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Green Stuff

Do you know what I like about Penang? It's the food! Yes you heard me right. There is no other place in Malaysia that you can find such wide variety of food in one place. Western food, Malay food, Chinese, Thai, Indian they are all here.

When I first came to Penang I noticed that the foods here are cheaper then where I come from. But soon I realized that the portion of food served here a smaller then the ones I usually have at my hometown.

There is a reason for this actually. Because there a many choices of food available in one place, you end up ordering more then one type of food. To make it easier, the trader here came up with the idea of selling small portion at a cheaper price so that you won't bloat up if you unintentionally order more.

My favorite food in Penang would be the Curry Mee sold in Sunshine food market during the morning. The blend of coconut milk and curry is so smooth, you end ordering extra to bring home. And lets not forget the famous cendol, I usually go to Giants food court for this cool green sweet delicacies. It is almost the same as the one you find Penang Road. Hmmm… seems that all my favorite food got something to do with coconut milk….hmmm.

Anyway, it is sure great to be around here. You can find food almost anywhere you go…

PS: I gain a lot of pounds here then any other place…