minor last night, good for you MU! I supported for you all this time and you made a boo boo of me in front of the Liverpool and Arsenal fans…